Foot over bridge to be removed

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The non sense foot over bridge built at Yedhe Khut, Dr.Rajendra Prasad Circle on college road near Vanita Vidyalaya will now be removed. The city corporation has invited tenders from reputed contractors for the removal of the bridge.

The foot over bridge built in 2000 by BUDA has never been used and was used for illegal activities and for advertising and recently for film shooting.

The bridge was built at a cost Rs.13 lakhs in year 2000 and now Rs.5 lakhs will be spent for the removal.

The dismantled bridge will kept at the corporation premises and later might be installed at first gate or CBT, but nothing of this is final.

This particular foot over bridge was wrongly built and main intention of building this was school children and commuters from villages who want to come into city will sue this to cross the College road.

But no one used to use this bridge, atlast its end is here.

Hope the removed bridge would be again installed in a scientific manner and in such a way that people will make use of it.

Dhananjay Mahadik India hockeys dragflicker from Belgaum

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Dragflicker Dhananjay Mahadik feels short corners will be India's strong point in the forthcoming hockey World Cup starting on Sunday.

Dhananjay was born in Shriwal district of Satara.

After facing hardship at the age of 16 after his father, personnel in the Bombay Fire Brigade department expired Dhananjay shifted to Belgaum after passing class 7th to join Boy Sports Company and ever since there’s no looking back.

He works in the Indian Army.

He first picked a hockey stick in 1994 and since then he is obsessed with it.

From the age of 14 he was in the school in Belapur and it was during the computer testing that the institution found out that he was outstanding in physical fitness and had an aptitude for hockey. So he had to undergo training for three years and since then there has been no looking back. He represented the country in junior World Cup and got the opportunity to play in the senior team in the South Asian Games and now in the world cup.

Thanks Amar Kulkarni.

Petrol to cost 5352

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After the excise duty increase in the union budget yesterday the new increased prices of petrol in the city are as follows:

Petrol: Rs.53.52 earlier it was Rs.50.56 (increase of Rs.2.96)

Diesel: Rs 40.00

Historical price chart over the years

Security tightened for Holi and Id Milad

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Police have made elaborated security arrangements to prevent any untoward incident during Holi and Id Milad celebrations from February 28 to March 5.

Dhulvad (colors) will be played on March 1, in Shahpur and other areas Rangpanchami will be played on March 5.

Certain restrictions have been imposed by the Police.

People have been warned against splashing colours on vehicles or strangers and complete “holika-burning” by midnight of February 28.

People have also been warned against using tar, varnish, paints, acid, etc. Police in civil uniform will also be deployed at certain main areas and video shooting will also be done.

There are Prohibitory order for the sale of liquor in the district on account of Holi and Id Milad from 6 a.m. on February 28 for 48 hours and from 6 a.m. of March 5 for 24 hours.

The market is also all ready with various kinds of Pchkari's, guns and colors of course. Today being Saturday, there was huge rush seen for buying Live chicken in the market.
The main areas where the young crowd have loads of fun is Deshmukh road in Tilakwadi, which virtually is filled with people and then the bad part of tearing each others clothes begins which is bizarre

View of CA on union budget 2010-11

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Sujay Nimbalkar has compiled these reviews of the union budget 2010-11 by different chartered Accountants of Belgaum.

CA. B.B.Chandargi
Chairman of Belgaum Branch of Institute of chartered Accountants

Income Tax
1.The increase in Slab rate will be benefiting the particularly the middle class Tax Payers in the Income range of Rs.3.00 Lakhs to Rs.8.00 Lakhs leading to a Savings of Rs. 50000 in tax.
2.Also the proposed weighted deduction of 200% on Research activities to will give a major boost to Technology & Industrial growth.
3.Farmers have been benefited as the effective rate of Interest now on will be 5 %
4.The Increase in Tax Audit limit for Business and Professionals will reduce the paper work as well as the Income tax procedures for Small & Medium enterprises.
5.Charitable Institutions can also carry out Non Charitable activities upto a limit of Rs. 10 Lakhs, this will mean better activities in the nature of public interest.
6.Companies subject to MAT will have to pay additional 5% i.e total 15% as Mat (Minimum Alternate Tax).

Excise Duty :Excise duty is not favorable for large car buyers
Introduction of few more services under the Service Tax net will boost the service tax revenue of the Govt but it is not a welcome by those service providers.
However the large amount of Fiscal Deficit of our economy is cause of concern.

CA. Sanjay D Shirguppe
Practicing chartered Accountant, Belgaum

The Basic Exemption Limit in case of Service should have been increased ( on the lines of increase in Income Tax Limit) to Rs.15 Lakhs from the present limit of Rs. 10 Lakhs thereby relieving the small service tax providers from the efforts of Registration under Service Tax rules and following the procedures thereon.
However the agricultural interest rate of 5 % to farmers is favourable.
The levy of additional duty of Re.1 per liter on Petrol and Diesel will indirectly lead to rise in the prices of other commodities and services resulting in increase in Inflation. Also I don’t see any steps taken by our Government to bring down the present inflation.

