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The union budget was presented by Mr.Chidambaram today. The views of various Charetred accountants and Stock market investors of Belgaum is here below:
Mr.Nitin Nimbalkar (Investor)
The finance minister rose to the occasion and delivered a budget, which vowed a large section of the society with the intention of nothing, more than a vote.
The minister was more of a politician today rather that a economist.
The same thing happened today sincere and faithful farmers had to sacrifice and the one who were not that sincere got the benefit. I don’t say that all the farmers who don’t pay are not sincere but 75% of the farmers are capable of paying back.
This is giving a very wrong signal to the sincere farmers, friends be rest assured that the government will have to shell out a lot more in years to come because of the mindset of the farmers.
By increasing the exemption limit the minister has helped the Income tax department of the hardship of handling unwanted stationery.
By reducing the Bank transaction tax the minister has reduced the complexity in cash dealings, this will definitely bring in more liquidity in day today Bussiness.

Regarding customs and excise he did good job by neutralizing what he shelled out in the individual tax collections.
Because of depreciating dollar he did not reduce the peak customs duty.
Service tax limit hike will help a lot of people.
All in all I feel that the finance minister has intelligently used the surplus of tax collections of last year to give away the sops to the individuals be it a farmer , a businessman or a salaried employee.
He has clearly ignored the near future in trying to buy out the votes.
Because friends if next year if Mr. Chidambaram rises to present the budget (if UPA Govt returns to power) Be rest assured that it will be a completely different Ride.
So friends enjoy the year 2008-2009 this might be a peace before a storm…. so enjoy……..
Mr.Nitin Nimbalkar is my blog Financial Editor.

Jodha Akbar Row in Belgaum Also

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Marching ahead: Activists of Sri Shiv Pratishthan taking out a procession in Belgaum on Thursday in protest against the alleged assault by the police on their leader Sambhajirao Bhide in Sangli on Wednesday.
The Jodha Akbar Show in Nartaki was cancelled.
Source: The Hindu

Belgaum gets NOTHING

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The Rail budget presented by Lalu Prasad as every time has nothing for us Belgaumites. All those demands made by the Belgaum Chambers and others have gone on deaf ears. What we got from the budget is here.
Increase in frequency of Trains:
1561/1562 Miraj-Belgaum Passenger (from 6 days in a week to daily)

1563/1564 Miraj-Belgaum Passenger (from 6 days in a week to daily)

Survey works are proposed to be taken up:Dharwad-Bayalahongal-Belgaum. This survey is being done from the last budget and still is nothing has been done. In all the Rail budget in line with expectations as I atleast had no expectations what so ever with my city in mind. The only plus thing is, if I get a ticket to travel I would just save 5% of my travel allowance.

Mrashtra's Belgaum bid futile: Centre

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Source: Deccan Herald
The Centre has told the Supreme Court that Maharashtra has been fighting a futile legal battle demanding the annexation of 814 villages in Belgaum, Karwar, Bidar and Gulbarga districts of Karnataka, which have significant Marathi-speaking people.
“It is neither feasible nor desirable to demarcate the borders of villages, taluks and districts in a manner that the people speaking one language can or may be retained in one state only. Such a solution has severe practical problems and severe consequences, which have been succinctly laid out by States’ Reorganisation Commission (SRC) in its report,” said an affidavit by the Director of the Union Home Ministry, which is in the possession of Deccan Herald. However, copies of the affidavit are yet to be provided to the parties.The document, prepared by then Solicitor-General Golam E Vahanvati and filed on November 16, 2006, said, “It is submitted that in the process of reorganisation, a certain minimum amount of linguistic overlap is to be expected along the border.”Linguistic homogeneity as a concept is beset with practical problems, espe-cially in the case of a multi-lingual country like India, as discussed in SRC report.
In another affidavit prepared on August 23, 2006 but not filed following public outcry in Maharashtra, the Centre had urged the apex court to “dispose of the suit” filed by the Maharashtra government in 2004.With a piece of advice, the UPA government said boundary disputes in any multi-lingual country are best resolved with the mutual consent or agreement of the states concerned arrived at through amicable negotiations, which the Centre is committed to facilitate.The Centre said: “The various insinuations and allegations by Maharashtra are not admitted.”It justified the findings in the report submitted on September 3, 1967 by Mehr Chand Mahajan, the chairman of the commission constituted to resolve the border dispute between the two states, and said the matter was settled 41 years back. The next hearing of the case has been scheduled for March 26. The previous hearing in January third week was adjourned after Maharashtra which was to file its reply on the day did not do so.

