New comers welcomed by Voters

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It’s a number game

Now that all results are out, the majority has been Marathi Speaking but the problem in coming to power will be the number of Marathi Candidates being elected as independents. Out of the 20 official candidates the MES had given 14 have won. They had supported another 6 candidates and 3 have won so the MES has now strength of 17 still short of the 29 magical figure. The total Marathi speaking strength is 27 just two away form majority. There are other marathi speaking corporators who will decide the faith. The four time mayor Shambaji Patil has won the most prestigious seat made by the MES and he could be the king maker like Devegowda in Belgaum in the days to come. For the past years he has been the king maker and this time also his may decide the fate of the Belgaum Corporation. Now no doubt Marathi speaking have come but my guess they will not get the taste of power this time.
No doubt the Marathi speaking candidates have won but the horse trading business will be there for thje post of Mayor.
Ward No./Winners
1 Natraj Narayan Lohar 2 Aruna Anil Kutre 5 Gaurish Kammar
6 Smabhaji Chaavan 7 Kiarn Parab 8 Ravindra Mirajkar
11 Viakrant Kagaangui 12 nilkanrt mastmardi 15 smabhaji Patil 16 vijay patil
17 pandari parab 18 Balasheb Kakatkar 21 netaji Jadhav 22 ravi dhotre 25 sanjay prabhu
26 jayashree pise 31 lata patil 32 shubahngi chitragar 35 muzaamil doni
37 Firdos Darga 38 Devendra haval 41 Vidya Mali 42 Santur Shetty
46 Jagdish Chimmanlagi 47 Yunus Momin
51 Mohd.Azim 55 Bassapa Chikkaladni 56 Gangavva Daddi

Counting begins late: MES will make it?

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At 4pm the second round of counting has just begun. in the first round of 27 wards the MES have been able to get 11 seats and another 4 marathi speaking people have won. Only 6 Kannada speaking people have won and 2 Urdu speaking people have won. The other group made by all the various political parities only Sambhaji Patil has been able to Win.

The Marathi people have given their verdict in favour of marathi people it seems from the first phase of counting. All the results of the remaining wards is expected by 8 pm.

The counting which had to begin at 8 am it began at 9 am. The counting process is slow.

Vidya Mali From ward no.41
Santur shetty from ward No.43 wins against Shivaji Suthnkar
Ward No.5 Girish Kammar wins
Ward No.38 Devendra Haval
Sambhaji Patil has won from ward No.15 by a margin of 514 votes against Vijay More.
Ward No.6 Sambhaji Chavan wins
Ward No.32 Shubhangi chitragar wins
Ward No.35 Muzzamil doni wins
Ward No.17 Pandhari Parab

Voternama: Peaceful 60% voting

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All the fate of the 354 candidates contesting for the 57 wards (one has been elected unopposed) of the Belgaum Corporation has been now kept inside the ballot boxes in the B.K.Model School, near Chandan Cinema, Camp.

The counting will take place on Sunday and if something has to happen it will happen on Sunday. The voting was mostly peaceful with one incident of snatching ballot papers in Khadak Galli being reported and some lathi charge in old Vadgaon area. The turnout was about 60% and the higher class wasn’t seen voting this time as many said they never know which is their ward and where they have to go for voting. The few that came were discouraged when they did not find their names on the roll.

The most important fight on which all eyes are on is ward No.15. It’s Ex-mayor Vs Ex-mayor. Sambhaji Patil Vs Vilas More. More is the same Ex-mayor who was mishandled by Kannada activists last year in Bangalore. Huge police force was in the ward but all went very peacefully there.

Now we will wait till Sunday…


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For the first time I have seen such hoardings in Belgaum. Tarun Bharat has put them up but I just want to tell you all that this kind of campaigning is being seen for the first time in our city. These pictures are of two hoardings put up in the city may be another few also exist but I came across these and I thought this would be a good thought for all. The first picture is from Tarun Bharat the same hoarding must be put somewhere but I could not locate it. One vote can make a change so come lets vote! As I have already written in my earlier blogs, vote for a candidate not for he being marathi or kannada but for what he would do for you after he or she is elected. Anyways I will surely vote on 28th and if possible will get you some pictures of voting also. So come out and make a change.
Vote for Democracy its your right & duty also. Don’t forget to take anyone identity proof with you while you go for voting any ID proof will do. Use of Voter ID card is not made compulsory so all those who don’t have it (I also don’t have) can also vote in this election.