CA Vinay B
Practising Chartered Accountant Belgaum

Our BUDGET 2010, in the backdrop of rehabilitating economies all over the world was being viewed with greater anticipation to pave the road ahead for growth and development. The budget in a very acute sense projects this with following proposals:
Change in income tax rate slabs to the advantage of individual tax payers.
Reduction in surcharge to corporate tax payers.
Abolition of Commodities Transaction Tax.
Retention of same rate of service tax.
Extra boost for investment in Infrastructure Bonds.
Establishment of agencies to monitor the implementation of infrastructure projects.
Other successful programmes of past years revamped to suit the future requirements (NREGS, APDRP, ICDS, SHG, etc.)
However, the budget was condemned by opposition parties on various issues and this happens to be the first budget that led to walkout of opposition parties.
The major short comings in the budget can be owed to the following:
Increase in excise duties and fuel prices.
Postponement of GST to one more year.
No changes in the basic tax rate of corporate tax payers.

The theme of this budget lies in creating demand through surplus funds in the hands of consumers (individuals) through reduced direct taxes and then charging them for consumption through the way of indirect taxes.

In view of all the above, I opine that no budget would satisfy everybody, as it is only a balancing act of Government Revenues and Expenditures, and keep check of the fiscal deficit, which in the current budget is on the higher side at 6.8% of GDP. There is no need to despair and criticize the budget, as other reforms are due in the near future. I am sure that the coming times will bring better reforms and a lot of growth in infrastructure. The present budget is only a half hearted signal in this direction. I hope for better reforms in times ahead.

Lobbying for IIT in Belgaum

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After a long stint for opening an IIT in Belgaum the last time steam is getting heated again for having one here.

Mla Abhay Patil had tried getting in other MLA's of the state with him and had also submitted a letter to union HRD minister Kapil Sibbal. But nothing concrete was mentioned then.

Now the same issue has raked up again after the Union law minister M. Veerappa Moily has promised to set up an IIT at Muddenahalli, the birthplace of Sir M. Visvesvaraya.

Belgaum MLA Abhay Patil, met union HRD minister Kapil Sibal with MP Suresh Angadi and Congress MLA Ashok Pattana on Monday in Delhi, to put forward Belgaum's case for the institute.

Mr Patil said 122 MLAs from North Karnataka, Hyderabad Karntaka and Mumbai Karnataka have signed the petition urging the government to establish an IIT in Belgaum.

The institute is needed here as it will help boost the economy of the whole region, which is backward and badly in need of development, Mr. Patil said.

Will this lobbying help in any manner is to be seen. Normally Belgaum is treated soberly on all fronts may it be Railways or other infrastructure.

One main factor missing in this whole issue is the support of the citizens of Belgaum. How many know that some one is lobbying for an IIT. There is no awareness here only then what will this impact anyone else.

Movies as on 26-02-2010

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Theater Movie Timings
Big Cinemas My name is Khan 12,3

Teen Patti 12.30,6.30,9.30pm

Karthik calling Karthik 3.30,6.15,9.45pm
Nirmal Sugreev (K) 12.15pm,3.15,6.15,9.15

Huns SubhashchandraBose 12,3,6,9
Roopali 3 Idiots 12.15,3,6,9
Chitra Teen Patti 3,6,9
Swaroop Varshadhare(K) 12.15,3.15,6.15,9.15
Hira Karthik calling Karthik 3.15,6.15,9.15

Teen Patti 12
Prakash Jugari (K) 12.15,3.15,.615,9.15
Nartaki my name is Khan 3,6,9

karthik calling Karthik 12
Santosh Aaptrakhsak(K) 12.15,3.15,6.15,9.15
Kindly check the exact timings with the theaters

Belgaum boy Jack Nazareth COO of Puravankara

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Puravankara Projects Limited has appointed Jackbastian Kaitan Nazareth as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). Prior to joining Puravankara, Jack, as he is known among friends, was the Executive Director of Sobha Developers Ltd overseeing their International operations, based out of Dubai.

Jack did his schooling from St.Pauls high school (1983) has a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from Gogte institute of Technology Belgaum(1990) and an MBA from the Goa Institute of Management with a specialization in Marketing and Finance.

He started his career as an entrepreneur with M/s. Trinity Consultants and Engineers in Belgaum and Goa. Apart from handling International operations at Sobha Developers, he had also handled Sales, Marketing, CRM, Corporate Affairs and Facility management in the past. He was also associated with Tishman Speyer as Managing Director, Head -Sales & Marketing in their Bangalore office.

