Belgaum north:Belgaum South Assembly Constituency Map

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I have tried and made this map, it may have errors but this is just indicative in nature.
for detailed Ward nos visit this link:

Electoral Rolls of Delimited Assembly Constituencies of Belgaum published: belgaum north,belgaum south & belgaum rural

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Electoral Rolls of Delimited Assembly Constituencies of Belgaum published as on 29-03-2008.

Belgaum North

Belgaum South

Belgaum Rural

Click on the links Above to search for your name in your constituency. If you dont know in which constitunecy you fall into then read this below post for details.

Belgaum Video Destination of the Next Generation

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Mr. Prasad Prabhu gave me this link of a Belgaum Video Destination of the Next Generation.

Have a look...

Property of Telgi's mother goes under the hammer:Crop loss in Belgaum district put at Rs. 26.52 cr

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Source: The Hindu 
The auction of properties in the name of the late Sharifabi Ladsab Telgi, mother of kingpin in the multi-crore stamp paper racket, Abdul Kareem Telgi, conducted by officials of the Income Tax department, fetched about Rs. 12 lakh on Wednesday.

The auctions were conducted to recover tax arrears worth Rs. 32.83 lakh. As many as 16 separate pieces of property in the name of the late Sharifabi in Khanapur town had been slated for auction. But, bidders showed interest in only three sites.

B.P. Desai of Panjim, Goa, was the sole bidder for the site measuring 316 square yards, which consisted of a residential building and open space. As no other bidder came forward to bid higher than the reserve price of Rs. 5.2 lakh fixed by the IT department, he won the bid for the same price. The Bhutnath Credit Co-operative Society, Khanapur, raised its bid by just Re. 1 over the reserve price of Rs. 5 lakh to win the auction conducted for site measuring 391 square yards, including the standing commercial complex.

Another bidder N.M. Mayekar from Kolhapur won the bid in respect of an open site measuring 316 square yards for Rs. 1.76 lakh.

Income Tax Inspector K.P. Tulasi, who conducted auction, said the department would conduct auctions for the remaining properties after some days. Though the auction was first slated for December last, it could not be conducted as no bidder came forward.

Crop loss in Belgaum district put at Rs. 26.52 cr
Standing crops on over 13,000 hectares of land in Belgaum district have been damaged in the recent rain and the loss has been put at Rs. 26.52 crore, according to Deputy Commissioner M.E. Shivalingmurthy.

Travelguru introduces Cash-on-Delivery mode of payment for Belgaum

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Travelguru - India's largest hotel network and premier travel solutions provider in association with Express IT Logistics Worldwide Ltd. has launched a new value-add feature to provide more value to its customers by way of Cash-on-Delivery (COD). Travelguru started off this service with 20 cities and recently extended it to 50 cities; by May end it will be available in 90 cities in India.

The significant aspect of Cash-on-Delivery is that the customers can do their hotel bookings online and make payments in cash which will be collected by Travelguru on delivery of the hotel booking vouchers at the address provided by the customer. Cash-on-delivery benefits the customer who needs to pay for his travel bookings with cash.

Commenting on this new initiative Deepak Mavinkurve, Vice-President Operations, Travelguru said, "Responding to the increasing demand of our esteemed customers we are happy to introduce this new payment mechanism. You can now book a hotel online and pay for it by cash."

He added, "In the last few months, we have seen more and more customers enthusiastically take to this mode of payment. For those without sufficient credit limit on their credit cards, or without credit cards, this payment option is most useful. The convenience of home pickup of the cash and delivery of the hotel booking voucher shows the added focus on service from Travelguru."

With over 20,000 hotel rooms for sale every day, starting as low as Rs.565 per day, this payment option makes India's Largest Hotel Network even more accessible to Indians.

P.S: COD is available in the following cities - Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Belgaum, Bhavnagar, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Calicut, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Dehra Dun, New Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Goa, Guwahati, Gwalior, Hubli, Hyderabad, Indore, Jabalpur, Jaipur, Jammu, Jamnagar, Jamshedpur, Jodhpur, Kolahpur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Madhuri, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Patna, Pune, Raipur, Rajkot, Ranchi, Secundrabad, Surat, Tirupati, Trichy, Trivandrum, Udaipur, Vadodra, Vijayawada and Vizag.