Buried memories of the last session

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If, I am correct with my memory it was last year on this very day, which was termed as a historic day for Belgaum. All have buried their memories I believe in the present situation when India has won the T20 world cup, Ganesha has just left yesterday and the election are a couple of days away.

I am talking about the Special Legislature session that was held in the city at the Jirge Hall of JNMC College. The session was held here for 5 days. The aura of glory and festivity then prevailed in the city as trees were planted on the dividers of the roads, street lights were put up new roads were built. But it’s just a year away and nobody even remembers it. I guess only The Hindu has written about it in its paper today.

The foundation stone for the Suwarna vidhan Soudha was put in the last month but nothing has happened after that stone laying ceremony there. Infact I had raised the same question when I started this blog why such a hurry?

When asked a few people around, nobody remembered. They said no doubt one year has passed and the fact that nobody remembers it, by this only you can understand the importance of it. It was a political stunt then and stunts are to be treated as stunts.

Ganpati still on their journey

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Its 9 am of 26th September, it has been 17 hours for the Ganesh visarjan procession and still 7 ganeshas are in the waiting for their number to take the dip in the water.
All was peaceful and the police must now be taking a good days sleep before they get ready for another job the Belgaum muncipal election on the 28th.

Ganpati Bappa Morya ! Phudchya Varshi Lavkar ya

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Its 4 hours since the procession began and now the 26th Ganpati has just passed the Hutatma Chowk. There are another 100 in line so it will be tomorrow morning 8am for the last Ganpati to be immersed into Kapileshwar tirth.

The excitement is hitting the highest point at this time with a many many people around 150 people per mandal are present. And of course the on lookers are in huge lots waiting on the side watching this magnificent galore. The Zanjh and the Dhol are in great sound all over with a few Dolby systems also. In all its a great time to be in between as its night and petrol has gone inside the stomach and now its just the energy coming out.

FIR:Ganesh Visarjan 2007

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Ganesha Visarjan procession began at 5 pm at the Hutatma Chowk, Belgaum. I am uploading this pictures @ 5.57pm this is the fatest I could have done. hope you all like it. The rain has taken a break and thats a very good sign.

FIR: Big Bazaar Belgaum

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This is new series I am starting.

FIR. First Investigation Report. The first one is Big Bazaar.

The place is built ok but parking is huge problem to begin with. About 10 cars can park in front and all the two wheelers have to be parked on either side of the road. The first impression is the last impression so, be careful while getting into the Big Bazaar as the concrete slabs are uneven and the rains have added fun to it, as you step on one it might just splash some water, it happened with me today.

Now the inside, the same as any other store of the chain. 54000 sq feet is a good place for some walking around. Nothing very spectacular at the entrance or so. The goods are placed in a nice manner as it is normally done elsewhere. I did ask a couple of Belgaumites as to what they liked most they said nothing great but all is in one place and seeing all in one place for a Belgaumite in Belgaum is for the first time. I could see a host of college going students who used to sit in the canteen otherwise was using this new bazaar as their playground. Many school students were also seen inside in groups as the schools were left of early keeping in mind the Gansesha visarjan Procession. About the goods I cant comment all have seen elsewhere the same goods are here also. There was not much rush today being Tuesday also but I did find a lot of businessmen (including me) using their weekly holiday to see the new chap on the street.

It’s a new hangout and as its new to Belgaumites the new hangout will do good and brisk business for sure as anyone who goes in, even me for that instance came out buying a water seat.

Chak De! India

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Yes India won the match and all over Belgaum theres a huge celebration going on. Crackers are being fired all over the place. Fuys in groups are going around shouting "Bharat Mata ki Jai" "Ganpati bappa Morya". The celebration is in the air. As the elections are also near all the Aspirants have given good support for their followers to celebrate by giving them huge amount crackers and you know what else is needed at this kind of a time.
I just got this Snap when i was going home.
Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!