Foundries in Crisis

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The Belgaum Chapter (Southern Region) of The Institute of Indian Foundrymen (IIF) has said there is a likely threat of closing down the foundry units in Belgaum and the neighbouring Kolhapur district in Maharashtra for a fortnight “to avoid heavy losses” because of the rising prices of raw materials.
Members of the IIF marched to the Deputy Commissioner’s office here on Saturday to draw the attention of the Government towards the “crisis” confronting the sector in the country owing to the increasing prices of raw materials.
The procession was led by chairman of the IIF’s Belgaum Chapter Ram Bhandare.
In a memorandum addressed to the Joint Director of the District Industries Centre, the IIF said the foundry sector was supporting engineering exports and domestic market.
It was the fourth largest producer of castings in the world. The sector was poised to become one of the top three producers of castings in the world by 2010, as it was witnessing an export growth rate of 15 per cent every year, the memorandum said. Exports during the year 2006-07 accounted for Rs. 4,000 crore and it was expected to touch Rs. 6,000-crore mark by 2010, it said.
Belgaum tops the State in the sector with production of one lakh tonne every year, Mr. Bhandare said. By 2010, the production would touch 1.60 lakh tonne a year and exports would increase from the present Rs. 100 crore to Rs. 300 crore by then, he said. This sector had provided employment to nearly 10,000 people and another 5,000 people were expected to get employment by 2010, he said. The revenue generation was also expected to grow from the present Rs. 500 crore to Rs. 800 crore during the next three years.
But, the sector was facing a crisis of sorts owing to rising prices of pig iron, steel, coke and scrap, he said and added that the prices of these materials were increasing every month and sometimes every fortnight.
To tide over the crisis, the IIF wants the Government to ban or exercise effective control on export of iron ore by imposing heavy duty which will help in better realisation for exports of steel/casting. The practice of increasing prices of raw materials every month should be stopped immediately and import duty on coking coal/coke should be abolished to bring down the prices, it said.
Source: The Hindu

Sonu Nigam concert to raise funds for school

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The charismatic singer from Bollywood Sonu Nigam is all set to give a live performance for the first time in Belgaum in the first week of March.
The concert will be organised by the Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Education and Cultural Trust, which runs the Jain Group of Institutions (JGI) in the country, to raise funds for setting up Jain Vidyaniketan in Belgaum.
The concert will be held at the district stadium from 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. on March 4. The entry passes, priced between Rs. 200 and Rs. 2,500, will be available at the Jain College in Peeranwadi, Swamy Bakery, Ajanta Café and Jain MATS in the city. R.G. Dharwadkar, Principal of the Jain College of Science and Arts, and Radhe Shyam Heda, Managing Trustee of JGI, said here on Wednesday that the JGI planned to establish 100 vidyaniketans in the country in the next five to 10 years.
The JGI expected to make about Rs. 25 lakh to Rs. 30 lakh from the event featuring Sonu Niigaam.
Three standards — LKG, UKG and first standard in Kannada medium — were being planned to be started from the academic year 2009-10.
All children living within a radius of 20 km of the school would be provided free transportation.
Source: The Hindu

Stop this treatment for us

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Story taken from my associate blog:
We are totally upset over the recent attitude and act of state government especially education department and vice chancellors of VTUThe VTU Bosh and Rexorth R & D centre is opened in Mysore and even the German tool room was established at Bangalore, the e-learning studio of VTU is in Mysore,Why not the proper expansion of VTU takes place in Belgaum.
Why the government have this sham and show off in showing its attitude towards North Karnataka in general and Belgaum in particular, North Karnataka cities mainly Belgaum and twin cities hubli dharwad are the best potent cities with diverse culture and skilled manpower resource ,I highly feel off for such attitude of state government, I want Belgaumites to come forward and fight for such discrimination , Why not Belgaum have such development centre and studios.
The wake up call some weakness and strength
Strength :Belgaum contributes second largest revenue to state and first in horticulture export
Weakness: Cargo handling facility at Belgaum Airport for agriculture and horticulture export was planned and never executed.