Acknowledging the new assignment, Jack said: “We need to create a vision whereby our name becomes synonymous with excellence, innovation, honor, integrity and outstanding quality and service. As COO at Puravankara, I am looking forward to all the new challenges that come our way and will draw on tried-and-tested experience as well as introduce new thinking and approaches where feasible.”

Jack told this blog that, “ he is one of those many Belgaumites who got the best education, climate and vegetables and all I needed was to pursue a dream to fulfill. I learnt languages and made friends in that place who are still close to my heart. And when you have what life truly has to give you, it becomes a passion to pursue perfection.
I am truly blessed to be what I am today and I owe it to my family, friends and above all my Alma Mater St. Pauls. The Jesuits turned around my life twice, once at St. Pauls and then at Goa Institute of Management, Goa.
GIT was just about 3 idiots, infact we were many idiots so to say. Am so glad that all of the students are doing well in life.
But all said and done there is no place on earth that gives you the language 'kaay be' or the chai of the railway station. From Mahantesh Nagar to Udyambag and from Ganeshpur to the Dhabas on Bangalore highway, Belgaum reckons me to be back there And I will maybe retire there in the company of the wonderful friends that I made there and the large family that still lives life to the full. Belgaum it is and I am a Belgaum boy!”

Puravankara Group began operations in Mumbai and has established a considerable presence in the real estate industry in the metropolitan cities of Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Mysore and overseas in Dubai.

Orphanage for HIV children a noble venture by Spandana Network

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In his early twenties when he he had just got married a year back, life was at it s best for Mahantesh Mali. Working in industries in Udyambag he was leading a happy life. But this was not to be, on his birthday it self in 1993 he was diagnosed for being HIV positive. It was a shock of life time for him. He then became very weak and doctors said that he could live for another two years for a maximum. Mahantesh was out of his mind and he was grasping end to be very near. He weighed only 28 kgs in 1994 and could not even drink water, he was just a piece of bones.

The thought that he would die was eating him. His wife stood next to him not knowing what had happened to her husband. She decided to live life positively and encouraged Mahantesh to look at life positively and one day he too decided that, lets face it and he removed all the bad thoughts from his mind and decided to work for the welfare of HIV positive patients. He was very good at speaking and making one understand in his own language. With time two years passed by and nothing happened to him. This gave him more confidence to enjoy life and take it as it comes and today in 2010 Mahantesh Mali is the president of the Spandana network which looks after the welfare of HIV patients.
He is healthy and takes only a single medicine and is now father of a two year old (HIV Negative) child leading a happy life with his wife and many children.

Yes many children, he just started Nandana Makkala Dhama which houses 30 children from various areas of Belgaum district who are all HIV positives and all have been either left off by their parents or they have no one to take care of.

Nandana Makkala Dhama

Nandana Makkala Dhama is an initiative of staff of Spandana Network with Mr.Mahantesh R Mali at the helm of affiars. The Makkala Dhama formally inaugurated by Mr. Manjunath BH, Regional Commissioner, Belgaum and Dr. Ashok Muragod, District Superintendent, Belgaum on 31st December 2008.

The staffs of the Spandana Network decided to start an orphan home for the HIV positive children feeling their needs in the district. The staffs contributed their one month salary for this noble cause. The network also did an advocacy with Children and Welfare Department and succeeded to get a building for 10 years. The Honorable Minister Mr. Balachandra Jarkiholi donated an Ambulance for this cause.

This is the first such hostel in north Karnataka working without any government aid.

A small interview with Mahantesh Mali:

What is that you would like to say to all about HIV positives?

Nobody dies of AIDS they all die of fear and stigma. It is our duty to spread awareness so that society treats people living with HIV with care and compassion. Social stigma and discrimination killed more people than AIDS. However, the situation was changing as HIV infected people were being accepted by general public. HIV positive people lose immunity and were prone to diseases such as TB, diarrhoea, etc. Providing medicines for such people should be the priority of government hospitals.

Have you got any support from the local MP and MLA's?

(Laughs) He says we call all of them but we have not received any concrete help anyone local MLA's and MP's. We had called Mr.Angadi many a times but he still hasnt visited our functions. Only Mr. Balachandra Jarkiholi donated an ambulance and has promised to construct a building once we get land for our Makkala Dham.

How do you identify these children?

We are on tour on 5 days in various parts of the district and then we try and identify children who are positives or who have been left off by their parents or their parents have expired. We have identified about 700 HIV positives in Belgaum district but we cannot manage all of them dude to lack of funds hence we are only looking after 30 students.

What is that you do at this Makkala Dham?

