What is this

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What and Where is this building seen in the picture below.
This small Mosque ( Jamia Masjid) which was earlier a Jain or Shiva temple. The Jamia Masjid, dated 1585-86, was built by Sher Khan.
This mosque is just 50 meters away from the ruined Shiva temple. It has still got many of its inner walls with Jain or Shiva scripts and the king was unable to remove all the art work inside the temple as he did for Safa masjid, which was also earlier a Shiva temple. No one is allowed entry into this as it is under ASI.

The fort has two mosques or masjids, namely the Safa Masjid and Jamia Masjid; the former mosque is the most frequented by the Muslim population of the city of Belgaum. Safa masjid was completed in 1519 by Asad Khan Lari (testified by the Persian inscription). The Mosque's pillars have exquisite inscriptions in a fusion of Nagari and Persian styles. It is also said that two of the pillars here are from Hindu temples and have Kannada inscriptions in Nagari scripts; one pillar dated to 1199 AD is credited to Ratta King Kartaveerya IV and the other pillar dated to 1261 AD is credited to Sevuna (Yadava) Krishna.
 With so much history near us we are not aware of this. Seeing the current condition of this monument our future generations will have to only see it on AAB.
With inputs from Bramhanand Chipre: http://kamalbasti.blogspot.com/

Ruined Shiv Temple in the Fort

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Not many know this but there was old Shiv Temple in the Fort near the Military Training area. The same as been taken over by the ASI in 2008-09 and they have upgraded it with new doors.

Ruined Shiva Temple

This Shiva temple was built in 12th century.
There were 108 Jain temples and 101 Shiva temples in the fort and the fort was built after demolishing many of these temples luckily 5 were spared out of which 2 are mosques now and 2 Jain temples and 1 Shiva temple.(the current photos)

But the present condition of the temple is worse. When AAB tried to access the temple for the photos the gate was locked and with grass up to a feet high it was not advised by passers by to enter the premises as they said it will have snakes.

Entrance to the temple with all grass

So team AAB entered from the rear side and took the pics and the temple from inside looked completely empty.
The ASI board is visible on one side of this temple, but lack of interest will make this ruined temple into ruins again.
ASI should take proper care and not juts put a board at the site.
With inputs from Bramhanand Chipre - http://kamalbasti.blogspot.com/

Siddeshwar temple Kanbargi

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About 10 kms from the city centre lies Kanbargi (after Auto Nagar) and on atop a hill is a shrine “Siddheshwar Temple”. From the name it is the temple of Lord Shiva built in some sort of cave in the middle of a small hill.


As seen from KHB layout

Map mentioning the temple route at KHB layout

The place is accessible by road till the end from where one has to climb about 50 steps to go to the top. The place is quite pleasent and beautification works are going on like a garden, a small area with slides etc.

Stairs towards the temple. To climb up use the one on the Right

Entrance to the main shrine

The main shrine

Hall of the shrine is like a cave

View of the Belgaum city from the top

How to go there:

Go to Auto Nagar – Tata power Plant
Take a right next to Tata power plant and go straight
Then later go through a smal street and then take a Left and reach the Karnataka housing board layout.
Go straight you will find a board follow it
Distance: About 10 kms from Chenamma circle
How to go: own vehicle
All Photos: UkMaD

Belgaums Sarang Kulkarni in the finals of TV reality show Gurukul

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Son of Belgaum Sarang Kulkarni, part of the Surmai Solapur team on the Saam TV reality show Gurukul has made it to the finals of the show. The finals will be held on 4th July 2010.

Sarang along with Pt.Hridaynath Mangeshkar on the sets of Gurukul
 The show is aired from Mon - Thu, 9 pm Gurukul - Maharashtra’s Music School.

Sarang (bottom Middle) along with his team mates

Sarang is a child prodigy and has gained immense knowledge from his father from age of four. Sarang is masters in Management and holds a degree of Sangeet Visharad from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, Mumbai and presently is perusing M.A. in Harmonium.
 AAB has already featured this upcoming maestro along with his father in October 2009, have a look here.

