Racing for a social cause

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From The Hindu: Bullock cart racing continues to
be popular in
Belgaum district

Belgaum: Bullock cart racing continues to be a popular event in villages in Belgaum district.
Festive atmosphere sets in the villages playing host to this traditional sporting event as the entire village comes out to witness the thrilling races. The event attracts people from nearby villages and towns.
The district is now witnessing a series of bullock cart races. The annual event normally starts after monsoon.
What sets apart these races is the event is only recreation to farmers but also serves a social cause as the proceeds from the events are spent on development works.
The races are conducted in the name of deities. The names of owners and racers are also registered in the name of their village deities.
But there is a flip side to it. The organisers are oblivious to the ban on such events involving animals. It is considered cruelty to animals. The animals are beaten with sticks and reportedly smeared with chilli powder. However, farmers deny such reports.
The three-day bullock cart race organised by Sri Kalmeshwar Devasthan Trust, Mannur, and supported by several nearby villages, culminated with thrilling finals on Thursday.
The race was organised to fund construction of the first floor of the “Bhakt Nivas” (guest house for devotees) in Pandharpur in Maharashtra, according to Rajendra Jain, president of the trust.
The organisers had announced 21 cash prizes, Rs. 7,001 for the first prize winner, Rs. 5,001 and Rs. 4,001 for the second and third prize winners respectively in main event that had an entry fee of Rs. 601.
The participants have to cover 2,100 feet in one minute.
Ramakrishna Hariprasanna of Chota Kangarli, Jyotiba Mahadeve Chougale of Mannur and Om Swami Sharnedraprasanna of Neginal won the first, second and third place, respectively.
In the Lahaan Gat category, Sri Siddeshwarprasanna of Kudnur, Sri Jyotirlingprasanna of Mutga and Balappa Yellappa Sindagai of Samarguddi bagged the first three places.

Pre paid Autos may start from 3rd Dec 2007

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I had written this in the month of september.

Now it seems again after some deliberations it has been decided that the autos in Belgaum will charge by Meter, Wow.

The Prepaid auto booth will start from 3rd December and the autos will start charging by meter by the 10th December.
The minimum fare is Rs.12 and Rs.6 per km later.
The prepaid auto booth will take Re.1 as service charge and the same will be operated by the Association of the physically handicapped.
Hope this time atleast it works.

We the Belgaumites

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taken from our Associate Blog
Dear Friends
The following extracts are from Newindpress, What I am seeing is the Karnataka govt take some good initiative for we Belgaumites irrespective of being either Kanaada or Marathi, must be welcomed.
6 new Marathi medium DEd collages is a welcome gesture news but why not our district representative (local politicians) who had taken language divede as a major issue than development are not understanding this.
Belgaum deserve still more, I remember in 1986 when the bus boards of CBT used to be in Kannada Marathi and English and route number use to be in middle. the inegrity of Belgaumites is more important then language and if Belgaum develop its we the Belgaumites to get benefit of it.

At present, the district has 11 Marathi D.Ed colleges and the government has sanctioned 6 more for Marathi medium. The total number of students from Marathi D.Ed colleges would be 1380 for every two years. However, over the last three years the government has provided job opportunities only to 350 students. The Urdu medium D.Ed students are also sailing in the same boat.

The input of each college is 50 students out of, which 25 seats are being filled by government and 25 are from management quota. However, the private managements, which have opted for the D.Ed colleges, are not able to get the students as there is a sudden decrease in the number of students seeking admission, due to more number of colleges in the district

Saturday was the Coldest one!!!

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24th November Saturday recorded teh lowest temprature of this season of 9.4 deg. C.
The cold is getting colder day by day.

Police had nexus with Shintre gang

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From Express News Service:
DGP K R Srinivasan disclosed that four police officials working under the jurisdiction of Belgaum IGP range had a nexus with supari killer Praveen Shintre. The names of the culprit officials would be announced in a week, he said.

Addressing a news conference here on Thursday, DGP K R Srinivasan agreed that there was a nexus between the police and supari killer gang. Action as per the law will be initiated against the culprits who had encouraged and supported Shintre gang, he said. Shintre gang was involved in underworld activities and contract killing.
Sheetal Chougule Murder Case:
A 422 pages charge sheet has been filed in the Court by the police in the Sheetal Chougule Murder Case involving her husband and 7 others as accused. Now the people are just awaiting the hearing of the case to start and the killers get the quantum punishment, but for that how many years will pass by God only knows.

