Another wholesale vegetable market in Belgaum

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The wholesale vegetable market at the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) yard here was inaugurated on Wednesday amid controversy following refusal by a few dealers to shift from the market on Fort Road to the new premises.

The fort road whole sale vegetable market is very congested and also causes a lot traffic jams and congestion. In addition the space is also not sufficient; hence there is a jostle for space by all. The trucks and Lorries stand on the road causing hardships to the regular traffic.
A few dealers are refusing to shift to the new market have their own reasons for their decision. Also, there is speculation that the middlemen, who will be losing their commission if all dealers shift to the new market, are influencing some of them against shifting. All the 150 shops allotted to wholesale vegetable dealers at the new market had been occupied. The Government had initiated measures to set up a separate wholesale vegetable market at a different location.

With the new market you could now get and sell all the vegetables at one place, earlier all the green vegetables were bought and sold at the Fort road market and potatoes and onions were sold at the APMC market. Now that all have come under one roof it should be easier for all to do trade.
Source The Hindu

Two terror suspects nabbed

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The Belgaum police have arrested two more youths from different localities in the city alleged to be involved in terrorist activities on Monday. The accused, identified as Nasir Abdul Majeed Rangarez, 29, of Azadnagar and Naveed Muneersab Qazi, 28, of Mahanteshnagar were produced before the JMFC IV Court in the city on Tuesday and have been remanded in police custody till October 30. According to Superintendent of Police Sonia Narang here on Tuesday, the accused were arrested near State Bank of Mysore branch in Mahanteshnagar. The APMC Police have registered a case.
The arrests of terror suspects have increased in Belgaum over this year. It seems they had planned some terror activities in the city during diwali time.
Source The Hindu

New Venues for shopping this Diwali in Belgaum

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This Diwali you could shop for some Jewelry at some new stores. TATAs Gold plus is there at Khanapur Road, one more option opened just yesterday and that is the renowned Rajmal Lakhichand Jewellers, RL1854 at Kore Galli, Shahpur, Belgaum.

Rajmal Lakhichand Jewellers has come a long way since its inception in 1854. The 6th generation now holds the torch of the family business guided by the same vision that drove each generation of creators.

Reliance Fresh at Khanapur Road will commence operations within a day and one more super market, Smart Super Market is opening at Thakkar Plaza, Club road, Belgaum.
So where did you shop this Diwali?

Belgaum-Mumbai flight in 3 months?

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Discontinuing of the air service has discouraged entrepreneurs: BCCI
Belgaum is the second largest exporter of industrial products in the State

A delegation of the Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BCCI), has submitted a memorandum to Minister for Civil Aviation Praful Patel requesting him to restart air service between Belgaum and Mumbai at the earliest. Many entrepreneurs had put on hold their plans to invest in Belgaum as the city lacked proper connectivity, discontinuing of the air service to Mumbai had only discouraged entrepreneurs further.
How could the Government expect entrepreneurs to invest in the city without providing them services such as air connectivity?

The BCCI said that airline companies had plans to expand their fleet. In such a situation, aircraft maintenance and service facilities at Mumbai and Bangalore might not be able to cater to the growing needs. Besides this, maintenance and servicing of aircraft had become expensive in metros. In addition, space available at airports in such cities for additional hangars and maintenance workshops was less, the BCCI said. As a result, majorities of airline operators were considering shifting their maintenance and servicing facilities to small cities (such as Belgaum), it said.
Belgaum had the potential to meet the requirements of airline operators, the BCCI said and added that nearly 4,000 persons could get jobs if such facilities were started here.
A friend of mine who came in from Dubai could not come to Belgaum directly as no flight was available, he had to go to Hubli and then come to Belgaum by car. Many people like who have come in from abroad for a holiday face the same problem. So its not only businessmen but also the public at large how is affected. He also added that reaching Belgaum takes more time than flying from Dubai to Mumbai.
The BCCI has done its job, now a follow up is very essential in this case as normally promises made are not kept. The people of Belgaum should get a flight to Mumbai, as the AirDeccan(Now Kingfisher Red) had stopped its Belgaum Mumbai flight on March 30 sighting under occupancy. I also urge and request the MPs,MLAs,MLCs to take keen interest in this issue and see that we have a direct flight. Source The Hindu

High Street Camp Belgaum, Old Photo

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highstert This is an old photo of the High Street Camp, Belgaum. Seems to me its taken in the early 1900 or late 1800 may be cant correctly say.

Its a post card on which this photo is there and is available for sale at ebay.

Cost Cutting Diwali

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Cutting Chai! Cut Dosa ! And this time it is Cutting Diwali!

Diwali is that time of the year when all rich and poor in the whole of the country spend money saved over a year for clothes, sweets and many other things.

The large corporates, who till last year used to gift their employees gifts of hefty amounts this time plan to make it very simple with a Cap, when last year it was a costly T-shirt. Those gifts to clients have also seen a cutting, from costly art ware to just sweets this time.

The global melt down, Indian Stock market crash, which on Friday saw its most formidable fall ever and inflation have had its own impact on this Diwali.

May it be the rich or the poor, all have been hit very badly by the Melt down bug. Diwali time for all businesspersons is like an opportunity to cash in on just anything and everything, but this time it is another case. The malls in big cities are empty with footfall going down by 20 to 25%.

In Belgaum, it is no different story. We do not have many malls (other than Big Bazaar) over here and the bulk of the Diwali business is in the local shops. One shopkeeper told this blog that, He never feels its Diwali time. Normally during this time, we do not get any free time but this year we are all free with very little business. During Diwali, normally costly and above average prices of commodities sell very easily, this time only cheap verities are selling, one more businessperson added.

The sweet shops are also facing the same problem. The regular yearly orders have come in but for a less quantity, one owner said. The prices of dry fruits have touched the sky and hence the demand for them has diminished.

On eve of Diwali, I wish all my readers a Happy Diwali and wish that you are not in the Cost Cutting Diwali brigade.
As for me I will send emails and sms this time as I am part of the Cost Cutting Diwali brigade.
Happy Diwali!