 About the Show:
GURUKUL is India’s First Vocal and Instrumental Talent Hunt show on a Regional Channel.
An action packed format – 128 Participants, 8 Teams, Bids and Auctions, 8 Franchisees, 8 Celebrity Gurukul Motivators performing with their teams, 8 Gurus to Lead – all to make 56 enthralling episodes.
With an exclusive entry format, the best of trained singers, trained instrument players and born singer have been selected, promising quality entertainment, for ears and hearts.
Eight regions will form the teams – Pune, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Nashik, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Konkan and Solapur.

AAB celebrates 3239 fans in one year on Facebook

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May this is time for celebration or re thinking.
AllAboutBelgaum launched its Facebook page on June 21, 2009 and in one year we have 3239 people aboard.

To many this not be big number but for us at AAB it is. It is the number of people who have come aboard a site and stay in touch with their home town Belgaum.
At AAB we take this opportunity to THANK each and everyone of those 3239, till date and all who will join in, Thank you very much for your support.
AAB would be THREE year old in about an month, this has been a memorable journey with you all.
Thanks Facebook as well.

Identify these churches

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These oldie classics were found by Sahir Kittur, but we could not determine the year of the photos.
Photo 1 This one was easy St.Mary's church Camp

Identify this Church 1

Photo 2
THE FORT CHURCH (this no more exists)
– called Christ Church was 112 ft long with a pleasing interior, built in 1833 and contained several monuments and memorial windows. The church front was in black marble. Its apse was designed by General Merriman R.E. to commemorate the services of Mr. Charles James Mason, of the Bombay Civil Service, who when Acting Political Agent, South Maratha Country, was murdered by the chief of Nargund in 1858. The Apse and Memorial window at the east of the church were erected by Mason’s friends in affectionate memory of his public worth. Of the 6 other tablets, 1 is to Lieutenant W.P.Shakespeare, A.P.Campbell & Ensign W.Caldwell who fell in Kolhapur and Savantvadi insurrection in 1844.

Identify this Church 2

BJP protests on fuel price hike

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After the fuel price hike the BJP (south) did a protest at Govaves. MLA South Abhay Patil, Sahsikant Naik were present.

Petrol & diesel prices

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Petrol will cost Rs. 57.35 per liter and Diesel will cost Rs.42.06 per liter.
The current prices were prevailing to similar levels in 2008, see the history price image for more insights.

Vishwa Kannada Sammelan in February 2011

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The second Vishwa Kannada Sammelan will be more than a show of culture and has been planned to be held for 3 days in Belgaum in February 2011. This year's Sammelan was postponed due to floods.
Government has earmarked Rs. 10 crore in budget; it has promised to release Rs. 20 crore more.
The sammelan will be a meeting place for successful non-resident Kannadigas in various parts of the world. There is a plan to honour the people of Karnataka origin who have made it big outside the State and abroad, B.R. Jayaramaraje Urs Secretary, Kannada and Culture said in Mysore.
Apart from sessions on literature and heritage, issues connected to the status of Kannada and development of the State would figure in the meet.

Electoral rolls revision

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Individuals who have attained the age of 18 as on January 1, 2010 can enroll their names in the electoral rolls before July 6.

The district administration has taken up revision of voters' list since June 21. This exercise is to facilitate new voters to register their names and to enable registered voters to rectify errors (if any).

The new voters are required to apply in Form No. 6 to register their names in the voters' list, use Form No. 7 to rectify errors and Form No. 8 for deletion of the name and 8A for transfer of the name from existing polling station to the other.