We get these children from rural areas like Hukkeri, Raibag, Gokak, Savadatti and surrounding areas teach them here for a year and then make arrangements to shift them to govt. school for actual schooling.
During this time we take complete care of them with medicines, food and shelter.

Some of your experiences while working in this field?

Mostly all are bad, but one incident which still hurts me is the case of a school building in Bassavan Kolla(behind Hindalco) which was lying un utilized as the school was shifted from there to a more bigger building. We got permission from all the authorities and just before the day we were supposed to take possession of the building the villagers opposed this and said that we wont allow HIV positive children around our village. Still the said building is lying un utilized for over 8 months now. This stigma from the minds of the people needs to be removed.

How do you manage the expenses of the Makkala Dham?

All the expenses are borne by the staff of Spanadana network. We pay Rs.4000 as rent for the building and then there are food, clothing expenses. Noble people do come forward and donate food, clothing etc but we dont have a continuous inflow of funds.
We really want to expand to our own building but we dont have funds.

There are very noble people around like Mr.Mahesh who donated a TV and a satellite connection so that the children can watch TV. Mahesh also arranged parties on his birthday at the Dham.

One good experience is also has to be mentioned. Just next our present building in Sadashiv nagar we had to open another office under a separate scheme of the Govt. where only registration of the patients would be done. But a lady of the apartment opposed this and field a police complaint. All the residents also joined in, but we explained them that this was only a center for registration and nothing else. But still they did not hear. After a few days of working over there the lady herself came forward and gave us the space for the second office.

What are your current needs?

Our current needs are many but we need cots (muti level) so that we can accommodate all the children in the small space we have. If any one is interested in donating anything they can contact me. It can be in kind or otherwise.

What are your future plans?

Future plan is to build a own building for the Makkala Dham and try and get more children in it.

Do you work only for HIV patients or others as well?

We mainly work for HIV patients but we work for others as well. A few months back there was a old man suffering from leprosy lying on the main road towards KLE hospital. We immediately bought some clothes for him gave him water and called the leprosy mission and got him admitted there. We have performed last rites on 17 people till now with the help of Mr.More Ex mayor.

About Spandana Network:

Spandana Network is a registered society working for and by people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) in Belgaum. It was started in 2005. Spandana Network Belgaum is affiliated to Karnataka Network for people living with HIV/AIDS, a State network of people living with HIV/AIDS. Spandana Network is working in Belgaum District from last four years. Network has registered 4500 PLHIVs including 600 children in which 50 children are orphan or semi orphan (Single Parent). 62 people work under the network selflessly to create awareness about HIV in entire Belgaum district.

At Spandana its not only awareness creation or giving medicines the consecrated staff of the network work all the time to identify people affected with HIV throughout the district and with the same also perform last rites on people who cannot afford or dont want to perform the last rites as the person has died being HIV positive.

On the other side at Spandana they have also managed to marry 17 couples together all being HIV positives. All the married couples are now happily leading a new lease of life.

Nandana Makkala Dhama

Mahantesh R Mali
4th Cross, Nidhi Building, Near Kannada Marathi primary school, Sadashiv Nagar Belgaum.

Phone: 9611404408
0831- 4209865

Mamtas Green signal for Belgaum Dharwad rail line

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In todays rail budget presented by Mamata Banerjee, the long awaited demand for the Belgaum – Dharwad rail line has been approved by the rail minister and work should hopefully begin on the same in this fiscal. The said new line will be in cost sharing with state government and Public Private partnership. No specif time period has been mentioned for the beginning and completion of the work in the budget. So its only a hypothetical plan still.

Belgaum also got some surprises in the form of survey of new rail lines. They are

Belgaum-Bagalkot-Raichur & Belgaum – Sawantawadi ( the budget speech mentions this as Samantwadi must be a typo error)

These routes will be surveyed and the feasibility report will be submitted.

Bagalkot-Kudachi new rail line has been included in this budget which means work will commence on this route during this fiscal.

Adarsh Stations: Bagalkot, Gokak Road.

New trains:

Hyderabd - Chhatrapati Sahu Maharaj Terminus (Bi-weekly) and
Tirupati- Chhatrapati Sahu Maharaj Terminus(daily)

(This train was earlier linked together as Haripriya Express and Raylseema express.)


Indian Railways provide the facility of issuing e-tickets, through IRCTC,

by utilising internet services. At present, a maximum service charge of Rs 15

for Sleeper Class and Rs.40 for AC Class tickets is levied. I propose to reduce

the maximum limit of service charge to Rs.10 for Sleeper Class and Rs.20 for

AC Class.

Two ships named Belgaum

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By Sahir Kittur & UkMaD

Can you imagine this, we at AAB did not and Sahir hunted for information on the same all over the globe from Iceland to UK and got some confirmation on the same.