Kite is in the air

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A piece of paper, a few broom-sticks [from the stick broom not the grass type.] and some string. Put them together with a boy from Belgaum and you have avionics that rival NASA.You pasted the paper onto the stick frame in what approximated a square. The paper had to be fine tissue paper but if push came to shove, even newspaper would do. Then you tied a Kuni, One up zero down. That's one finger measured horizontally above the upper connection of string to kite and none at the lower end. Kite flying is not a spectator sport.

The person who drew the short straw [i.e. the smaller one who could be bullied] was given the kite to hoist. He took the kite twenty odd meters away, faced into the wind and when you yelled at him, he would leap into the air and throw it as high as he could. Houston, we have lift off. If the flier did not co-ordinate his hauling in of the string, (Manja) it was many attempts before the apple fell away from the ground. When it did, the hoister had to charge back to the flier and stand a few paces upwind of him with the firki. [If you have to ask what a firki is go listen to Britney Spears.] He had to be ready to give deel. i.e. feed out the manja as your kite soared higher and higher. You had to get it between the telephone and electric wires, then past the odd branch of the drumstick tree and finally past the television antennae that were the final guardians of the gates to the open skies.Then you got older and just flying a kite was not enough. Your manja had to have the finest glass on it to make it the sharpest. Your kite had to be responsive to little flicks and tichkis for aerial sorties. Your point man who held the firki had to be tuned in to you to know when you wanted deel and when he had to lapat (rewind). You engaged in aerial combat [ok Lugees] with squadrons of the Luftwaffe, from the buildings down the road, Jockeying for supremacy of the skies. Climbing high into the sun so that with one fell swoop the manja of lesser mortals gave way leaving their kite slowly floating away on the breeze. With a flood of chokra boys running after it, waving long sticks with a twig tied at the end to ensnare the vanquished. And when you where vanquished you hauled your precious manja in as fast as you could before it snagged on the antennae or telephone cables or trees that you had skillfully maneuvered thru on your way out. Your firki had to be in the hands of a master, to stop the manja you reeled in becoming one big gotala. This master would turn around and keep the tension on the manja by letting it pass between his legs while he spun the firki with both hands at a speed of twenty frames per second or more.Yeah I should have just said a blur of motion. The gurus of kite flying would engage in a lugee, slice their opponents with a skill that made Jack the Ripper look like Mr. Bean, then capture the fallen kite in mid-air by entwining their manja with the trailing manja of the loser and then haul both kites in thru the maze. Skill? The progeny of Neil Armstrong and Sunita Williams could not do it, with joint parentage. You have to be born in Belgaum for that.

AbitOfMe N, the author can be contacted on Orkut.

L K Advani Speech at the GIT silver jubilee

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These are some snippets of the speech delivered by Shri.L K Advani yesterday at the GIT college silver jubilee celebrations

.The speech was more political than anything else, what else can a politician say anyways.

"It gives me great pleasure to come to Belgaum — rather, Belagavi, its new name — to participate in the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Gogte Institute of Technology,
When a group from Belgaum comprising Shri Angadi, Shri Kulkarni, Prof. Rao and others met me a couple of months back to invite me for this function, the first question that struck me was: Why is a society dedicated to law education running an engineering college? The mystery was solved when I learnt more about the history of the Karnataka Law Society.
Tribute to Belgaum
I must make a special mention here of another great educational society based in Belgaum, which has made an immense contribution to the spread of higher and professional education in this state. I am referring to the Karnataka Lingayat Education (KLE) Society. I am very happy that its chairman, Shri Prabhakar Kore is in our midst today. Thanks to the vision and dedicated efforts of organizations like these, Belgaum has indeed emerged as the most important hub of higher education between two great centres of learning — Pune and Bangalore.
Friends, Belgaum is a beautiful city, also a very special city. It is here that Mahatma Gandhi presided over a session of the AICC in 1924 — the only time when he became the Congress president. It is here that Swami Vivekananda stayed for 12 days in meditation in 1892. I am told that the citizens of Belgaum have preserved the place where he stayed in the precincts of the beautifully renovated Ramakrishna Math in the city.
Not far from here is the town of Kittur, which was the karmabhoomi of Rani Chennamma. She is one of those heroes and heroines of India’s Freedom Struggle who sounded the bugle of rebellion against the British rule even before the 1857 War of Independence. I had visited Kittur during the course of my Swarna Jayanti Rath Yatra in 1997, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of India’s Independence. It was my Patriotic Pilgrimage, when I visited almost all the major places across the country that are associated with the heroes and martyrs of India’s glorious struggle for liberation from foreign rule.
I am told that a Kittur Utsav is opening today. I send my hearty greetings on the occasion.
Belgaum is special for another reason. I said that, before Independence, the preference of the best students was to study law. Many of them later became leading lights of the Freedom Movement. Very few engineers rose to national prominence. However, there was one exception, and that person hailed from this state — Bharat Ratna Sir M. Visveswarayya. He was truly a visionary, who had realized the importance of dams and modern irrigation systems, steel plants and other industries, well-planned cities, etc.
I am happy to note that the Visveswarayya Technological University, to which all engineering colleges in the state including this one are affiliated, is located in Belgaum.
A truly inspiring example was seen yesterday when India launched its unmanned spaceship CHANDRAYAAN - I to the Moon. It is now on its way to the moon carrying India’s Tricolour to the Moon.
It is obvious that the answer — not the entire answer, perhaps, but a substantial part of the answer — lies in good education being made available to every Indian. Education is the key that unlocks an individual’s future, and also a nation’s future.
I wish to make a specific affirmation about Educational Reforms. Progress in the education sector is hampered by the remnants of the License-Quota-Raj system, which had held back India’s economic growth. Therefore, liberation of the education sector from unnecessary restrictions and outdated controls, while strengthening proper regulation, will be one of our top priorities. We will ensure big increase in the number of institutions, seats and facilities in all streams of higher and professional education."