Police on high alert

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Tomorrow is Anant Chaturdashi and as usual the police is taking no chances this time also. On a few occasions this procession had seen some untoward incidents in the past.

More than 3000 police officials are in the city for this and they include from all the ranks of the police. The whole procession will be in camera and for the same 60 cameras will be used. Not only these but there will be even hidden cams this time to catch those mischievous people. The police have banned the use of Dolby systems for the procession and hence this year we could see a lot of Dhols, tashas and Band parties for the procession. The procession will begin from the Hutatma Chowk (Kaveri cold drinks) and will go from Ramdev Galli, Samadevi Galli, Ramling Khind Galli (Kapeel theatre road), Tilak chowk, Tashildar Galli, Kapileshwar Road and will end at the Kapiltirth (opp.Kapileshwar temple). The procession time is set to be 4 pm but I guess it will start by 5.30 as usual and will end only the next day around 7 am, as there will be 345 Ganeshas that will have to be immersed.

As this time its election time, the various mandals I guess will be full of funds for food and drinks. (Both cold & hot)


Belgaum Ganesh Darshan

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AD Ganesha chi Jai!

The picture is self-explanatory. This is the only one saw that has advertisements not only on the outside but also next to the Ganesh idol. No decoration nothing just the ADs.

Is this correct? And above that the ganesh mandal has collected the donations from various business establishments. I just hate this kind of commercialization. A few years ago the Gutkha ads were seen all over the place near the pandal but now all have stopped that except this mandal at Hutatma Chowk (Kaveri cold drinks).

Vote for UkMaD! Vote for UkMaD!

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Fellow Belgaumites, by no means I am standing for the current Belgaum Municipal elections. But as yesterday ended and 82 aspirants withdrew their nominations now 389 aspirants will fight each other for the 57 wards and Vote for someone will be the shout of the week I guess.

Only in one ward the fight is one to one and all over else its 8 – 9 minimum with 15 being maximum in one ward. The campaigning will begin from today as only 7 days remain for polling on the 28th.

This time the election to the Belgaum Corporation is becoming a question of pride for the Karnataka Govt & also the Kannada speaking groups. Normally Belgaum is dived into three, Marathi speaking, Kannada speaking and Urdu speaking. The Urdu speaking community normally lends its hands to the Congress or other parties but basically go with the Kannada speaking lot. So the fight is straight again. For so many years since the formation of the Belgaum Corporation the Marathi speaking people have had their say almost all the time.

With Belgaum being declared the second capital this time it will be a prestigious fight for the Kannadaigas and for the same cause all major parties such as the Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party and the Janata Dal (Secular) have joined hands with Kannada and Urdu-speaking lot and formed “Sarvapaksha Sarvabhashik Chunavana Samithi (SSCS) under the leadership of district in-charge Minister Shashikant Naik with the sole intention of getting to power.

Now this is opportunist politics, all parties come together to fight what marathi speaking people. One more thing is, why this time all fear that they might loose hence the yare forming an alliance. But friends, will this help us in way, I say a BIG NO. But we cant cry over this either the same thing is happening in the Delhi so, Yatha Raja Tatha Praja.

I just make a request all those who will be here please vote and vote for a person who will work for you (the voters) and not for him.

BIG BAZAAR is doing BIG business and the parking done on the Khanapur road is causing some problems for traffic also.

Man kills his two daughters & wife

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In the wee hours of Wednesday morning in Sector 9 of Anjaneynagar a school teacher (Uday M. Desai ,44) killed his wife (Sandhya, 41)and his twin daughters sneha & neha aged nine.

A twelve year daughter survived as she was sleeping in another room. The teacher did this as he was fed up with his wife's illness. He used a cable to to kill the three and then hanged himself.

As the last day approaches for withdrawal of nomination papers for the Municipal elections, all those candidates who thought that they could make some money by standing and then they will Get a good bargain at the time with drawl is going on in full swing.

COD in Belgaum to investigate Pravin Shintre's death in police custody.

The famous singer and Saregamapa(Marathi) fame Devaki Pandit will perform live at the Maratha Mandir today. Tomorrow Ajit Kadkade will perform live at the same venue. Entry is free on both occasions.