Strength: Equidistant to Bangalore Mumbai and Hyderabad
Weakness : No initiative form state government for Belgaum-Dharwad and Belgaum-Bagalkot-Raichur Rail line

Strength: American and foreign universities, GEMS education interested to establish educational township in Belgaum
Weakness : lack of political will and slow response form state government to make investor friendly approach towards Belgaum

Still at LargeIT park ( only foundation stone , no facilities)
Textile Park ( Private partnership , in progress)
Power generation projects ( 1 Shelved and 2 are on hold for indefinite time)
Food and Agriculture park (bureaucratic delays and lack of support to contractor)
International cricket stadium ( only land allotted and no further move on it)
Airport expansion funds available with state government from AAI but not ready to utilize for settlement of farm land acquired by farmers , fight over the cost of landRing road , just ringing around in papers
Suvarna Vidhan Suadha , only foundation stone
Vaccine institute to be developed in Belgaum as research centre, no further news on it
Auto complex an utter flop due to lack of proper planning .
Lot of entrepreneurs investing in border district of Maharashtra. Well there are many still but will never work till are made aware and brought to public noticeLet Belgaum flourish and we the Belgaumites reap benefits of it.

Schoolmates collaborate for a good cause

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Sonu Nigam in Belgaum on March 4

9:51 PM Posted by ukmad

It would be a treat for both your eyes and ears as Sonu Nigam will perform live in Belgaum on March 4 at the Nehru Stadium. Jain Group of Institutions is organising the event.
In the past such kind of events have not taken place lately, so the young crowd going for concerts to Bangalore or Pune or Mumbai this time you can enjoy music in Belgaum it slef.
Looking forward to it....

Is Belgaum Real estate in Real Boom?

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Many changes have taken place in Belgaum in the past one-year or so in the real estate market. Infact the only market with double-digit growth has been real estate. Major retailers and developers have now pounced upon Belgaum to grab a share in the pie. Many new developments are coming up in Belgaum. I have already covered a few of them in my blog in brief.
From today I will try and elaborate on this in detail with details of the plans of the buildings etc. This is just a start. And to make a start, I thought of Geetanjali constructions of Belgaum itself.
They propose to build Geetanjali Plaza, a commercial approved layout just opposite Big bazaar on Khanapur Road, Belgaum. The construction has already begun.
It will be Ground +3 stories. Ground floor will be approx.3065 Sq.ft. 1st, 2nd & 3rd floor would be 3355 Sq.Ft. each. All the floors have independent access.
This is could be an ideal place for any retail chain or multi national company to establish and to take their business to newer heights. The said space is available on outright sale or on lease. The lifts will be of reputed companies so you don’t need to worry about how to reach on the 3rd floor. Emailing can get you all other specs:

Mr.B.K.Joshi is the design Architect. For more details you could email on the above address.
Disclaimer: My blog by no means supports or promotes the plaza. I have no interest in the same. I am just trying to get to you things in your city, which needs a look.

Lashkar, JKLF, SIMI used Yellamma Gudda as terror camp'

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Source: New Indian Express
The obscure Yellama Gudda (hill) in Savadatti taluk in the district has been a training base for dreaded terrorists of Lashkar-e-Toibha, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front and SIMI for the last five to six years.

This was revealed by Asadulla Abubakar, one of the terror suspects arrested in the State, according to sources in the Corps of Detectives.

According to sources, Abubakar, during interrogation, revealed that camps lasting four to five months each, and held every two months, covered bomb making, target practice at forests in Kalghatagi taluk and planning activities.

The hill, spread around 40 sq km and straddling the districts of Belgaum and Dharwad, was frequented by terrorists based in the State.

The shrine, which is the spiritual centre of lakhs of Hindu devotees from Karnataka and Maharashtra, nestles on a hilly terrain and not easily accessible.

The terrorists used to frequent a mosque which had no approach, about five km from the Yellamma Temple.

Hindus and Muslims in Savadatti mingled freely and celebrated festivals together.
Most of the shops located on the premises of the Yellamma Temple belonged to Muslims, who sold pooja articles.
Since the two communities lived with mutual trust, the terrorists went about their nefarious activities without being suspected.
As a result, some unsuspecting residents also provided shelter to the terrorists who identified themselves as Mullas, Fakirs or students. They explained away the guns saying they used them to shoot birds.

Abubakar disclosed that Mohammad Ghouse, Adnan, students of KIMS and a few hoteliers of Belgaum used to visit the centre.