Source: BJP Press ReleasePhoto as published in The Hindu

Filled up potholes now a cause of worry

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Thanks to the visit of L K Advani, all potholes enroute from airport to GIT College were filled up in an emergency.

The potholes filled up on Congress road just show you how things are done in an emergency. The spot in the photo is in front of the main gate of Military Mahadev and the same spot was being filled up until 11 pm in the night yesterday.

May be due to unavailability of asphalt or some other undiscloseable fact the bolders have been just put in the potholes and now when the vehicles go over it, there is a great chance of slipping. I did slip a bit this afternoon over the same spot and many others might have as well. Now I say the earlier potholes were only better.

In addition, I heard about these politicians today some curses by the local public as they were made to wait for over 30 minutes until the caravan of Advani passed away. Traffic was blocked as the caravan of about 60 odd cars had to pass. The whole route from the airport to GIT was blocked for all traffic. I was quite lucky to get in to see the last 4 cars and then the blockade was cleared and I could go home.
Was anyone reading this in that blockade?

Splintered Vision

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Here’s a little thought experiment. Take a particle of Marathi chauvinism, say, a member of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), from the cosmopolitan masala mix formerly known as Bombay. Put it on a jet plane and accelerate it in the southward direction. Let the plane travel an hour and a half and descend in the boomtown formerly known as Bangalore. Now let the particle of Marathi chauvinism collide with an equally charged particle of Kannada chauvinism from the Kannada Rakshana Vedike (KRV).

The collision is likely to generate more heat than light. It is also likely to generate sound, as the two identify each other. The KRV man will probably see the MNS man and shout, “North Indian!” The MNS man, in utter confusion, will look around him and say, “Where?” Unfortunately for the poor fellow, little does he know that in Karnataka, he could well be mistaken for a north Indian? If he is correctly identified as a Maharashtrian, then things might get more exciting, since Karnataka and Maharashtra have a territorial dispute since 1956.

Maharashtra has been demanding that the Karnataka district of Belgaum should be given to it since the population is largely Marathi speaking. This in the past has led to a Marathi-speaking former mayor of Belgaum being beaten up by KRV men and aged tiger Bal Thackeray warning that Kannadigas in Mumbai would be forced to leave.

In a perfect world, our Kannada and Marathi chauvinists would annihilate each other, disappearing in a flash, and leaving the world a better place. That, however, somehow never happens. The local dada, like the local dog, never barks outside his street. Nor do they ever take on others their own size or kind. The Kannada chauvinist certainly is the MNS kind. The last time there were protests against ‘north Indians’, particularly from Bihar, seeking Railways jobs, was in February 2008 in Bangalore. Railway stations were vandalized, but no one was injured, so it did not make much of a splash.

This time, of course, we have all seen the coverage in the media. It is sad and worrying that two of India’s most important metropolises have loud and violent minorities who want to turn them into one-language, one-religion towns rather than world cities. These chauvinists are incapable of winning elections anywhere. However, they do manage to ruin innocent lives, and great cities. If Mumbai is for Marathis, and Bangalore for Kannadigas, and Chennai for Tamils, and so on across the country, then I guess India has no real existence outside Delhi.

Source: Hindustantimes
Disclaimer: This is being posted here only because I thought it fit with the present circumstances. Nor do I agree or disagree with the author.

A year in jail for committing no crime

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This is a tale of absolute horror of spending a year in jail for a murder one did not commit. Rajiv Chaudhary from Belgaum in Karnataka was jailed for allegedly murdering his brother Sanjeev Choudhary over a property dispute. He had just been released after his brother returned home alive.

Despite the flesh and blood evidence of Rajiv's innocence, Sanjeev was not immediately released. NDTV covered the case and the media pressure seemed to have worked.

Source NDTV

Belgaum's Exact Opposite Point on Earth is in South Pacific Ocean

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If you start digging, a straight tunnel from Belgaum and reach the exact opposite point on the Earth. Now how do you locate that place on the globe where that hole will open?

AntiPodr, this site takes you current street address (or city name or zip code) and points you to a location on the Earth’s surface that is exactly opposite to you.
Belgaum's Exact Opposite Point on Earth is somewhere in South Pacific Ocean.Any takers for digging the tunnel.

IT fest in Belgaum from Friday

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A two-day national level IT-Fest “ITera 2k8” on the theme “Innovation beyond excellence” is all set to be held with brainstorming sessions on the fast and changing job scenario following the global recession. The fest will be held at the Dr. Jirge Memorial Auditorium at J.N. Medical College here on Friday and Saturday.
The occasion would help ensure a unique opportunity for students to interact with not only their fellows studying in similar degree courses from across the country, but also experts from academia and industry. These interactions, as well as presentation of technical papers, would go a long way in the proper identification of career prospects.
Source The Hindu

Belgaum getting unwarranted face-lift

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Dividers painted, new Zebra crossings, which never existed, potholes filled up this time with asphalt.
This is no dream but the truth and all this is Thanks to L K Advani who is coming to the city on 23rd for the silver jubilee celebrations of GIT College.
The corporation and the cantonment board also are filing the potholes. Congress road has now become motor able as one side of the road has been repaired, not very nicely tough but to suffice for the moment, it seems just ok.

All the city has become a hoarding city with every alternate lamp post has a big 10 feet hoarding on it of the BJP from Chennamma circle to GIT college.

The dividers all over the city that were never looked at have seen a make over with painting and grass cutting being done and cleaning.
The visit of Advani might also see other BJP stalwarts from the state to visit the city and hence all this.
I request all the leaders to keep coming to our city on a monthly basis so that this facelift becomes warranted.