Movies as on 25-06-2010

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Theater Movie Timings
Big Cinemas Raavan 12.30,3.15,6.30,9.30

Raajneeti 3.3

The A Team 10,12.45,6.45,9.45
Inox Chandan Raajneeti 12,5.45,8.45

Raavan 12.30,3.30,6.30,9.15

Hapus(Marathi) 3.15

The Karate Kid (E) 1.45
Nirmal Hu (K) 12.15pm,3.15,6.15,9.15
Huns Target (Marathi) 12.15,3.15,6.15,9.15
Arun Closed for Renovation
Roopali Nanu Nanna Kanasu (K) 12.15,3,6,9
Balkrishna 2022 Tsunami 12.30,3.30,6.30,9.30pm
Chitra Krishan Love story 12.15,3.15,6.15,9.15
Swaroop Tirth 12.30,3.15,6.30,9.30
Hira Raajneeti 6,9

Housefull 12.15,3.15
Prakash Pund(Kannada) 12,3,6,9
Nartaki Raavan 3.15,6.15,9.15

The A Team (H) 12
Santosh Tamssu(K) 12.15,3.15,6.15,9.15
Kindly check the exact  timings with the theaters

I am helpless kindly bear with me

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“Thousands of people come to me and travel to their destinations day in and day out. For so many years I am helping the rural folks come to city and vice a versa. May it be Monsoons or Summers for me it does not really matter. I am always there to serve each and everyone.
When I was made years back I was the main landmark people used to assign to. But now things have changed, with time passing by my importance to some extent has been ablated. Blame it on my owners or people running the show.
Do you know by now who I am? I am CBT, Central Bus stand.
Many plans were made for my revival but nothing concrete has happened with me. Very lately on this very site I had read that NWKRTC had planned to revamp me completely and tenders were floated in 2009 but Nobody came forward bid for my development on BOT basis.

The BOT plan

The plan was to develop a shopping complex within my premises and build a new terminal building. The shops in the building would be let out for 30 years, and I guess this was the reason why no one came forward for my development, as all thought that a 30 year period is not enough to get the return on investment.
A new BOT plan is being developed let us see if there are any takers for this at least or no.
 Today I am with the same space and area and handling more passengers and buses than I can handle which is causing a lot of jams within my area itself. Belgaum has grown many a folds but I have not grown, I am still the same built years ago.
Buses coming in and going out is such a great exercise that it takes more than 20 minutes for buses to just leave from the platform as the space is not enough for buses to turn and wait.
Many of my cousins in Hubli and Dharwad who were shifted to newer locations were not received properly by the citizens, hence even my shifting was dropped.
Some other plans were also made earlier to shift me to a new bigger location on the outskirts but that too never happened. Not much care is being taken currently as my owners say I would have to go one day, I am so helpless when I see women and children alighting from the bus in the rains and they have no shed as well. The road within is also full of pot holes which causes a lot of hardships.
About 1500+ two wheelers are parked everyday and even this space is now not sufficient for parking and commuters there as well are not happy with me.
As of today only a few new boards have been put at many places but by doing just this I wont be happy.
What can I do?
With time and increase in population I need to grow but that has not happened. The government should look at me and take steps to improve my status so that more and more people travel safely to their destinations and also the state gets the money.
Till something is done to improve me I am helpless, kindly bear with me.”
- Central Bus Stand.

Glamor at Nandana Makkala Dhama

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It was a bit of surprise to the 30 plus kids at the Nandana Makkala Dham in the city, when Kannada heroine and “Mangaru Male” fame Pooja Gandhi visited them recently. The actress was in town for launching of a acting school during which she took out time and visited these children who are HIV positives and have no one to look after them.

Pooja meeting the children

 The actress mixed up with the children and gifted them a rose each to which all the children were thrilled and joyous. Pooja Gandhi spoke to a few there and also spoke to the people running this orphanage.
Mahantesh R Mali & Mahesh who were present there told her the entire tale of the children from which areas and in what conditions they were brought here. Pooja Gadhi was very touched and she said that she knows a few NGO's in Bangalore and she will help these children in whatever way she can.
As soon as she reached Bangalore she got in touch with a few NGO's there and now has called the representatives for a meeting in Bangalore on Friday.
 Mahantesh R Mali told this blog that the building in which they are currently housed has been sold and now they on the look out for a new place for these children.
 About Nandana Makkala Dhama :
Nandana Makkala Dhama is an initiative of staff of Spandana Network with Mr.Mahantesh R Mali at the helm of affiars. The staffs of the Spandana Network decided to start an orphan home for the HIV positive children feeling their needs in the district. The staffs contributed their one month salary for this noble cause.
Read the complete story on Nandana Makkala Dhama.