Terror Activities increase

9:55 PM Posted by ukmad

Source: Deccan Herald
A team of Corps of Detectives (CoD) brought Asadulla Abubakar, an ayurveda college student of Hubli suspected to have been involved in terror activities, to Belgaum and took him to several places in the city and Nipani as part of the investigation.

According to sources,  police recovered some explosive materials near Nipani and also visited a madrasa there. Asadulla is believed to have visited this madrasa on many occasions in the past  and also stayed in a hotel located adjacent to it. Asadulla is said to have denied having seen the owner of lodge or his son anytime before.

A treat for Belgaum art lovers

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Source: The Hindu
Exquisite: Exhibits that will be displayed during the three-day exhibition of paintings to be held at the Millennium Art Gallery in Belgaum from Friday.

Belgaum: A three-day art exhibition will be held at the Millennium Gallery in Tilakwadi here from Friday.

The exhibition, being organised by the city-based Movable Art Circle (MAC) and sponsored by Chairman of KLE Society and Chancellor of KLE University Prabhakar Kore, will be inaugurated by Mr. Kore's wife Asha P. Kore. Sixty exhibits will be on display. The entry is free. It will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Eight artists from Belgaum, Kolhapur and Kolkata will participate in the exhibition. While Sadalge, Sunil Mathad and Meenakshi Sadalge are from Belgaum, Sanjivv Sankpal and Atul Dake are from Kolhapur in Maharashtra, and Debashish Gosh, Ranjan Paul, Dipnarayan Paul from Kolkata.
Artist Balu Sadalge told The Hindu on Thursday that a similar event was held in Kolkata last month. The next show would be at Chitrakala Parishat on Kumara Krupa Road in Bangalore from February 21 to 27.
MAC will organise an art camp in which 12 artists, including Somanand Gadakari, P.B. Gavani, Dilipkumar Kale, Chandrakant Kusnoor, D.S. Chougale, V.Guggeri, Anil Prakash, Prakash Sidnal and Udaykumar, will participate.

Petrol Costs: Rs.52.73

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In Belgaum Petrol Costs: Rs.52.73 now
earlier its was costing Rs.50.44

Stamp duty on Buildings now 900 per Sq/ft

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From now on if u buy a Flat or land you will have to shell Rs.900 per Sq/feet as Stamp duty to the government. This come s to 11% almost.
Earlier the rate was Rs.440 per Sq/feet. A 100% increase is done only with a view to increase the goverenmenrtts revenue. What a way to do it?????

Dark & Rainy Valentines Day

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Belgaumites are having a Dark and Rainy Valentines day. The weather was cloudy the whole day. There were some drops of rain in the afternoon in osme areas. But at 7.30pm it started to pour and the showers really turned heavy till 9pm. Now there is no electricity as usual in the whole city. The electricity went off at round 7.40pm.

Anyways to all my readers Wish you all a Happy Valentines Day

Forests or roads? Chorla Ghat

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Source: Deccan Herald

Wider roads will lead to increase in traffic, cutting of innumerable trees on the 65 km path, confrontation with wild animals and, above all, increased pollution.

As the world struggles with global warming, pollution, depleting forest and many such similar problems, it is strange how we think of our temporary gains at the cost of Mother Earth. Despite two existing and well maintained routes connecting Goa and Belgaum, there is an attempt to upgrade another one between Panaji and Belgaum via Chorla. This route runs through pristine forests of the Western Ghats and has been in existence for long. Last year the Government came up with a plan to double the width of this road. The present road is quite competent, if repaired well, to carry the present load of traffic.

These are the last tracts of forest remaining with a good amount of trees and wildlife. The elephants use this stretch of land as a corridor to go from one part of the jungle to another in search of water. Because of encroachment in their habitat, there have been several confrontations between elephants and the villagers and as water becomes scarce in summer, these animals are forced to come to areas with thin forest cover in search of water.

At a time when depleting forests and human interference are driving to extinction our co-citizens (wild animals), where is the need for another road? What is the harm in travelling an hour extra, if needed at all, through some beautiful forests rather than speeding in the desert?