MES: opens account

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The MES (Mahasashtra Ekikarn Samiti) has opened its account in the municipal elections even before the voting as one of its candidates has been elected unopposed.
Shashikala Ashok Surekar was elected unopposed in ward no.36.

Totally 489 candidates have filed in their nominations for 58 wards.

Rains thrash the city

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Rains which started early morning have thrashed the city. The traffic on the road is a bit slow.The drains are full and the water is on the roads.

Driving Menace

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These pictures are exclusive pictures taken for this blog only. No one else might not even know about this.

A overloaded truck filled with sugar tried to come to a side and got stuck in the mud next the the gutter on Congress Road, infront of Cyebr city near Arun Theatre. The picture tells you the story. The mishap occured at 9 pm on 14-09-2007. The truck was removed by unloading the sugar into a another truck for the whole night.

Rain plays a spoilsport

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This is my first real time update.
Rains, heavy rains with thunder have thrashed Belgaum starting from 5 pm and I am updating this just after 10 mins. With some pictures of Ramdev Galli, which was, full with people is now fully bare with a few vehicles moving. The drains are full with dirty water coming up and all the shoppers have been stranded and now all just want to go home.

Come on rain, its ganapati, hope it does play spoilsport tomorrow.

Ganpati Bappa Morya re!!!!

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The Ganesh festival will start from tomorrow but for the preparations the streets of Belgaum are not just full but over crowded. Getting into the main markets like Ganpat Galli, Kadolkar Galli, Raviwar Peth is impossible now. It took me 20 minutes for me to come to Ramdev galli from Ganapat galli via Kadolkar Galli.

All the roads leading to them have also choked up and thanks to our wonderful driving sense traffic jams are inevitable. But the atmosphere is worth looking at everybody is on a buying spree. Let him be a day laborer or a rich businessman all are there to take something or the other for his loved god.

Many people from nearby villages have also come in to buy and as today is the last day all is just getting hotter.

Many of those who have been working outside Belgaum might have come back to Belgaum for the festival and all those who could not make it due to so many reasons and still feel they should have also gone, don’t worry guys there is a next time.

Big Bazaar Banners have been put up all over Belgaum saying UP TO 60% OFF. Don’t really know how the response has been to it.

Autos off road: Lord Ganesha help us

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The auto rikshaws are off the roads of Belgaum today as a measure of protest. They are off road showing sympathy to the auto driver killed in the blast.

I don’t seem to understand the logic behind this at all. You guys go off the road to show sympathy towards a person by getting other people in trouble. It is bad that the auto driver was killed in the blast. The police prima facie have said it is a LPG cylinder blast. Then why all this? Today I saw many people have just landed in the city on the railway station with nothing to do but carry their own luggage and walk for the bus stand where if you are lucky you will get a bus. This is season time all the busses and trains are packed as all are coming to Belgaum for Ganapati. I saw school children after school is over walking together by the roadside as their auto is also off the road.

We should stop all this. There are more than 5000+ autos in the city and as all are off the road the roads are empty and less of traffic jams.

I pray to Ganpati, "Lord Ganesha give us strength to face all this menace."

They! Will be corporators?

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I have just been to the municipal corporation on Swami Vivekanand Road. The scene there is very delightful with a host of people aspirant corporators, their supporters and of course people who just went there to see all this.


As the elections have been declared for the Belgaum municipal corporation for the 28th all aspirant corporators are there to get various certificates required at the time of filing their nominations. I have seen people paying their unpaid house taxes, which were due for 4-5 years, but they were paying it now as unless you have the no dues certificate you cant contest the election.


Also seen were previous members paying their water bills and other civic dues to get the no dues certificate.


So, friends if he elections were not taking place would these people have paid their taxes?


Now this question is eating me hard. We have to vote and elect someone amongst them only. I think we should have that one more thing in the ballot paper "no one is worth voting" other than the names of the people contesting.


Anyways many people are ready with their papers but aren't filing it and waiting for the last day to see who will contest and under whose banner. This election will basically be fought on the basis of language bias other than anything. The MES along with the Shiv sena might want to win the marathi votes. The congress will as usual keep a strong hold on the minorities. The BJP will only eat some votes from all the sections.