History of circles

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There are so many circles and many newly named, but here is why some of the old ones are called so.

Ashok Circle Near Fort

 Dharmveer Sambhaji Chowk
Dharmveer Sambhaji Maharaj were staying at the Shambhu Jatti Math during the time of Goa liberation movement. He went to Goa from here only hence the name, Dharmveer Sambhaji Chowk.
 Hemu Kalani Circle (Bhandur Galli – Tahshildar Galli corner)
The circle is named after Hemu Kalani who was hanged by the British. Born in 1924 he was hanged to death by British Commander Lord Richardson in 1943.
On 23-10-1942 Hemu with his friends decided to blow up the train filled with Bristish army men. For that they were removing the fish plates when they were caught. In memory of his great sacrifice for the nation the circle is named after him.

Mallappa Dhanshetti circle ( Ganpat Galli – Khade Bazar Corner)
During the Marshal law imposed at the time of freedom struggle in Solapur, the Collector was caught in mob and Mallappa Dhanshetti saved the collector from the mob but eventually he was hanged to death in May 1930.

Zhenda Chowk (Market)
This is main market (Onion market) in the city where during the freedom struggle and later many political stalwarts have come and spoken and awakened the people to fight against all odds. The Tri color was hoisted in this circle, hence the name Zhenda (Flag) circle.

Azhar ali Mansoor circle (Kacheri road to Grass Market )
Named after the freedom fighter Azhar ali Mansoor.

Kittur Rani Chennamma Circle
Earlier this was known as Rex Talkies Ganpati Circle, after the states reorganization, it was renamed as Kittur Rani Chennamma Circle.

Subhash Chandra circle ( Sheri Galli corner)
Named after Subhash Chandra Bose, this circle was named so by Late. Mr.Mandagi who resided in Anantshyan Galli.

Ganesh Chowk (First Gate)
During the Freedom struggle this particular circle had the Sarwajanik Ganesh festival, hence the name.

Hutatma Circle (Kaveri Cold drinks)
To pay homage to all the people who laid down their lives for the freedom of the country, this circle is named as Hutatma circle and also a monument stands at the circle.

Samyukta Maharashtra Chowk (Khade Bazar Ramdev Galli Corner)
This circle was originally named as Pt.Jawaharlal Nehru circle but as all the meetings of the Sanyukta Maharashtra agitation took place here it was renamed as Samyukta Maharashtra Chowk.

Nargundkar Bhave Chowk ( Maruti Galli – Raviwar Peth corner )
Babasahed Nargundkar of Nargund took and active part in the freedom struggle. He fought hard with the British and was hanged.

Basveshwar Circle (Govaves)

Rajendra Prasad Circle ( Samadevi Galli Corner)
This circle was earlier known as “Bhajji” circle as Mr.Keshkamat of Saraf Galli used to make some lip smacking Bhajji's every evening. Later when Rajendra Prasad become the president of India, it was renamed.

Gogte Circle (Railway Station – congress road- over bridge)
This circle was earlier known as “Jalke” Bunglow corner later RaoShaeb Gogte donated money for its renovation and then it was renamed.

Tilak Chowk (Ramling Khind Galli – Anantshyan Galli corner)
Lokmanya Tilak started the Savrajanik Ganesh festival in Raviwar Peth and he commenced his journey from this circle, hence the name.