There were TWO ships which were named BELGAUM, yes the ships were named Belgaum but experts in Shipping history said that, determination of a specific reason for the name was not historically available.

There are TWO ships which had the name Belgaum one was a steam tug and another a Motor Tanker.

M.V.BELGAUM RE161 YEAR :- 1916 – vessel type Steam Tug
Vessel Name: Belgaum

Record Number: 1328
Resource Identifier: flod25052006060
Fishing Number: RE161
Type of Vessel: ST
Subsequent Names: Hofdaborg
Year Constructed: 1916

Constructed By: Cochrane & Sons Ltd
Constructed At: Selby
Gross Tons: 337
Length: 140.3 ft
Beam: 24.1 ft
Depth: 13.1 ft
Subsequent Owners: Hofdaborg h/f, Reykjavik
Date Scrapped: 1954/55

M.V.BELGAUM GY218 YEAR :- 1956 Type of Vessel – Motor Tanker

Vessel Name: Belgaum

Record Number: 601750
Resource Identifier: floh24072006005
Fishing Number: GY218
Type of Vessel: MT
Official Number: 184939
Previous Names: Prince Philip
Year Constructed: 1956
Constructed By: Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd
Constructed At: Beverley
Gross Tons: 577
Length: 165.4 ft
Beam: 30.3 ft
Depth: 15.3 ft
Engines: Mirlees Bickerton & Day, 1050 BHP, 13 knots
Owner / Manager: Iago Steam Trawling Co
Previous Owners: Abunda Fishing F & T Ross
Subsequent Owners: Dominion Fishing
Date Scrapped: 1979
Place Scrapped: Rainham, Kent

Now the biggest question why were these vessels named as Belgaum?
We could not find an answer do you know? Come on take a guess may be you are correct.

Angadi college dispute still in hanging

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In November 2009, the MLIRC officials had written to the district administration asking how permission was granted for the construction of the college without their consent.

The Suresh Angadi Education Foundation’s Angadi Institute of Technology and Management (AITM) have been built amidst a firing range on Survey No. 72/73, which lies in the danger zone in the “Baghdad-Asmara field firing ranges”. The said area has been notified as a firing range in the Karnataka Gazette notification of February 10, 1981.

The office of the Deputy Commissioner had granted permission for conversion of land purchased from private individuals. The land in question falls in an area notified the firing range. The permission for conversion of land for non-agricultural purpose was given on the condition that it (permission) would be withdrawn if there were any objection from the Indian Army.

The fact that the college has already commenced it is hard to believe how the college got permission to construct the same without the NOC from the MLIRC.

The letter which was given in November the DC, J Ravishankar in the past week said he will inspect the place and give his decision, but later sent Addl DC Mr.Torgal, Asst Commissioner & Tahshildar to visit the place along with MLIRC officials.

The District administration is asking were the MLIRC officials sleeping when the building was being constructed.
Mr. J Ravishankar who was supposed to give a reply suddenly went on a 10 day leave. Citizens are speaking how is that the DC went on a leave now only.

Still the site is a notified as a firing range under the Karnataka Gazette and hence any building on that site will be illegal.
It remains to be seen how things frame up here. Is the law same for all? The answer to which one will get in the time to come.
Source: The Hindu and inputs

Axe affect on RPD college road

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After a Great !dea of cutting trees to make way for better and bigger roads on Angol road, now its the turn of RPD college road to Patwardhan Layout road widening.

RPD colege road near Gomatesh school
The road was up for road widening a while and since yesterday the Axe is on the trees so that a road can be made and widened.

all these trees will be no more in a day

This road has a dense cluster of trees under which love stories and break ups have happened and these trees have been a witness to many such events.

But now all these trees will be history and under whose shade will the love bloom or break happen. This road is mostly flooded by college students and many enjoy the shade of trees to just chat on the latest movie or newbie around.

One og the chopped of tree

Axe affect

Development at a cost to nature, can we do something I dont know.

If we oppose the said tree cutting the wider roads will never happen.

What an !dea Sir je!!

Differently gifted children swimming a new life

1:54 PM Posted by ukmad

No longer are the children with disabilities left on hillside to perish like the days of Sparta, nor do they spend their lives in beds, hospitals. A great deal has changed not only in rehabilitation science but also the social climate has improved. New frontiers in realizing optimal health, wellness, and fitness are being accomplished through research, public policy, advocacy, technological advances, and training and program development. There have been changes in attitude, system, facilities, educational programmes, and school curriculum for the disabled people. The Governments and Non-Government Organisation world over are making endless efforts in this direction. The so called “disabled people” are rather considered “differently abled persons” or also as “differently gifted”. In fact, it is the society, which handicap them by depriving them form the opportunities that they require to lead their lives actively. They do not want any pity but need encouragement in their efforts to overcome the handicaps. The society should see what these people are left with and not what they have lost.