- End -

About Travelguru

Travelguru - India's largest hotel network - offers access to over 4000 hotels in India and over 72,000 hotels worldwide. It offers travelers the opportunity to plan and purchase their travel in a transparent, easy and customizable manner with instant bookings and confirmations. Strategic partnerships and deep supplier relationships give Travelguru the edge as an aggregator of travel services. Sorting hotels by user reviews and several other criteria are some of the distinctive value-added services. In December, 2007 Travelguru fully acquired - a company focused on hotel aggregation, distribution and technology to further strengthen the leadership position in hotel distribution. Travelguru facilitates a wide range of travel options and recommendations for domestic as well as international travelers. The Travelguru hotel advisors guide you to the most convenient place to stay including rates, amenities, landmarks and so on across India. It promotes properties from budget to luxury, single room to serviced apartment, business accommodation to leisure houseboat.


Holi celebrated with great fanfare

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Source: The Hindu
Unique ritual: Holi revellers performing ‘Lotangan puja’ in Belgaum on Saturday.

Holi was celebrated with great fanfare and enthusiasm in Belgaum on Saturday with people from all communities participating in the festivities.
Men, women and children came out in groups, splashed colours and greeted each other and danced to the drumbeats.
Rain and cloudy weather did not dampen their enthusiasm.
In Pangul galli, a large number of revellers and devotees performed “Lotangan puja” (“urulu seve”) at Ashwathama temple.
The festivities started on Friday night with the lighting of bonfires to signify the burning of demoness Holika, sister of Hiranyakashyapu. Pujas were also offered to Kamadev.
Power supply was disrupted in several areas on Saturday owing to technical problems. However, the supply was restored in the evening.

Now science is only confirming it

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Source: The Hindu
Vijaykumar Patil

It was an outrageous claim then but Moringa leaves help prevent 300 diseases
A NATURAL SHIELD: Moringa leaves help prevent various diseases in human beings.
Some time ago in a remote village of eastern India, Balbir S. Mathur, a naturalist who heads a United States-based organisation called Trees for Life, came across a traditional medicine practitioner who made an outrageous claim saying that the "leaves of the Moringa tree prevent 300 diseases".

His claim was based on real life experience. Now science is confirming it. The more we study, the more it seems that the Moringa oleifera tree truly delivers wonders, said Mr. Mathur in his note circulated at the launch of the "Ankur-Save the Sight" project on prevention of blindness programme in children at KLE Prabhakar Kore Hospital in Belgaum on Monday.

Trees for Life has been working to create awareness, train people to plant and take care of trees. It is providing them with the resources needed to accomplish their tasks in different parts of the world, including the U.S. and India, for more than two decades now. Moringa leaves or drumstick (known as Nugge kayi in Kannada and Munaga in Hindi) leaves contain vitamin A, which acts as a shield against diseases of the eyes, skin and heart, diarrhoea, and many other ailments. Carrots are high in vitamin A, but moringa leaves are even higher, he said.

Importantly, his claims on nutritional value of moringa leaves are based mostly on the analysis done at the National Institute of Nutrition in Hyderabad and the information on dried moringa from an analysis sponsored by the Church World Service and the Department of Engineering at the University of Leicester and performed by Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. According to Mr. Mathur, Moringa leaves are one of the richest sources of essential nutrients often lacking in people's diets. They even contain all of the essential amino acids, which is unusual for a plant source. Experts agree that the long-term solution to malnutrition is the use of foods rich in the essential nutrients often lacking in people's diets. Modern scientific research is proving that Moringa leaves are one of the richest sources of such nutrients.

Moringa leaves provide two times the protein of yogurt, seven times the vitamin C in oranges, three times the potassium in bananas, four times the vitamin A in carrots and four times the calcium in milk, he said and added that the figures reflect gram-for-gram comparisons with Moringa leaves.

Meanwhile, Cdr. (retd.) Kailash Girwalkar, Director, Blindness Prevention Project, Somaiya Trust, Mumbai, and M.V. Jali, Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer of KLES Prabhakar Kore Hospital, pointed out that though Moringa tree fruit or drumsticks are used in almost every kitchen, it was mainly for its taste. Many are not aware of such rich nutrient value in the leaves of this tree. Using these leaves in the daily diet will shield against long-term blindness and other diseases. It is a must for the children as it an very important role in preventing visual impairment or early loss of vision.

25 lakhs paid for Urdu Corporators in Belgaum Mayor Election

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In what is either a display of misplaced bravado, or a Freudian slip, the chief of the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike, T.A. Narayana Gowda, has admitted that "money power" had to be used in securing the victory of a Kannada-speaking corporator as mayor of the Belgaum City Corporation for the first time in 17 years, earlier this month.