One dies in road accident, Opposition for under bridge

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 V.R. Kulkarni, aged about 50, who was working in the PWD, was killed on the spot after a truck ran over him on College Road near Rani Chennamma Circle on Wednesday. A truck brushed the Kinetic Nova of dead and he fell down and came under the rear tyre of the truck.


The much-awaited under bridge at the Bhandur Galli corner has fallen into dispute, as the owners really don't how the said under bridge will be built. They complained that at the time of Master plan still a few have to get the rehabilitation money still and now with this proposal they will loose the reaming house or shop. On Tuesday officials of the Corporation and the railways visited the site and were faced with stiff opposition by the public for building the under bridge. The people are unaware as to from where the bridge will start whose all buildings will be demolished.

Fire @ Allmen Khade Bazar

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A fire broke out at the Allmen shop in Khade Bazar at 12pm on Monday. The basement caught fire and initial reports suggest the cause as a spark in the generator. Estimated is loss is stated to be about Rs.30 lakhs. No human loss or injury was reported. Two fire fighters reported to the spot in 10 minutes and brought the fore under control.

Under Bridge on Kapileshwar Road: Dream Coming True?

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Passing through the Kapileshwar Road railway Crossing must have been a night mare for most of Belgaumites, especially when the Gate is closed for the Railway to pass.

After years of representation by various organisations at last the plan has been cleared and Rs.15 Crores have been sanctioned for the under bridge there and an over bridge on the Sambra route.

Now we just hope the work starts soon and we can go under the rail line with out stopping for the train to pass. Hope this dream comes true soon.

Belgaum Railway Station New Plan

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Below is the new Layout and some changes suggested by Mr.Satish Kumar for the present Belgaum Railway Station. You at first may feel who is this guy making a layout and what difference will it make. Belgaumites, go ahead of this thinking this is our city we need to build it as we want it. Lets give it a try, if this plan is at least seen by the railway authorities it our success.
To read the full story Click here or

Two Hearts meet at last

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Taken from Express News Service

It was love that triumphed at last. The eight-year struggle the two love-struck hearts had waged with their hostile families and their faiths ended on Tuesday when the pair got married at a temple here.

Manjunath Yadhav, a jawan of Maratha Light Infantry Regimental Centre, Belgaum, tied the knot with Shabana Amirjan Taj, an Urdu teacher of Government Primary School, Bangalore, at the Maruti temple in the presence of hundreds of well-wishers and friends.

The marriage was conducted at the instance of Shree Ram Sena as per the Hindu tradition. Shabana was renamed Bhanupriya. Members of Shree Ram Sena, media persons and others we re present on the occasion.

Yadhav is from Bangalore, and he had a long-cherished dream of marrying Shabana. Their families belonging to different religions came in between the loving hearts.

After years of pain, anxiety and troubles, the duo decided to dump their families, and fled to Belgaum where Manju is posted.

I am Coming. Get all your Woolens out

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Yes, the much-expected cold is knocking at the doors of Belgaum. After Diwali the cold is gearing up to hit at us.

In the past two days, even at 8pm we can feel the cold wind and at around 2 am the cold is at its best. This is just the start with temperatures juts reaching around 14-18degrees Celsius. It normally comes down to 8-9 degrees Celsius in December. The cold can be felt more in suburbs than in the main city.

So friends get ready get out all those Woolens from those bags and let them breathe Cold Air. As I am writing this the temperature is 15 degrees Celsius.

now PVG to Pune

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Starting from today PVG has started Regular 2 by 1 buses daily to Pune.
Just one more way to reach Pune I Guess.

Let the Government seek a public mandate on Suvarna Vidhana Soudha

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From the DECCAN HERALD dt. 10 Nov.2007
Mushrooming of Soudhas: Modern blunders
By Gayathri Nivas
Let the govt ask Kannadigas and Marathi-speaking people of Belgaum if they want a roving Tuqhlak Durbar or development.
Speaking of modern blunders, the latest is the proposed Suvarna Vidhana Soudha at Belgaum. The previous H D Kumaraswamy Government promised to hold the winter session of the Karnataka Legislature in Belgaum every year and, hence, the plan for a permanent building. The foundation was laid at the 150-acre Tilakwadi Vaccine Depot site in Belgaum city on August 26, 2007. Tenders were called last week.

The reason for a seat of the legislature in Belgaum? To send a clear message to feuding neighbour Maharashtra that Belgaum is an integral part of Karnataka and also to alleviate the feeling of neglect among the people of Belgaum. Both these purposes should be served better through proper decentralisation of administration and devolution of funds rather than holding a brief legislature session.