Wider roads will lead to increase in traffic, cutting of innumerable trees on the 65 km path, confrontation with wild animals and, above all, increased pollution (noise, air, water). Studies show that there is a direct correlation between the felling of trees and the rainfall pattern in that area.
Rather than bigger roads, why not smaller vehicles? We cannot replace a forest by plantation; we cannot recreate a waterfall or nature. Therefore, we have no right to destroy it. Global warming is high on every country's agenda. We should not cut down our forests in the name of development in emulation of the West at a time when the US and Europe are reeling under the effects of global warming for want of forest cover.
Let this one track maintain the same width. If required, heavy vehicles can be restricted on this road. Let us make the intelligent decision of protecting our forests for our own well being.

Nersa, A Wonderful place

10:13 AM Posted by ukmad

Love the outdoors and don't mind a holiday with an adventurous twist? Then head to the Hermitage Guest House.

Just getting to the farmhouse, located in the Western Ghats in Belgaum district of Karnataka, is an adventure by itself! The village is in the forest range of Londa at the border of Goa and Karnataka.

The Hermitage Guest House is located 45 km away from Belgaum.

The farmhouse is run by David and Morvarid Fernandez who are excellent hosts. While David takes you for exciting walks around the place, Morvarid serves the most delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Make sure you get loads of exercise on those walks and treks so you can do justice to the meals!
David knows the area like the back of his hand and will happily educate you on the plants, trees, birds and other inhabitants of the forest. Don't be surprised if he recounts an adventure about coming face to face with a bear!

For accommodation, do ask for the Machan if it is available. It can be a little shaky, but once you get used to it, you will find it hard to swap it for the comforts of a concrete structure!
It has a little sit-out where you can blissfully gaze into the forest and the mountains beyond.
There is a lot to see if you're adventurous and curious. Deep inside the Londa range there are 200 bats inside a laterite cave. If you want to skip the batty experience, ask David to take you trekking or on a jeep excursion.
There are several scenic spots where you can sit and relax.

The Machan: A home on stilts eleven feet above the ground with great views. Built with bamboo and wood. There is a private western style bathroom at ground level, open to the sky. Look up and delight in the green forest canopy, you will find it far more interesting than a book! Cold running water supplied on tap, hot water available from a 'Bhum', located near by. The Machan is not electrified.

The Kadaba: Built in the traditional style of the area, the Kadaba is a typical village home. Based on a raised foundation of rammed earth, the Kadaba is built of bamboo, wood and mud plaster. Modern western style bathroom, open to the sky, built with bamboo and thatch. Cold running water supplied on tap, hot water available from a 'Bhum' located close by in the recreation area. Not electrified (Two young children can also be accommodated in this cottage.)

The Gota: Is a rural cottage, with cool soothing interiors. The floors are locally made red clay tiles, and the roof is distinctive, because of the old recycled, hand made village tiles. There is a modern western style bathroom attached, with running hot and cold water. The Gota is electrified. (Two young children can also be accommodated in this cottage.) visit this site for more details.
I havent visited this site but just thought its should be a nice place for a weekend.
With inputs from the website and

Belgaum to get Mayor on March 4

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The Belgaum city corporation will at last get a Mayor and a Dy.Mayor on March 4 2008. The Satte govt released a notification in this regard.

Belgaum - A ‘sleeping cell’ for terrorists

10:26 PM Posted by ukmad

Source :

According to highly-placed police sources, Belgaum city is a 'sleeping cell' for Islamic terrorists in Karnataka, Maharashtra and other states.A top officer who spoke with The New Indian Express from New Delhi said that Islamic terrorists feel that Belgaum is the safest haven to chalk out their activities to destabilise the government machinery in several other states.

"These terrorists come to Belgaum to hide, and after a few days, they move on," he said.The Union Home Ministry is aware of these developments, and it cannot be ruled out that a few leaders are also 'helping' these fundamentalists, he said. Help may be in the form of money or organising their discourses in the district, he added.

The locals often do not know that they belong to banned organisations like SIMI or Deenadar."In the coming days, the city may become a safe hide-out for terrorists," the officer said.The Union Home Ministry also knows that some people in certain areas of city have 'connections' with the terrorists. Because of lack of evidence, the police are unable to book them, he said.The Home Ministry agrees that SIMI activists are more active in districts like Bijapur, Gulburga and Bangalore. Though their numbers are small in Belgaum, they are slowly inducting the youths, the report warns.
Meanwhile the Express contacted IGP (North), Raghavendra Auradkar, who said that the police are keeping a strict vigil on all foreign students in Belgaum on student visas.The police will visit colleges and check the attendance of foreign students, he said. Auradkar said that the police are also keeping a watch on the deep jungles located around Belgaum as there were possibilities of holding terrorist educative camps there.As Belgaum is surrounded by three states - Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa, terrorists believe that it is the safest place to hide. terrorists.