To Bring the disabled persons into mainstream of life requires offering them all possible opportunities, especially physical therapy, to improve their motor capacities. In this regard exercising inside water permits them, irrespective of the handicap, to move quite freely without calipers, sticks, cruches, or wheelchairs. Such an independent exercise programme through unhurting active routines in water is called Aquatherapy. It leads to immeasurable benefits and aims for ABILITY IN WATER as opposed to DISABILITY ON LAND. Aquathreapy emphasizes the prevention and treatment of neuro-muscular complications. It is also useful for those with back problems, joint reconstructions, arthritis, stress related injuries and sports injuries.

Blind by birth he is learning swimming

The Swimmers club and Aquarius club of Belgaum in association with the Rotary Club of Belgaum jointly organize free training camps for such differently abled children like Blind, physically handicapped, mentally retarded etc with the tittle” YES WE CAN”.
Here the children are taught to swim under the guidance of Umesh Kalghatgi, Kusane, Tendolkar and others. These noble people are doing this for many a years now and until today they have trained over 1000 children to swim and have got them into the main stream life.

Blind girl jumping of the platform

Once you see these children you think these are really special children but they cannot walk or talk or see as normal ones. But seeing the enthusiasm at the pool side was amazing. Imagine watching a 12 year old completely blind girl by birth jumping from a 10 feet platform with confidence, is amazing.

Furat & Zeba who hail from Kudachi, Raibag who are suffering from a rare disease and they need very special treatment due to their illness are now getting trained to swim and over come their physical disabilities.

Swayam Bandivadekar aged 5, who is mentally retarded has come here for training as the doctors said medicines wont cure him, so you should try out Aqua therapy.

There are many a success stories here, take Atesh Jadhav, who could not stand straight, after training here for three years he can now stand straight, see you straight in the eye and now he will be going to the aborad to participate in the swimming championship.

Sharad Kumbhar aged 8 years who is from Haveri is here with his parents to get trained and his parents told that they heard about this camp in a news channel and they have put themselves up here at a hotel so that they can get their son treated.

Moin Mustaque Junned, a native of Kudachi in Raibag taluk who has now settled in Belgaum, has been suffering with a rare disease of zero-bone calcium. Due to the delicate nature of his bones, he has hundreds of fractures all over his body. Moin neither could stand on his feet nor eat without someone’s help. Even a slight blow can result in another fracture. The doctors have suggested the family to take utmost care. He won gold medals in 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke. He has been trained here.

Zeba & Furat being trained

The training camp goes on for a period of 25 days and this time 150 children from the age group of 4 years to 14 years are participating. The organizers with the help of some good Samaritan make transport arrangements and also for the costumes of the children. A sum of Rs. One lakh is needed for a 25 days camp and all is arranged by the Aquaris club and Swimmers club with the help of some generous people.

Deaf & Dumb children warming up before getting into the pool

The children are not only trained by the experts but the elder children who have been trained here earlier take active part in training the new children.

After the one hour training all the children are given snacks after which they proceed back to their places of stay.

You Too Can Help !

Knowing your sensitivity to the disabled people the organizers sincerely appeal to you to kindly come forward and extend your full support to such a noble cause :

By introducing the program to some other organizations with similar aims and objects.

By suggesting new means and methods for the treatment of disability through movement education.

By helping to make a sound financial footing and serve the needy better by executing it’s plans.

You can contact: Umesh Kalghatgi – 9448187333 or Prasad Tendolkar – 9845429093.

Sambra airport was commissioned in 1942 by RAF

1:04 PM Posted by ukmad

It has been over a year now that the Sambra(IXG) Belgaum airport is being lying un-utilized for commercial flights. The airport has been or its terminal has been upgraded recently and run way will be expanded in some time. Lets see at its glorifying history.

Time line:

1942- The Royal Air Force (RAF) established its base at Sambra

1947- Indian Airlines commenced its operations from here

1989- Private airline operators given permission

1989-93- Vayudoot Private carrier flew from here

1993-95- East West Airways Also took off from here

1994-96- NEPC Commenced its operations

1997-98- Span Airways

1998-99- Gujrat Airways

2003-09- Air Deccan (Kingfisher Red)

Night landing facility available with Popy lights and Dopler war.

Runway is 1432 metres in length and 43 meter wide

The Sambra airport dates back to 1942, when it was under the Patwardhan Sarkar of Sangli. The Patwardhan Sarkar gave permission for establishing the air base at Sambra to the Royal Air Force (RAF) in late 1942.