Way to color the canvas: Stars of Belgaum: SACHIN UPADHYE

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This is my first artistic post. I am here to highlight to the world the hidden talent in Belgaum to the whole world. With the same endeavor, here is one story of Mr. SACHIN UPADHYE of MONA LISA FINE ART PRODUCTS, M-17, INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, UDYAMBAG, BELGAUM-590008. INDIA

SACHIN UPADHYE did his schooling from MVMS English School mechanical engineering diploma in Maratha Mandal polytechnic-Belgaum. He does not have any formal training in fine arts.

He learnt the basics from his father, who used to paint those days. In addition, the fact that he has many artist friends motivated and helped Sachin to understand the medium better. He began painting right from his childhood. He was into drawing and watercolors, so it is difficult to say ‘when and how’. It all began as a hobby and then into fulltime business, but he remembers starting ‘oil’ painting when he was 12 yrs old, since then he was hooked on to this medium.

He has paintings in collection, which he has been doing since the age of 16 yrs.

Just the fact that I need to express, I do it through this medium. ……. It is the process of emotionally discharging yourself.

He loves applying oil colors on canvas, without being conscious of its result or its salability. His paintings are all instinctive, spontaneous and imaginative. However, nature and things around have their own effects…

His father started this business of manufacturing painting canvas. Since they both shared the same hobby, it was natural for Sachin to join in.
His paintings have been exhibited on many occasions, here are few: PARTICIPATED IN ART SOCIETY OF INDIA – MUMBAI

All his sell paintings on the site

The other side of CARD acceptance by merchants

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The credit /debit card usage for shopping in the past couple of years has increased tremendously, the main factor being ease and safety. No more carrying those huge amounts of cash in your pocket or purse, just one card can do it.

With the coming of organized retail in India, this trend of card purchases has seen a triple digit growth.

Nevertheless, there is another side to this so looking easy and safe mode of payment, the retailer's side.

A retailer or merchant establishment provides a facility for credit/debit card payments; he does it with a point of sale (POS) terminal. Also known as the swipe machines, these devices are installed and maintained by banks and they charge some fees from the merchants for providing this infrastructure. The merchant has to pay certain fees to the bank.

The usage trend of card purchases has now shifted even to smaller towns with almost all banks under core banking. Still you find that some merchants accept cards and few others do not. The main reason being the charge the banks charge for this service. Normally a Commission on the transacted amount is collected by the bank, which ranges from 1% to 2% depending upon the turnover. If your turnover is less you, pay more commission and some times a rental for that swiping machine of Rs.500 per month.

In a city like Belgaum, where still the usage of cards is very less compared to metros, some of these banks set a turnover target of Rs.2 lakh per month otherwise you pay a rental of Rs.500 per month. How could small merchants do a turnover of 2 lakhs only on card purchases.

The best thing many or all do not know is this. The retailer gets no benefit by keeping this machine with him. Look at this, you come and buy goods worth Rs.500 and you give your card for payment. The retailer takes your card and swipes the card gives you a charge slip, you sign it payment done. You are happy shopping but the retailer is not. Why? He just paid a commission of 2% on Rs.500 sale and he will also pay for the local call that the machine made to gather the card info and he will also pay for one more call to settle the transaction, after which the amount would be credited to the merchants account the next day. So on a sale of Rs.500 he looses, Rs.13.20 (11.20 Commission+2 for two local calls) and the money will be credited the next day into his account.

A few merchants when they cant afford to loose this money in this competitive world they started to charge this charge to the costumer; many of you might have paid like this.

The Credit Card Holder's association of India denounces this practice and makes it clear that the merchant is not authorized to do this. "In the US, there is a law that the type of payment should not have any impact on the price...
Unfortunately, in India, merchant establishments fall outside the purview of banking regulations," a senior banker voiced his concern.

Typically, there is a fee a merchant agrees to pay for a terminal. If a merchant tries to recover it from customers, they must walk out." So, if all this is illegal, what is the way out? A senior banker advises the customer who are asked to shell out this amount, to report such cases to the issuing bank. The bank can then blacklist the concerned outlet and can remove their terminals. Such cases should be reported to a consumer forum, since it is illegal to charge over the MRP for items.

Nevertheless, these banks charge you a rental of Rs.500/month and how is that merchants in non-metros would be able top cope up with this is needed to be seen. In the end, you could also see merchants denying accepting cards for payment. A merchant told this blog that, " We don’t benefit at all, and now that all banks have their ATMs buyers can withdraw cash an pay us. He also added that these banks charge heftily and by no means, this is a win-win situation for us. Banks need to look at the level of affairs on a local city scale and then device commission structures. Big merchants like malls have a national tie up with banks wherein they get less commission which sole merchants don’t, he added."

I would request all to comment your experiences in this regard.

Belgaum Foundry industry in bad shape

5:28 PM Posted by ukmad

Global meltdown or inflation, the result on the world has been staggering. The Aviation industry is in crisis and so is the Foundry industry in Belgaum.

Belgaum is recognized to be a reliable source of high precision, high volume and
economical castings. A significant percentage (almost 20%) of the foundry units at Belgaum has ISO 9000 certification and export casting.
The foundry industry at Belgaum caters to a wide variety of end-use applications Automotive/oil engines Pumps/valves Tractors/agricultural implements Food processing industry. The foundry industry at Belgaum came up primarily to cater to the needs of the automobile industry at Pune.

The Belgaum foundry industry is the first in Karnataka and the third largest in Asia. The production has decreased by 30% in last month. 8000 tonnes production has now come down to 6000 tonnes.

There are about 135 foundries in the industrial belt. More than 9000 workers work in them. The foundry industry has been seeing a tough time; the raw material prices have gone up by a whopping 200%. The demand has slowed down due to the meltdown, inflation has hit them hard, and now the industrialists say they at least need more than a year to come back on track.

To top the pie of hardships for these industrialists, now HESCOM is undertaking power cuts, which is causing much more production loss and cost escalation.

To the 9000+ workers, an additional 4000+ are involved in this industry in form of transporters, porters etc. All are feared what will happen to them if the same situation continues.
In the recent month, the prices of raw materials have seen a downtrend globally, which is one ray of light in this darkness. Globally metal and Commodity driven stocks are taking a beating, it is the case with them in India also.