On an average, the State legislature meets for 50 to 65 days in a year, divided into three sessions of varying duration depending on the business to be transacted. A State law stipulates that the legislature should sit for at least 60 days a year. The longest sitting of the State legislature so far was in 1972 for a period of 92 days.

As it is, the legislature wing of the Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore, excepting the sections housing the legislature secretariat, remain locked and barred for at least 300 days a year to uphold the sanctity of the premises.

Shifting the legislature to Belgaum lock, stock and barrel every winter would mean keeping the legislature infrastructure in Bangalore idling for another month or so while incurring needless expenditure on travel and dearness allowances of the staff and legislators.
Will the Government also create a parallel multistorey building, the hub of all top Government officers, in Belgaum for running the session? Have these costs been computed? Needless to say, politicians need not chip in the money. At best, it will be a winter holiday on tax payers' money.

Already, Rs 250 crore has been committed in the 2007-08 budget for Suvarna Vidhana Soudha. In fact, a wedge has been driven between the Kannadiga and Marathi speaking people of Belgaum, the former ostensibly being in support of the Vidhana Soudha plan, while the latter firmly oppose it citing the pending Supreme Court case pertaining to the border dispute between Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Maharashtra Ekikaran Samithi (MES) MLA from Uchgaon Manohar Kinekar says the MES will soon file a suit against disturbing  status quo in Belgaum. But the MES clout stands diminished with just two MLAs in the Assembly from seven to eight in the past. 

Admitting a mistake is tough and embarrassing for anyone, especially for a politician. But losing an election is even more unpleasant. Let the Government seek a public mandate on Suvarna Vidhana Soudha.
Now, to add to this we should also have a public mandate on which place the said Suvarna Vidhana Soudha should be built. The Vaccine depot is a green belt it falls in a complete residential area. Accessing the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha will cause a lot of hardships to the local and nearby public. 
My view on this is very clear. Let the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha be built in Belgaum, no harm in seeing your own money being spent in a grand manner where the people you vote and elect come and have some fun. BUT..... But not on Vaccine Depot, anyother place will do.
So Belgaumites lets take a mandate. Kindly vote on the front page of this blog or click here.

Tv Refgirator ..... A big hit

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These are pictures of decorated Buffalo's. All the milkmen decorate their Buffalo's and take out a procession with a band in front.
The day following the Amavasya is "Kartik Shuddh Padwa" and it is only on this day that the King Bali would come out of Pathal Loka and rule Bhulok as per the boon given by Lord Vishnu. Hence, it is also known as "Bali Padyami". This day also marks the coronation of King Vikramaditya and Vikaram-Samvat was started from this Padwa day. Padwa is symbolic of love and devotion between the wife and husband. On this day newly-married daughters with their husbands are invited for special meals and given presents. In olden days brothers went to fetch their sisters from their in-laws home for this important day. So many of you who are newly married or just married your sisters you must done it already.
This day is supposed to be very auspicious to buy new things and because of this new vehicles and especially new electronic items were purchased a lot. I in fact saw in every electronic shop the rush was commendable. People were just throwing themselves over each other to buy a TV , imagine that. The sale of Digital Cameras was also good a Retailer told me. In all it was a happy buying season for all you there. Tomorrow is Bhau Bij the last day of Diwali and all must be packing their bags or will read this only when they are back to work.
Getting to Belgaum during this peak time was very very costly. A cabin seat was costing Rs.600 a friend confirmed. A few who could not get any tickets then decided to take their cars out from Mumbai and Bangalore and decided to drive to Belgaum. Many of you might have done this just confirm.
My BLOG just completed 3 months and this blog has been visited 3,983 times. Thanks to you all.

Diwali Mess: breathe Smoke

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These pictures are taken after the burning of crackers in the city. Can you see anything, I could not. The firecrackers caused such air pollution that it was not possible to see anything and the it was very difficult to even breath. As the same were being blown off in the middle of the road the traffic was blocked for more than 15 minutes on one go. All the passers by were just keeping their hands on their ears and trying to pass by.

Vaccine Depot Bachao

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The Karnataka Govt. has issued advertisements in the various papers for the tender of the construction of the Suvarna Soudha. The said suvarna soudha will be built around 30000 Sq.Mtrs. The tenders have been called for the masterplan layout, overall building etc by the Executive engineer of the Dharwad Division.
I have been covering this story since the beginning and my sole aim is to be with the Vaccine Depot Bachao Samiti. Belgaum should have a Suvarna Soudha, but not at Vaccine Depot. All the trees will get cut and the natural varisity will get destroyed.