How the news is given by national Media

7:02 AM Posted by ukmad

On this very blog i had posted this
The story was about Former Dy.Mayors Son Arrested for alleged terror links.
A similar story appears on the Indian Express & Tribune.

But have a loo at these stories:

Here it is said that Former deputy mayor of Belgaum city and nine medical students were detained for alleged links with outlawed Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and suspected militant Mohammed Asif who is in police custody.

Wow, see what a difference words can do in english news. Son is missing here. All those who read that will have a different view and all others who read local papers or this blog will have a different view.
I am not here by any means trying to say they are weong, but the only fact that I want to get to you is "Arresting Dy.Mayors son & arresting a Dy.Mayor should be different."

I just thought of this post here only to get you know how the National media presents news items without much knowledge.

Road Humps for WHAT?

11:29 AM Posted by ukmad

In the last week various road humps were put up all over Belgaum roads. Somewhere it was a necessity and somewhere I think the way they have been put is wrong.

Take for instance the Khanapur Road, Globe theatre to Sanchyani circle. In this 600 mtrs stretch there are 6 road humps at your service.1st one is Globe Convent cross, 2nd one is after the cross infornt of the Cantonment office, 3rd before fish market cross, 4th after the fish market cross, 5th opp.petrol bunk near police Qtrs. And the 6th just after the petrol bunk cross.

So many humps in such vicinity are causing huge traffic problems. There are no police deployed except the Globe cross. Suppose you are driving in 3rd gear you need to get back to 2nd near the hump and even before you reach your hand to go back to 3rd gear the hump is here again so again in 2nd gear only. The traffic on that specific road is also very heavy with all buses and trucks going to Goa have to take the same route. If you are behind a truck mind you cannot overtake it till Fish market when the road widens a bit.

To add to all the mess there are no sign boards. The Globe cross has one but it was put up last time when there were complaints about no signboards. And the best part is just to reach early commuters try and tale the alternate route that is try and avoid the hump and overtake by the left side which is dangerous.
In all, the motive in which they were put was good but the manner in which it is executed is wrong, that's what I can say...

Terror links: one arrested

7:58 AM Posted by ukmad

Source: Tarun Bharat
Firoz Sanadi(32) son a former Dy.mayor was arrested and handed over to the COD of furter enquiry for his alleged links with SIMI. Firoz was arrested after Mohd.Asif of Hubli took his name in the interogation. Also it was said that some Hotelier was supporting the terrorists in Hubli and the ploice have identified that hotelier to be the Hotel Rleax Lodge near CBT. It is said that he used to supply the money and ammunation.

Brown Sugar of 90 lakhs: oldier Arrested

7:49 AM Posted by ukmad

Source: The hindu & Tarun Bharat
A soldier was arrested for allegedly smuggling brown sugar here on Thursday.
According to the police, Thombram Suvaschandra Singh (27) from Moirang Manipur, a sepoy in the Army, based in New Delhi, was arrested along with Elengabam Bishwanath Singh (28), also from Manipur, and Nandkishore Narayan Majgaonkar (26) from Jagalbet in Karwar at the Belgaum bus stand and brown sugar weighing 578 gm was seized from them.

A host of ATM cards, Id cards and mobile handsets were also recovered.

K. C Mahindra Award for Excellence:GIT

9:59 PM Posted by ukmad

Source: Business Standard
Mr. Venugopal Kulkarni (7th Sem.), Mr. Naveen Inamdar (7th Sem.), Mr. Narhari Nadgir (7th Sem.)and Mr. Palaksha Nadgir (5th Sem.)participated in KC Mahindra Award Design Competition 2007

If the success of home-grown designs at the recently concluded Auto Expo in New Delhi wasn’t a good enough indicator of India turning into a hub for auto designs, here is another.

A number of major automobile companies are now testing waters with engineering and design schools in the country through design contests, diploma projects and interactions in the hope of capitalising on innovative designs coming out of Indian campuses.