Source: ,

Help build “Brand Belgaum”

10:58 PM Posted by ukmad

Belgaum is going to have a task force for beautification and cleanliness, I would appeal you all to put in your valuable comments information or even pictures which would help the government bodies to look up on and do the needful, this task force should be people driven, should be propagated to collages youth forums. I request all Belgaumites from respective areas need to put in their comments, picture and valuable thoughts to enhance the effectiveness of the task force, the future movement should be based on Peoples agendas.

I have few comments to share and apply

All the boards should be in Kannada, Marathi and English, because Belgaum is a cosmopolitan city, I appeal KRV activist to respect value for living and respect for Human beings and Belgaumites, Respect for your fellow neighbors no matter Who they are Kannada Marathi Urdu or any other language.

The fort at Belgaum entrance is at Mess create a small city private terminal for Buses and with proper infrastructure like landscape garden and also the small dwellers hawkers can have galas with much better waste disposal facility, who are now encroaching the road side areas at Bus stand.

The Belgaum bus stand needs to be revived. Move the divisional workshop (Main depot no 1) to outskirts and expand the bus station with more platforms. Connect a foot over bridge with city bus station.

BUDA should take control of uneven growth of New Gandhi nagar towards Railway track. In addition, make a proper plan for sanitation and water, draining. BUDA and the city corporation should look at maintaining the play gardens and parks much more nicely may be with the help of a public private partnership.

Float a green earth policy, plant at least one tree a month in your locality, have public youth forums in doing so. For this involvement of school children and making them understand from a tender age can have good impact on them and also as a society as a whole.

Move the vegetable wholesale market near fort and one behind Sankam residencey to APMC, with proper infrastructure or to the Proposed Food and Agriculture Park at Belgaum.

The Vaccine Depot is being created into natures paradise add up recreation facilities for children like toy train and boating, bird watching. Hope this happens in reality and not only on paper.

We have good number of MLA’s and MP’s but Belgaum Gokak road, which starts from Mahantesh Nagr is in total mess the Belgaum task force should see to make four lane city access road till Ramteerth or Ashte.

The Belgaum cantonment board should widen the roads with divider in-between, Sanchayani circles to Station cross. Also should be come part of this task force. The worst roads this time are in parts governed by the Cantonment like Congress road and interior roads of camp are all in very bad shape, something needs to be done very urgently there.

There is much more, active people have knowledge and info pertaining to their respective areas and also nitty gritties of their localities so do come forward share and we would take them to government bodies, I 100% aliases with my blog buddy UkMaD and his blog for his “Brand Belgaum” concept and I hope it would start from here.

If all this happens in time, then “Brand Belgaum” would be successful. Put your hands together, Come out and say “ I am a Belgaumite” and I am for “Brand Belgaum”.
Source: My Blog Buddy: Mr.Satish Kumar, Dubai Belgaumnri Some points have been added by UkMaD also.

Ministers come; Go and all assurances also

10:14 AM Posted by ukmad

Poor response evoked in the meeting called in by the Belgaum City Corporation (BCC) on Wednesday to facilitate the public to interact with Minister for Urban Development S. Suresh Kumar and air their grievances on various civic issues.
Belgaum District Contractors’ Association submitted a memorandum to the Minister highlighting the pathetic state of affairs in the corporation. He said that various illegal structures had come up in the city and cited examples in New Gandhi Nagar and Hindalga localities. All such illegal constructions had caused huge loss of revenue to the BCC.

The Belgaum Bar Association demanded to construct a subway connecting the old Court Complex and the new Court Complex (which is on the other side of the road) and provide a bore well and toilet facility in the court complex.
The Minister proposed to set up a task force to take care of development requirements of Belgaum city. The task force, likely to be constituted next month, would have members from all sections of society, including voluntary organizations, he said.
He said that the Government had decided to develop the Vaccine Institute premises, spread over 150 acres, into a garden of medicinal plants with walk ways and other facilities for making it into a good park.
We as citizens believe, all that the minister has said or promised is taken up with due diligence; as we all know Ministers come; Go and all assurances also go along with them.

The city saw some clean up job as the minister was visiting the city. The road dividers were being painted until late nights when the BCC should have taken care of filling the potholes on the roads. Instead of painting the dividers, if the potholes were filled up, at least some good wishes might have gone to the BCC.
Source The Hindu

BUDA website launched

1:14 PM Posted by ukmad

The Belgaum Urban Development Authority has just launched its website,

The site is simple and not much data is there. Some n going projects have been mentioned and the upcoming projects have a mention.

However, the site lacks interaction, (its true why does a govt. Dept site be interactive) but I guess it should have been more users friendly & interactive.

In the contact us the list of phone numbers are there but the email part is empty, which I think should have been there, Infact there is no email contact at all; you can only telephonically or in reality get in touch.

Many such sites are made and forgotten, I just wish websites of govt departments area necessity and they should be there and updated regularly. Many sites that are made by spending so much money are never updated once they are launched.

Belgaum, as a hub for setting up a supply chain for the Aerospace industry: QuEST Global