One more thing, which has happened in the past and is very possible these days in politics, is that many might stand as independents and after wining might take a stance which will earn them something. Just like national or state politics.


So friends, They! Will be corporators?

Big Bazaar opens on 14th

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Yes, the first mall in Belgaum will open on the 14th September 2007.

Round about 15 huge containers full of goods have been downloaded and at the moment are being arranged.

There are some fantastic schemes that will be launched. You could see a FLAT 50% for 3 days.5 Pant pieces for Rs.275 and hence on. So big shopping this Ganapati.

Many other changes in Belgaum taking place and I will cover them all for you. Subhash photos will be starting a state of the art new studio on Deshmukh Road in a couple of months.

A new multiplex will come up next to Big bazaar still the thing is process.

All the news Always FIRST ON YOUR BLOG.


Auto driver murdered?

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The blast that took place on Sunday near the Masonic hall to be precise had killed Abdulgaffar alias Arabsab Dastgirsab Kalaigar (65) resident Azad Nagar.

But now the police are investigating another angle to the blast. The blast seems to be from the LPG but a few persons were seen with the auto before the blast took place, eyewitness told. For about 15 mins some discussion was going on of four people with the auto driver and after that the blast occurred.

The blast has happened in the MLIRC area when the chief of army staff is arriving in Belgaum on the 14th. Some say this might have been done with this visit in mind also.

It may be anything but Belgaum is no more peaceful. The Shintre world hampered Belgaum a few days ago and now this blast. The civic polls are to be held on 28th and Ganesh festival begins on the 15th. The police are already under huge pressure and when such a thing happens they will be under immense workload.

Auto blast one dead

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This photo has been published by The Hindu.
As told by me yesterday only, the auto blasted off and the 60 year old man died the spot.
Forensic experts from Bangalore have come here to investigate the matter in detail. The owner of the Auto rikshaw has said that a LPG kit was fitted in the Auto, same reported in my previuos blog.

Bomb hoax at Prabhakar Kore Hospital

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Bomb hoax at Prabhakar Kore Hospital

Yesterday there was a telephone call, which said that there was bomb in the Prabhakar Kore hospital (earlier called the KLE Hospital). The full hospital premises were scanned thoroughly and at last the police declared the call as hoax.

LPG cylinder blasts

A LPG cylinder blasted off in a auto rikshaw at 3 am (9-9-2007) near hotel Green. Casualties are not yet known.

Bogus voters removed

6449 bogus voters have been removed from the voters list. All these were bogus names been included in the voters list. The MES (Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti) followed this complaint for 3 years and at last the Election commission asked to delete all these names from the voters list before the Municipal elections.

Ramesh Kudachi won over Vials Pawar by just 1,017 votes in 2004.

Ganapati at Big Bazaar or Muncipal corporation?

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The city of Belgaum is getting ready for many new things and occasions in a short time.


First among it will be the Local Civic body election with official declaration to be done on the 10th by the election commission. The voting is to be held on 28th of September. The various political parties have started their "MAGJ MARI" as usual and this time again the straight fight will not be amongst political parties but I guess on language bias.


Second thing that will rock Belgaum would be Ganesh festival. Already all the Sarvajanik mandals have started erecting pandals for the same and the idol makers are working over time to finish in time. This time also some of the mandals are gearing up to make some nice and viewable decorations.


Third thing that COULD happen is that Big Bazaar could commence its operations by the month end or early next month. The building is ready and the buildings lighting etc is done with some final finishing touches and the first mall in the city could kick off. The market is already full with COST-to-COST, COMPNY LANDING COST, SWATAM, and SABSE SASTA, BUY ONE GET 4 FREE sales all over the city.


I will keep updating as and when I get more information.

Pay AUTOS by Meter from this Gandhi Jayanti

11:20 AM Posted by ukmad

The Sakal in its paper today has reported this.

All the papers have Praveen Shintre news as its headlines with pictures of him being shot.

But a story, which caught my eye, was this story on Auto fares in the Sakal.
Minimum fare Rs.12, All autos will have digital meters.
Two Auto rikshaw associations have given their consent for the same. In a meeting held yesterday the Dist.commissioner the rikshaw associations and the Nagrik Hitrakshana Samiti the said was decided over.
Arrangements have been made for the implementation of the same the RTO officers said. The Association of the physically handicapped will manage the Pre paid booth at the Railway station and they will get a service charge of Rs.1. On the same grounds another pre paid booth will be operational on the city bus terminus also.