In 1947 Belgaum was sole city with an airport. In 1986 the airports was privatized and then later given over to the Airports authority of India. Indian Airlines had regular service from here but in late 1980's it got dis continued and in 1989 private players like Vayudoot started operations with the Belgaum – Mumbai and Belgaum- Bangalore services.

1993-95 East west airlines flew from here and in 1994 NEPC also started operations. In 1997-98 Span Airways had its operations from here. IN 1998 Gujrat airways commenced its operations on Bangalore Belgaum Pune route but due to lack of traffic and technical reasons its stopped its operations. In 1999 air services from Sambra stopped completely.

After 1999 till 2003 the airport was being utlised by politicians and the Air force for training with no commercial flights.

In 2003 Air Deccan the low cost airline started its operations and Belgaum was back on the radar. Service was commenced on 29 September 2003 with the Mumbai – Bangalore service via Belgaum. Later due to lack of traffic only Belgaum – Bangalore service was in operation.

This airport also acted as a base during the Goa liberation movement in 1961.

Shree Renuka Sugars acquires Eqiupav Group in Brazil

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Belgaum based Shree Renuka Sugars is on a acquiring spree and today have finalized on a major second acquisition in Brazil of Eqiupav.

The deal is of the size of Rs.1500 crores and will be funded by internal accruals, warrants and debt.

It Outbid Hong Kong based Noble group in the deal.

Shree Renuka Sugars is a Belgaum based company with Murkumbi as its promoters with its registered office at Camp.
Source: Bloomberg

Belgaum Panjim NH4A expansion on its way

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Halga Cross to Anmod Goa Border – 84 kms road

Part of connecting Goa with Hyderabad via Belgaum (Halga cross)

Halga cross to Peeranwadi bypass of 11 kms

The most awaited road project which will help Belgaum in a great manner will be the Belgaum Panjim NH4A expansion and widening it to 4 lanes.

The NHAI has issued advertisements ion local papers to all the land owners and farmers on the route and has issued notices to them to get their objections if any, and the objections have to be filed in 21 days.

In total 33lakhs 94 thousand 729 sq mtrs of land will be acquired for the 4 laning of the road.

Out of 547 survey numbers advertised for acquisition 49 as government and remainder belong to private.

Farmers and land owners of Halga, M Vadgaon, Machhe, Mazgaon, Zadshaour, Desur, Angol, Peeranwadi will get affected. The road will also be going through Khanapur and Supa Talukas.

The 4 laning of road from Goa to Karnataka border has already begun and once this other stretch is ready Goa can be reached in a short time may be under two and half hours.(151 kms)

Work to begin will require at least another 3-4 months as compensation will have to paid and all other formalities will have to be completed. But as the process has been started, it should be a sigh of relief.

MSRTC Volvo service from Pune to Bangalore

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Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) has introduced its ‘Shivneri’ Volvo AC bus service between Pune and Bengaluru from Thursday.

The bus will depart from MSRTC’s Swargate depot at 5.30 pm daily and will reach Bengaluru next day at 8.45 am.

Worst part you cannot book tickets on-line and the website mentions that one can alight at Belgaum but cannot board. This must be specific to on line booking only. Also I was unable to get the timings the bus would come arrive at Belgaum. One more fault I could not book a return ticket from Bangalore to Pune or Belgaum. Anyways people wishing can book it online here .

The same bus will leave Bengaluru for Pune at 6.15 pm and reach here next morning at around 9.30 am.

The one-way journey from Pune to Bengaluru, which would cover Kolhapur-Kagal-Belgaum-Dharwad-Hubli-Haveri-Harihar-Davangiri-Chitradurg-Tumkur stations, would cost Rs 900 per passenger.

Blankets, mineral water and newspaper will be provided free of cost to the passengers to make their journey more comfortable.

Heat is on

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Its just over 15 days in February and the heat is on in Belgaum.

The maximum temperatures have seen a sudden rise of 5 Deg.

See the graphs for details.

Max temperature is now 35 and minimum is above 20.
At this time of the year this is above normal by 4 degrees.

This is just the beginning and we have the summer to still set in.

The sales of Fans in the past few days have increased many folds. With HESCOM continuing its hide and seek game of power supply people will be put face the heat to a greater extent.

Belgaum Trivia 7

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Here is the 7th Quiz.

Click here for Quiz Questions

Movies as on 19-02-2010

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Theater Movie Timings
Big Cinemas My name is Khan 12,3.15,6.30,9.45pm

Toh Baat Pakki 12.45,3.45

Click 6.45,9.30pm
Nirmal Ram (K) 12.15pm,3.15,6.15,9.15

Huns Morya (K) 12,3,6,9
Roopali 3 Idiots 12.15,3,6,9
Balkrishna Click 12.30,3.30,6.30

The Wolfman 9.30pm
Chitra Porki (K) 12,3,6,9
Swaroop Kedi (T) 12.15,3.15,6.15,9.15

Hira toh Baat Pakki 12,3,6,9
Prakash Maat Maatalli (K) 12.15,3.15,.615,9.15
Nartaki My name is Khan 12,3,6,9
Santosh Aaptrakhsak(K) 12.15,3.15,6.15,9.15
Kindly check the exact timings with the theaters

Belgaum based Harshad gives a new way to tweet with tDash

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tDash is a Browser-Based Dashboard for Twitter.