4:17 PM Posted by ukmad

QuEST Global, a leading provider of outsourced engineering services and manufacturing, announced today that it has received the Government of India notification for its SEZ (Special Economic Zone) in Belgaum, Karnataka. QuEST Global has also received approval for the units that are coming up in phase 1 of the SEZ. QuEST Global’s SEZ will be a sector specific precision engineering SEZ, covering over 300 acres of land in the initial phase. This notification allows QuEST Global to lease out the land and also provide build-to-suit requirements in the SEZ to other prospects who would like to set up their business units in QuEST Global’s precision engineering SEZ. The SEZ will provide world class infrastructure in the industrial estate, concentrating mainly on aerospace and automotive related industries. Phase 1 of the SEZ will be operational by December 2008, and Phase 2 is expected to be operational by June 2009.QuEST Global SEZ has already signed up with 3 clients, namely QuEST Global Engineering, QuEST Global Manufacturing and Aerospace Processing India (API), a joint venture between QuEST and Magellan Aerospace for establishing special aerospace processing capabilities in India. At the SEZ in Belgaum, API’s facility of 17,500 sq. ft. will support activities such as chromic acid anodizing line, titanium etching, shot peen, paint and primer booth, MPI and FPI in the initial phase. QuEST Global Manufacturing will expand its existing precision machining operations that are currently set up in Bangalore and QuEST Global Engineering will set up an engineering services facility, to provide low cost engineering services. By starting operations in Belgaum, which is a Tier 3 town in India, QuEST Global Engineering is pioneering the way to ensure low cost delivery of engineering in the future also. QuEST Global has obtained specific unit approvals for all the 3 units along with a sanction for the industrial layout. “Belgaum, as a hub for setting up a supply chain for the Aerospace industry, is the perfect destination as it is ideally located in the industrial heartland of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa, thereby providing access to a large number of manufacturing and machining talent. It is also excellently located in terms of logistics, being just off the Golden Quadrilateral NH4 highway (Bangalore-Pune-Mumbai highway), with proximity to 3 sea ports (Goa, Karwar and Mumbai) and 3 airports (Belgaum, Hubli and Kolhapur). In addition, the presence of a number of educational institutes in the region will ensure a good supply of engineers at all levels. Along with engineering services and manufacturing, QuEST now has a precision engineering SEZ, of which are very few in the country. This move demonstrates QuEST Global’s thought leadership, which sets it apart from its competitors.” said Aravind Melligeri, Chairman & Co-founder, QuEST.
The Quest Chairman has said it very correctly and we as Belgaum should now come and make our strategic location the main aspect of our Brand Belgaum. All know about the strategic location Belgaum is in and even then, there has been no industrial development.

We need to get industrialists to come to Belgaum wherein they could save costs and I wish the local MPs and the MLAs take a active part in this and invite industrialists to Belgaum.
Source: businesswireindia

Two little girls dead in road accident

10:08 AM Posted by ukmad

Two girls were killed on the spot when a jeep ran over them on National Highway - 4A near Peeranawadi village on Sunday morning.

The dead have been identified as Deepa Basawaraj Doddamani (10) and Nazia Mohammed Ali Badegar (12), both residents of Peeranwadi.
The accident occurred at about 9 a.m. and the jeep was going to Belgaum from Khanapur. The driver abandoned the vehicle and fled from the scene.
The villagers rushed them to the hospitals where the doctors declared that the girls were brought dead. Enraged public pelted stones and set the jeep on fire when they saw the driver and two others fleeing. The police calmed down the mob and registered a case.

Source: Deccan Herald
The Hindu

Nucleus Ad Board: is On again

10:06 PM Posted by ukmad

The Ad board on the Nucleus Mall is On since today evening and is now displaying newer ads.

The said Ad board was asked to be closed after some complaints were received by the district administration.

Search Belgaum: with Google Maps

4:28 PM Posted by ukmad

A new feature Google Maps has been added on the side bar of the site.

I would encourage all the readers to use this facility. You could also search for local listings in Google Local, like hotels, schools, etc.

 The latest street map of Belgaum is quite clear than earlier and basic areas have been marked, which will help you to find the right place.

Hope this feature will help you. Another first from BelgaumBlog.

Be a Fan of BelgaumBlog, say "I am connected to my home town".

Belgaum- Mumbai flight may commence

11:31 AM Posted by ukmad

Indian Airlines officials had a test flight at the Sambra airport to find out the feasibility of a Belgaum-Mumbai flight.

Now, only one Kingfisher Red flies from here to Bangalore. Deccan Air closed the Mumbai flight in March 2008.

The Belgaum chambers have been demanding the Mumbai Belgaum flight since its closure but no is here to heed to their requests. Now it seems Praful Patel, minister of Aviation whose visit is planned to Belgaum might make an announcement in this regard.
Source Tarun Bharat

Thunderstorms strike Belgaum

10:00 PM Posted by ukmad

Severe Thunderstorms struck the city in the evening at 7.30 pm. City experienced heavy showers along with lightening and loud thunder. Heavy rains lasted for about and hour. During this time normal life was affected as al were caught unaware.

‘Quarterly Statistics on Deposits and Credit of Scheduled June 2008: Belgaum 72

7:05 PM Posted by ukmad

The Reserve Bank of India released its ‘Quarterly Statistics on Deposits and Credit of Scheduled 2008′. The publication contains data relating to deposits and credit of scheduled commercial banks including (RRBs) as on June, 2008.

Nothing much has changed.
March 2008 standings
Note: ‘Quarterly Statistics on Deposits and Credit of Scheduled Commercial Banks’ provides data on aggregate credit of scheduled commercial banks as on June, 2008. The data are based on Basic Statistical Return the branches of all scheduled commercial banks (including RRBs).

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1:54 PM Posted by ukmad

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Modi riding the Nano: if BRAND BELGAUM existed

9:55 PM Posted by ukmad

Modi riding the Nano

Budhadeb lost it, Deshmukh and Yeduraapa tried, but Modi came and he won.

Ratan Tata said: A good ending to bad Start.
What a story to the Nano? The one-lakh car is in news since it was planned (or even before that) and now when Tata has come out of Bengal and has found a new home the Nano, Gujrat.

C M Yedurrappa met Tatas asked them to come them to Dharwad, Vialsrao Deshmukh did the same thing and asked Tatas to come to Maharashtra, but Modi came and he took the Tatas with him. Brand” Gujrat” or brand” Modi” (this is a different topic) but has been successful.

On this very blog I had said, when the news of our MLA having a press conference and assuring to meet the CM and hand over a memorandum to Yedurappa to ask the Tatas to come to Belgaum, was published and I had said Nano will be out on the roads till the time some action is taken. We need fast action over and above the regular government type.