In my blog, earlier on Wednesday, August 29, 2007 with heading Auto: Kitna Lega I had mentioned about this auto fares and now here we have news. We hope this time at least this will be true and we could now travel by auto by seeing the meter.

Hope this is not a dream and hence forth we wont ask Kitna Lega.

Thanks for your support

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You have done it Belgaumites this site has seen its 1000 visitor @ 9.31 pm today.

This is a great day for me. It was exactly a month ago on August 7th 2007, I had started this blog and within 30 days I have had 957 visits till 6 pm today. The total page views have been a whopping 1885.

I have just made a humble beginning in this blogging space and I will make my best efforts to put up issues and events that happen in Belgaum without any chauvinism.

I hope you will all support me in this effort of getting the Belgaumites on a platform may be from where we all could make a difference for the society as a whole. The Blog is appearing in the GOOGLE search list in top 10 and that's all due to your support.

Thanks again and keep commenting on this blog and also the Forum section.

Yours UkMaD

Shintre encountered

9:07 AM Posted by ukmad

Praveen Shintre was encountered by the police at the Rajdeep Bunglow in Laxmi nagar at 4 am today Morning (Thursday). He was caught yesterday by the police in Udupi and was bought to Belgaum. Shintre attacked the police and then got killed in the fight that happened.

It is said that Shintre allegedly attacked the police and tried to flee when in an encounter he was killed in the bunglow it self.

Many rumors are in the city about why is was killed?
One more all the Belgaumites are discussing is about Why was he taken to Rajdeep Bunglow?
All say that he was killed that is a very good thing, this should have happened earlier only but now that it has happened, Better late than never.
Everybody is talking about this only all over the city.
Tarun Bharat released a two page special Shintre supplement @ 10 am.

The photo was taken from the In Belgaum news I guess, I got in an email.

Journalist threatened

9:46 PM Posted by ukmad

4 –5 people of the alleged Shintre gang involved in the Sheetal murder case threatened the news correspondent of the New Indian Express Tushar Majukar yesterday at Govaves.

Sheetal so unlucky

8:41 PM Posted by ukmad

The recent Sheetal Chougule murder has been the talk of the town since the day it appeared in the papers.


Be it anybody, when they meet the first topic is about the murder. Infact I don't know how but some pictures are circulating in the city, which I don't know from where they have got it but they can't be seen, You need a tough heart to see it, that's what I was told.


Many people told me that those pictures were taken from the Rajdeep bunglow, the place where Sheetal was raped and murdered. The discussion I heard about those photos was so bad I just said its enough I can't hear anymore.


How could his husband do it? He had 3 kids from Sheetal and the news is that Sheetal was pregnant at the time she was murdered. How cruel can any person be? And he himself left her at the bunglow and went off and the gang did the rest. Some people say that she was tortured UN humanly, raped and then murdered.


All these things I have written here are all the things I have heard from people from her village Mannur and others who were close to her.


The bandh was a total success but will the Killers be caught is the question.


So in humane deeds I cant write anymore on this, I feel pity on the little children left behind. What was their fault? They don't have a mother nor will they go to their father?

praveen shintre picture

1:21 PM Posted by ukmad

Thanks to Tarun Bharat, the image has been found on Tarun Bharat Site. I found it through Google.

Where is the KILLER?

11:10 AM Posted by ukmad

This is the question being asked by majority of the Belgaumites these days. The Killer here refers to Pravin Shintre involved in at least 10 SUPARI killings.


All the local newspapers and also have highlighted the same issue. Where is Shintre?

The police have not been able to trace him since the Sheetal Chougule murder.


Shintre was earlier arrested for other crimes in 2003 & 2005 but he is on bail and he then took political refuge with the Samajwadi party, but after the recent involvements he has been removed from the party that's what rumors are saying in town.


Nobody knows where Shintre is and Belgaum is full of rumors about his being about. the police are trying their best they say but God only knows.