Siddeshwar temple Kanbargi

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About 10 kms from the city centre lies Kanbargi (after Auto Nagar) and on atop a hill is a shrine “Siddheshwar Temple”. From the name it is the temple of Lord Shiva built in some sort of cave in the middle of a small hill.


As seen from KHB layout

Map mentioning the temple route at KHB layout

The place is accessible by road till the end from where one has to climb about 50 steps to go to the top. The place is quite pleasent and beautification works are going on like a garden, a small area with slides etc.

Stairs towards the temple. To climb up use the one on the Right

Entrance to the main shrine

The main shrine

Hall of the shrine is like a cave

View of the Belgaum city from the top

How to go there:

Go to Auto Nagar – Tata power Plant
Take a right next to Tata power plant and go straight
Then later go through a smal street and then take a Left and reach the Karnataka housing board layout.
Go straight you will find a board follow it
Distance: About 10 kms from Chenamma circle
How to go: own vehicle
All Photos: UkMaD


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