We should now rise above political motives and work for development. If BRAND “BELGAUM” existed it would have been easy for us. The Chambers of commerce and industry should develop such a forum that would approach big industrialists and make them come here. In such kind of situations, timing is very important. You will make a study, submit a memorandum, no time for all that. If you go into the market to buy something and one shop is closed you go to another, it happened here.

I am trying to work with a few individuals from Belgaum who are aspiring to develop the “Brand Belgaum”. Your support in this regard is required fully. We did not see industrial development, but our children should see it.

Come lets come closer and work together for “BRAND BELGAUM”

More on this will be posted as and when something concrete happens. Until then, you start your inputs so that the same would be shared.

Act in time, act wisely!

Did you know this? Chhagan Bhujbal

3:35 PM Posted by ukmad

Chhagan Bhujbal was the gutsy fellow and had unfurled the saffron flag at Belgaum, where he had gone in disguise, while being the Mayor of Mumbai in 1985.

He had masqueraded as Sheikh Al Bhujbal to enter Belgaum and spent a month in jail later.

Source :

B H Manjunath: New Regional commissioner, Belgaum

3:14 PM Posted by ukmad

B H Manjunath will be the new Regional commissioner of Belgaum in place of Amita Prasad who will now be Director general, Administrative Training Institute, Mysore.

Ekroop Kaur will be the new Chief executive officer, Belgaum zilla panchayat.
In place of D B Naik.

Belgaum Blog Gets a Makeover

2:46 PM Posted by ukmad

A year ago or a to be precise exactly 427 days, it was a Tuesday and this is a Tuesday when your site BelgaumBlog has had a makeover for the better.
Thanks Leading Minds.

The Leading Minds team designed the site in just 10 days and professional web designers have designed the site.
I am very happy to have been associated with them in regards to this blog and I am proud I had to go nowhere nor even meet them personally, all has happened over the Internet. To add to it, Leading Minds, is a Belgaum based company and I am proud; Belgaum's own Children are designing a site, which is dedicated towards Belgaum and its development.
I hope to get your continued support to this site and I will keep trying my best to get you the latest news and happenings from your town.

This site wil co exist and will have all the news upadtes, only the new pages and other stuf will be available on the alone.

Swimming pool to get a face lift

10:13 AM Posted by ukmad

In a welcome development, although unwittingly, two political rivals within the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have made a common cause for the benefit of young swimmers who have brought laurels to their city by winning gold and silver medals in international, national and State-level meets in recent years.

It is no secret that Belgaum MP Suresh C. Angadi and MLA Abhay Kumar Patil do not see eye to eye and always look for opportunities to embarrass each other. Their rivalry sometimes turns into a competition of sorts but out of political compulsions, which is a blessing in disguise for the local people.
This time, it is the swimming pool, which is getting a facelift with the funds sanctioned by the two leaders. Mr. Angadi has sanctioned Rs. 2 lakh and Mr. Patil Rs. 1 lakh from their respective local area development funds for renovation and beautification of the Rotary-Corporation Swimming Pool in the city.

Now just look at this; two leaders from the same party but do not work with each other, this is democracy. At last, some funds will be utilized for the swimming pool and its betterment. Better never than late, that all we all can say and the next time when you want to swim in the Rotary-Corporation Swimming Pool in the city what would say Cheers to Angadi or Patil?
Source The Hindu

Get Nano to Belgaum: See our strengths

10:15 AM Posted by ukmad

For The Nano Belgaum has the following strengths:

Belgaum has Foundry cluster
Crankshaft manufacturing units
Machine and Diesel Engine casting
Auto Components and Ancillary units
300 acres supply chain Aerospace and Automobile components SEZ
Auto FAB units
Hydraulics and Engineering units
Fasteners and Rubber auto parts

Power 1000MW Ghataprabha Plant
Water supply from Hidkal
Inland Container Depot, CII office at Belgaum for Northern Karnataka
Central Excise Belgaum commissioner ate
IIT level University and three engineering collages

Thanks Satish Kumar, Sr.Engineer IMG Mindscape Information Technology
Dubai UAE.

Hoardings in English having a rough time

10:08 AM Posted by ukmad

Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (Narayan Gowda faction) were attempting to pull down a hoarding in English at Rani Channamma circle here on Sunday. However, before the KRV workers could attempt to destroy more such hoardings, the police took them into custody. They were released later.

The KRV had demanded that the Belgaum City Corporation ensure that all banners, hoardings, billboards, and posters displayed in public places were in Kannada before Rajyotsava Day on November 1. “We are not against any language but we want Kannada to be given prominence

Mostly all the hoardings are in English, except a few in Kannad. All those hoardings will have a rough time. In fact all the huge hoardings are of Telecom companies or Big retails giants, so they now need to rethink.

However, for the Ad Companies they will fall in trouble as the Belgaum market is divided and only hoardings in one language might not have a great impact on the mind of the consumers, one Ad creator told this blog. He further said, Belgaum is a complex city to advertise as the consumers might turn language bias any moment and if I have a hoarding in one particular language, they might not respond to it as they are doing now when it is in English.

Source The Hindu

GIT silver jubilee celebrations

12:25 PM Posted by ukmad

Karnataka Law Society’s (KLS) Gogte Institute of Technology (GIT) is preparing its silver jubilee to be celebrated for three days from October 23. The Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, L.K. Advani, has been invited to deliver the inaugural address. Sri Visvesha Teertha Swamiji of Pejawar Math will inaugurate the celebrations.

Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa and Ministers from the north Karnataka region will participate in the function.
Union Minister for Civil Aviation Praful Patel has been invited to deliver the valedictory address on October 25.

Belgaum ideal for Nano plant

10:42 AM Posted by ukmad

2,611 acres of land available at Vantamuri’Belgaum has good infrastructure, says Abhay Kumar Patil, MLA

Tata Motors can take a look at an “ideal site” in Belgaum before taking any decision on relocating its Nano car manufacturing plant said Mr.patil.