Italian design house Pininfarina, which designs cars like Ferrari, Jaguar and Alfa Romeo, took the first step towards Indian designs when it signed a statement of intent to pursue collaborative automobile design activities with Ahmedabad-based National Institute of Design (NID).

Similarly, Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M)’s design competition for students called ‘K. C Mahindra Award for Excellence’ in automotive design, has identified three innovative student designs on the theme ‘Long Haul Truck Cabin for the year 2015’.

The pan-India contest was won by students from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, KL Society’s Gogate Institute of Technology, Belgaum and NID.

Another Boam Hoax: St.Marys This time

9:41 AM Posted by ukmad

Source: The Hindu

Students had assembled for prayers when the call came

Students of St. Mary’s School were made to sit in a safe place following an anonymous call that a bomb had been planted on the school premises in Belgaum on Monday.
Tension prevailed at St. Mary’s School here on Monday after it received an anonymous telephone call that a bomb had been planted on its premises.
However, the call turned out to be hoax. Fourth call
It was the fourth such call received in the city in the past five months.
Such calls were received by the KLE Hospital in the city on September 8 and the District Court on December 15 and the G.G. Chitnis High School on January 14.Prayers
The school received the call around 9.20 a.m. when 2,400 students and staff had assembled for prayers.
The call was received by attender Kallappa Nandagade, who informed the matter to the principal. Subsequently, the school authorities alerted the City Police Control Room and the Camp Police Station.Police action
Police Inspector S.M. Nagaraj rushed to the school with a bomb disposal squad and launched a search operation.
School staff and students were sent to the playground. Meanwhile, some parents, who rushed to the school, on learning the news, heaved a sigh of relief when they were told that the call was hoax.
Mr. Nagaraj said that the bomb disposal squad personnel found no explosive material on the premises of the school.
Mr. Nandagade said that the caller spoke in Hindi.
The Inspector General of Police (Northern Range), Raghavendra Auradkar, said that a thorough investigation was on by a team to trace the culprit.

800 old idol seized

7:52 AM Posted by ukmad

Source: The Hindu
PRICELESS: The idol of Goddess Lakshmi which was recovered from the arrested persons.
The Belgaum Police busted an inter-State antique smuggling racket and seized a priceless copper-brass idol of Goddess Lakshmi Devi and three persons on Friday.
Quoting antique experts who were shown the idol immediately, Superintendent of Police Hemant Nimbalkar said the idol was at least 700 years old and resembled the artefact created under the Chola rulers of South India. The idol would be handed over to the Archaeological Survey of India for further investigation.
He said that acting on a tip off, a team of city police officials kept constant watch on the movements of the accused and arrested them while they were carrying the idol near Argan Talab on Belgaum-Hindalga Road.
The names of the arrested persons were given as Asgar Ali (35) and Vilas (45), both from Uchagaon in Belgaum taluk, and Lakshman (42) of Koulge in Chandgad taluk of Kolhapur district in Maharashtra. The police also seized two motorcycles from the accused.
He said the accused, who had procured the idol from Trichy in Tamil Nadu, had struck a fresh deal with a local agent for Rs. 1.50 crore. Another deal was being worked for Rs. 10 crore with an antique dealer in the country, suspected to be in Mumbai, he said. The police would find out whether the accused were involved in similar cases in the State and elsewhere and also about their links.

Lokayukta Raids P G Wandkar: booty upto to 12 crores

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Source: TimesofIndia, Indian Express, Deccan Herald

Lokayukta police on Thursday raided the premises of P G Wandkar, Excise Deputy SP, Belgaum. According to Lokayukta police, the officer owns properties worth 700 times more than his known income.Wandkar owns a residential complex in Goodshed road, besides houses in Gandhinagar, Laxminagar and Hanuman Nagar in Belgaum. A huge shopping complex in the heart of the city is also allegedly his.

In Belgaum, sleuths seized a huge amount of unaccounted wealth, cash and property from the residence of Wandkar. Wandkar’s apartment on Goodshed Road, another house in Sadashivnagar, and his ancestral home in Bhadkal Galli were raided simultaneously. A huge amount of cash, jewellery and property documents were recovered. Police sources said Wandkar had made huge investments in the construction business. He reportedly has a investment in the building opposite the Chitra theatre.

Wandakar, DySP, Belgaum has six vehicles including a Tavera, two Maruti Station Wagons, a Honda Activa, an RX Yamaha and a Hero Honda.