Twitter is the most talked about site by even the media, and how can AAB get left behind. From Lalit Modi to Sashi Tharoor all make their comments on twitter. Day is not far when Pranab Babu will make his budget presentation on twitter. (eg. No tax hikes for this current fiscal other than a 20% increase in excise and direct taxes)

tDash has been developed by Belgaum based Harshad Joglekar who wanted to tweet but in a easy manner and not in the regular Twitter format. And the best thing this gentleman is part of the ITBelgaum initiative.
The developers of tDash designed it to look similar to that of the Google Reader interface.
The key features of such an interface are:
The ability to mark tweets as read, and thus to narrow down the user’s attention to tweets that are as yet unread.
Sort incoming tweets into nice folders automatically
In-line expansion of conversations!
Support for Twitter lists
Automatic URL shortening via
Ability to upload images.
Plus it has Keyboard shortcuts to make it fun and easy to use and is safe because it allows you to sign in using the OAuth. No need to give out your password. It is great too that you will not be required to install any software it is web based.
So if you are looking for a new tool to use, try it out and let us know what you think.
It's an experiment, an attempt, to take Google Reader's organizational ability and apply it to Twitter.
It has been designed for Tweeple who continuously read Twitter. Developers have strove for a minimalistic design and for ease of use. There are keyboard shortcuts for just about everything; no more frequent lunges at the poor mouse.
It is entirely web-based. No need to install anything. For that matter, no need to uninstall anything if you get bored of it.
Apart from these there are many little gems hidden in tDash, such as,
  • Mark a tweet as Read. As soon as you select a tweet it gets marked as read and then it magically gets out of your waythe next time you view that folder. (If you still want to read it again, there is an option for that).
  • Support for Twitter Lists. It's a great way to organise them tweeple. Too big to explain here.
  • Login via Oauth. Play safe. Enough said.
  • URL shortening.

Keyboard shortcuts

Here is a quick reference to the keyboard shortcuts available to you. What squeak? Oh yes, that was your mouse sighing a relief.




Select next unread tweet. If nothing to select in current folder, jumps to next folder

n,N,j or J

Select next tweet

p,P,k or K

Select previous tweet

s, S

Enter / edit your status

r, R

Reply to currently selected Tweet

f, F

Mark currently selected Tweet as favourite

t, T

Retweet the currently selected Tweet

u, U

Update (fetch new tweets)

A small Interview with the developer Harshad Joglekar:
What really inspired you to make this app?

Call me selfish, but I am most inspired by ideas that directly solve some problem affecting me. Of course, in the process, I also hope that the idea solves a similar problem that others might have and hence serve a wider audience. The idea for tDash followed the same pattern.

2009 was the year that Twitter became really popular outside its early-adopter circle. I was hooked immediately after trying it for few days. The best thing about Twitter is that it is quick and easy, and it forces you to write short, succinct messages (max 140 chars), unlike other social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook and the latest one on the radar, Google Buzz.
As I used Twitter more I realized that it would be more useful if messages (or Tweets as they are popularly called) would be organized in some way rather than as a long flat list.
tDash is a result of my experiment with that problem.

You have a out of the box thinking, what do you eat or drink for that?

Do I think out of the box? Now that you mention, perhaps I do have that tendency.. But hey, I can't reveal what I eat or drink for that. I will be lynched at home!
I do like to read a lot of books, both fiction and non-fiction, classics as well as page-turners, especially humor. Perhaps that provides some food for thought :)
Oh, and one more thing. I have a lot of interest in observational astronomy. Apart from the great time we have on field trips which we call star parties, I think it also shapes a person's perspective.

This app looks good but what about monetization?

I develop tDash as hobby project. Other than my time it doesn't cost much to keep the service running. So, I am not worried about monetization at this stage.
Ad based revenues is an obvious option to monetize but I think it is tricky to keep the user experience intact with Ads.

Who else has helped you develop this app?

Mayank S, has helped me with coding the client side of the app. His contributions are available as open-source here:
Apart from that, I get a lot of ideas and feedback from users of tDash themselves.

What are your future plans?

Converting some ideas that I have into products (mainly software), and in the process, helping solve some problems that the common man encounters. And having a good time along the way.
There is one idea already in the pipeline, but I can't talk about it until it's completely ready.