Belgaum, which had moderate and pleasant climate, was ideal for the plant. Belgaum had infrastructure such as airport, railway station, and express highway (NH 4), and Goa port was just 150 km away.
The city had well-established industries, including those manufacturing automobile components, and skilled work force.
Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and Industry would extend its support to Tata Motors if it established its car manufacturing plant in Belgaum.

A proposal to Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa stating that there was 2,611 acres of government revenue land in and around Vantamuri in Belgaum and Hukkeri taluks, part of which could be given to Tata Motors to establish its car manufacturing plant.

This blog was the first one to mention about Nano being getting out of Bengal and may be it will come to Dharwad, but it seems to be making its way to Gujrat as of now. I would request all the Members of the chambers and the MLA to call on the Tatas directly to come and see the place. Now they will give a memorandum to the CM, then the CM will look at it and by this time the Nano will come out on the road from the Gujrat factory.

We need to be very reactive and urgency in action is required, I Guess.
Source The Hindu

One-day baby left at a temple

1:08 PM Posted by ukmad

A one-day-old baby was left at the doorsteps of the Gokhale Maruti Mandir in Somwar Peth, Tilakwadi.

Kartavya, a NGO has taken the child to the civil hospital for treatment.

How could some one do this?

Source Tarun Bharat

Load Shedding in Industrial areas also

1:06 PM Posted by ukmad

Four hours load shedding will be done in the Industrial areas (Udaymbag) from today. Timing would be evening 6pm to 10pm and HESCOM has asked all the industries to close all their activities during this time.

The load shedding time table is not yet put so be ware you could see power off any moment. Yesterday the whole day from 9 am to 5.30 pm the power was off due to a technical snag.

In rural areas, the load shedding is for 6 to 8 hours.

This is just October, the October heat is just getting up the mercury levels and the power shortage in the state is the just the trailer of what is in store in the months to come.

The Karnatak Govt is calling the Tatas to Karnataka for the Nano project and what will they give them a gift of Load shedding

Durga Mata Duad Video

10:03 AM Posted by ukmad

I just found a Durga Mata Daud Video, this was taken last year.

Thanks yppatil7

7:46 PM Posted by ukmad


Durga Mata Daud: A grand success

5:07 PM Posted by ukmad

Shivprathisthan Hindustan, Belgaum division organizes a run, Durga Mata Daud (a run) on a yearly basis during the Navratri time.

All the nine days of the Navratri festival, thousands of young children both boys and girls in huge numbers gather in the wee hours of the morning to run through the streets of Belgaum. Daily one area is covered and normally the daud begins and ends at a temple or a statute of Shivaji Maharaj.

The streets are embellished with Rangolis all through the route and people get up early morning to welcome the run in their street. The atmosphere is overwhelming and cannot be mentioned in words, you just need to be running with the crowd.

Small children right from 5 years are seen running. These kids who make their parents cry while going to school, wake up early and get ready to run.

Motive behind this Daud:
The young generation comes to know about history through books. However, they do not realize the hardships faced by Shivaji during his time. During Navratri the motive of this run is to awaken the same feeling in the heart of the youngsters. In addition, the run aims to evolve a sense of patriotism and respect to religion and a wow to protect ones religion.

The present photo is from archives. This years photo I will try and get, if anyone of you have a few please share them by emailing them to me.

Bapu aye Belgaum mein

4:33 PM Posted by ukmad

Yes Belgaumites, Bapu our Father of the nation is here in Belgaum, so don’t miss a chance to see him at the Khadi Gramudyog Store at Kirloskar Road. All those who cant make it just see this picture. Bapu, still there with us.

Load Shedding again in Belgaum

10:25 AM Posted by ukmad

As per the Minister for Power, Karnataka the state is facing a severe shortage of power due to the huge increase in demand and hence a 2 hours load shedding is scheduled since yesterday.

Belgaum needs 120MW whereas it is getting 80MW and hence a shortage of 40 MW. In the future, the load shedding time could also be increased.

The worst part is, there is no schedule so it can be dark any time of the day now. Diwali is approaching and this Diwali could be a black out one.

Google SMS service : Belgaumblog Channel

10:09 PM Posted by ukmad

Google Labs has just started a SMS service and your blog is right there.
click the link above and subscribe to the channel.
Once subscribed you will get SMS updates as when the blog is updated or even some breaking news at times.
You need a Google Account to login !

Mantri Realty into Belgaum

5:21 PM Posted by ukmad

Sunil Mantri Realty, a Mumbai-based real estate developer, plans a housing project in Belgaum; the company is in possession of 200 acres, near the proposed Vidana Soudha, on which it plans to take up low and middle-income housing projects along with villa and apartments projects. \

Earlier post on this blog about Mantri Realty

15,000 Bangladeshis in Belgaum?

10:21 AM Posted by ukmad

The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has claimed that nearly 15,000 Bangladesh nationals are living in Belgaum district and expressed apprehension of their involvement in spreading terrorism in north Karnataka and other parts of the State.

ABVP had conducted a survey to identify Bangladesh nationals living in India, particularly in districts that had the presence of groups such as the banned SIMI. Accordingly, the survey report indicated the presence of 15,000 Bangladesh nationals in Belgaum district.

If the claims of ABVP are true to even 50% then the government should look into this matter very seriously.
Source The Hindu

Fatima Cathedral: Golden jubilee celebrations

10:16 AM Posted by ukmad

The Belgaum Diocese will be celebrating the golden jubilee of Fatima Cathedral for one year from October 7. Minister will inaugurate the celebrations for Major and Medium Irrigation Basavaraj Bommai, who is Minister in-charge of Belgaum district.
Bishop Peter Machado said that the cathedral was dedicated to ‘Our Lady of the Family Rosary of Fatima’, the patroness of the parish and the Belgaum Diocese.
Rev. Michael Rodrigues laid the first Bishop of the diocese the foundation stone for the cathedral on October 19, 1956. The cathedral was consecrated on March 25, 1958.
Source The Hindu