Bhagat Singh Circle (Shani temple)

Krantisinh Nana Patil Circle ( Chavat Galli)

MadanMohan Malviya Circle (Kaktives circle)

Karnatak Circle (other side Fort Road)

Monsoon takes a break

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Not much relief from this picture
The much awaited monsoons as said by the met department did come a day or to late but after the first blood, monsoons have a taken a good break for about three days where there has been very less rains in the city.
The current forecast for the next 2-3 days is also not so heartening, where met department forecasts of isolated rain in interior Karnataka.
Normally Belgaum receives about 99 mm of rains in month of June but we have not come near that figure this year.
Temprature also has risen due to this and today it was 26 deg. Celcius.
Less rainfall will be a cause of worry for the farmers as if the rain does not come in the next few days, they might have to re sow.
The monsoons hasnt reached the northern part of India and they are facing the heat with tempratures reaching 48 deg in Rajasthan.
Pray to the lord Monsoons comes back..
“Ye re Ye re Pausa, Tula Deto Paisa ........”

Two day job fair in Belgaum

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Wipro BPO Solutions Ltd, the BPO division of Wipro India & Belgaum Leadership Academy, an institute providing high quality management education recently announced the launch of an Authorized Training Partner program for the benefit of the job aspirants in Belgaum District. The program intends to expand the resource pool of graduates and undergraduates available in the marketplace through an extended training intervention.
 Job Fair: 21st and 22nd June 2010
 Time: 10.00-17.30
 Address: Belgaum Leadership Academy, Kalasannavar Farms, Teachers Colony, Khasbag, Belgaum
 Contact: 9611406979 (Sameer Majali)
Final year students of any stream may apply — provided they are aged between 18 and 45 and possess good English communication skills.
An orientation session will be on June 21.
 Belgaum Leadership Academy:
 The Belgaum Leadership Academy is dedicated to the cause of imparting Management Education to students in Belgaum District since 2004. The institute has gained considerable repute for the innovative teaching interventions which include 24 & 48 hr marathon sessions and extensive corporate interactions. BLA is proud to have faculty with a great amount of industrial and teaching experience. Together with the in-house faculty they ensure the all round development of the students.
 The Authorized Training Partner program addresses this need for skilled resources by providing training related to interviews and an understanding of the work culture and processes at Wipro BPO. The prospective candidates are assessed by a preliminary interview and those eligible for direct hire by Wipro are given the opportunity to attend the interviews conducted at the BLA campus. The candidates found wanting with reference to the requirements for the said interview and job are provided Free Training at the BLA Campus and subsequently given the interview opportunity.
 The training is provided by well qualified and experienced trainers on an eco-friendly campus conducive to learning. The customized training program addresses the shortfalls of the conventional process of education and improved the communication skills, analytical skills and interpersonal skills of individuals. It gears them up for a progressive, exciting and lucrative career with Wipro.

Belgaum Mehboobnagar road to be upgraded

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4,900 KM of state highways to national highways are to upgraded and The Union Ministry of Surface Transport has given its approval.
In Karnataka, five roads have been identified for up-gradation out of which Belgaum-Mehboobnagar (330 KM) is also in the list.
Other roads include Bidar-Srirangapatna, Bangalore-Gouribidnur,Tadas-Shimoga and Kumta-Anantapur.

Belgaum runs for development

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BelgaumNext organized Run for Development mini marathon was held today in the city. Numerous Belgaumites both young and old were there for the cause of the city. From the 88 year old Chougule to a 3 year old Urvi all were running for a better Belgaum.

88 year young Belgaumite

I want more playgrounds

The Run was flagged off by Shri Anil Potdar from Chennamma Circle.
The skaters were leading the run with the very young skaters setting an example. After them were the veterans above 60 who have run many marathons.
Many corporates had also sent in their teams for the run. In all it was a successful run to make a beginning.

Corporate participation

Limbo skaters

Anil Potdar addressing

Flag off

This kid ran all the way, Way to Go

This special child ran the whole marathon
About BelgaumNext:

Belgaum Next is a people’s endeavour to bridge the gap between good and bad governance on the strength of an open citizen’s platform and is steered by passionate people from across Industry, government, academia and other organizations. The platform stands for one voice that is focused on one agenda: the all round development of our city. Where every voice has weight and no idea is considered too small.