All the nature lovers are planning to come together again and oppose the building of the Suvarna Soudha at Vaccine Depot. Earlier also many attempts have been made by the nature lovers but in a hasty decision the CM then laid the foundation stone. Come on Belgaumites we should save something we cant back once its destroyed. come join hands together ans say Vaccine Depot Bachao..

Happy Deepavali

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I wish all my readers a very Happy Deepavali.
On Deepavali and the coming year ...
May be you blessed with success, prosperity & Happiness!!!

I thank all the readers and viewers of this blog for encouraging me.

MAD MAD Shopping Shopping .......

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The roads of Belgaum were full of people. Especially the city area were full of people. All the roads leading towards the city like Kirloskar Road, Samadevi Galli, Khade Bazar were blocked by the Traffic police for entry of 4 wheelers. The Shahpur area also witnessed the same rush of people busy shopping for Diwali. As this was the last Sunday before Diwali the rush was very heavy.

News Briefs:
Robbers took away 15 kgs of silver ware from the Mahalaxmi temple from Hindwadi. The value is estimated to be around 15 lakhs. The robbers entered from the behind of the temple by cutting the grill of the window. It is suspected that a small child may have been used to enter inside the temple.

Wear Helmets: The police have again made it strict again to check the use of helmets. On saturday almost 800 cases were registered and around 80,000 fine was receovered.

Nothing Changes for the railways

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The Belgaum railway station is undergoing a makeover. The platform has been enlarged to accommodate 24 bogies and also the height of the platform has been increased.

A new Coach Guidance System has been put in place since 21-03-2007, the system where in you come to know where your bogie will actually come. This was a demand from a long time from Belgaumites. But I was not surprised to see that even when a new train came the old train no and its bogie numbers never changed. Of what use is this system then? I was waiting for Haripriya Express and the Coach guidance system was showing me Garib Nawz express. The railways spend so much money on putting in place these systems then why is that they don’t function as they have to.

Digital clocks have also been installed and to my surprise they were showing correct time and also the old analog clocks were more surprisingly also were showing the correct time.

One thing, which I observed was that, all the tress at the entrance gate was been chopped off. May be it’s a part of the make over of the station.

Someone on the forums page on this blog has added a new plan for Belgaum railway station here is the link to it
I did try to contact the person who put it up but I got no response.

Mr Ramesh Kudchi you are a Public Servant: From Belgaum Concerns

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"The below story says how our MLA's greed for publicity turns their attitude inhuman, what if the name was not mentioned in the invitation list, these poor ladies would have given good wishes to you , but Mr Kudchi take the curse now"

BELGAUM: Hundreds of women who had brought their new born babies to get Delivery Kits returned home empty hand. The function organised to issue the kits under Madilu scheme was indefinitely postponed following the objections by city MLA Ramesh Kudachi. Read Full Story

Shri Thanedar A Belgaumite and his US based Chemir Analytical Services: From Belgaum Concerns

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Shri Thanedar A chemist from modest origins creates a formidable analytical testing business Source Cyanta Analytical Laboratories (
Shri Thanedar's journey from a poor childhood in India to the helm of a group of chemistry-based companies is a classic American dream story. And with a recent custom synthesis acquisition and the formation of a new pharmaceutical services company, it's a continuing story as well. Thanedar's flagship firm is Chemir Analytical Services, a suburban St. Louis provider of industrial problem-solving and analytical testing services. Combined, his companies are expected to have sales this year of $24 million; Thanedar is targeting $60 million in sales by 2009.
Growing up in Belgaum, India, some 300 miles south of what was then called Bombay, the idea of one day running a multi-million-dollar American enterprise was no doubt quite improbable to Thanedar. The oldest boy among nine siblings, his immediate concern was helping feed his family. Read Full Story........
This story is taken from our Associate Blog

Thunder Showers hit Belgaum

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Its 7pm and LOUD Thunder showers have hit Belgaum city. The showers are not very heavy like yesterday but still all were caught in a surprise.

Half BANDH Half Chalu

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Yes the Bandh call has given a mixed response, but the 100% response is seen in the market place where the people are scarce in number than everyday. All the business men are all using this time to wash and clean their shops for diwali.

The picture is from Katives area where the procession of the Rajostav celebrations is going on. You can see the youth dancing on Kannada songs.