In a 58-strong House dominated by members of the Maharashtra Ekikarana Samithi, Prashantha Budvi beat the MES' Neelima Pavshe by a slender margin of two votes, after Kannada and Urdu speaking corporators, numbering 29 in all, formed a forum called the Sarva Bhashik Samavichar Vedike. The deputy mayorship went too in favour of Yunus Momin of the Vedike, by an identical margin, 30-28.

The victory has been painted as a major victory for Kannada forces, with the newly elected mayor and deputy mayor being felicitated with great fanfare in Bangalore. But, in an admission that could have serious ramifications, Narayana Gowda has publicly admitted that money was used to lure a corporator.

"To get the support of an Urdu speaking corporator, the need arose to pay Rs 25 lakh," Gowda has been quoted as saying by Vijaya Karnataka, at a function in Arsikere.

Gowda has not revealed who paid the money, or to whom, but the paper reports that the disclosure has sowed several doubts in the minds of self-respecting Kannadigas.


Admission time: Is raat ki Subh Kabhi

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Its that time of the year when all young parents will be praying and hoping to get their kids admitted to a school of their choice, if they are lucky or into any school otherwise.

Many parents start the school rounds (not those rounds during lunch break you used to take when you were in school) from January month itself just to know when the forms will be given for Jr.KG. As time passes by the blood pressure of the parents start to rise for no reason. Some might even think getting a baby born or delivering a baby was not so terrible.

This year February came and still the schools had not decided when the admission process would begin. Parents used to visit all the probable schools they could and check when the forms would be given.

March arrived and still the school authorities were uncertain about the dates. Some schools said by March 15 something will be made clear and yes at last the dates were out. I have seen happy faces when they just read the dates of the admission process on the board. But friends this is just the start.

Herwadkar School started the admission process on 18-03-2008. And in the morning there were about 200 parents lined in to get forms even before the school gates were opened. I had been there also and decided that I would try my luck the next day but luckily in the afternoon, just to see how much the rush is I went in and to my surprise the queue was very small only 30 parents and I said this is the time to get a form at least and make a Shri Ganesha. I got the forms in about 20 minutes and to tell you I wasn’t happy like this in my life not even when I passed my SSLC in distinction. Now I got the forms, from here the other story, fill the form submit it. Then the forms will be scrutinized and a list will be put and if my daughters name comes in it, wow my life has become fruitful. Not as easy as said. After the list is put up, there will be a parent’s interview and what I will be asked is quite clear, how much? Now that the biggest Q. How much? (All know how much in what context) Lets see cant say now until I have been there. Past experienced parents do help out with their experience.

The forms for Divine Providence and St.Joeshps Convent will be given form the 1st april to 3rd april. Last year scenes at the convent in camp were dreadful. Parents lined up at 9 pm in the previous night it self just to get the forms, leave admission aside, just forms. So this time special instructions have been put up for the same. See in the photo.

This time areas have been specified so if you don’t fall in those areas you might not be getting a seat I guess. See the photo for details.

I hope I get my daughter admitted to a school and my blood pressure comes down….

I wrote this post only as I thought many of those young parents, grand parents reading this might just feel, hey it's my story.
Hope all their dreams of getting admissions are fulfilled.
Photos of Notices: UkMaD

Where is this photo Taken ?

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Source: Sakal
Look at the picture and let me know where you think this is from.
Clue: these our our elected representatives.

Now I think why did we elect them.

MORE: sort of MORE & not so MORE

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I had been to the MORE store in RPD cross in the evening at around 730pm. Initially I had a problem to find place to park my two wheeler. At last I found a place, which if the police thinks could be no parking area, but parked and went in. Theresa security guard who takes the baggage and then u enter the store. First impression great looking means goods placed correctly and in good order, I meant to say food grains on one side and toiletry on the other side etc. Vegetable stall is just at the entrance and after having a look at them you can guess what is in store for you later.
This picture is not of the Belgaum store. Its a archive photo form their website.
One more thing if you think you have some time and you can spend it in here, wrong impression, this is not air-conditioned and at times especially these days you could have a nice work out with doing much.

Goods variety is great I should say when compared to Big Bazaar. But again not all brands are available. Variety in some goods was good and not so many to choose from a few like Deodorants & jams. Prices are not cheap. I mean sugar was Rs.18/kg in the market its Rs.16/Kg. And similar rates for others so you can think.

Chocolates variety is good with some great value big value packs, which you normally don’t get to see in town. The staff I did not really interact so cant tell you but they were normal I guess. NO special offers like big bazaar here. Some small offers on atta and some small products I could see.

Billing, this is a problem as of now. There are 3 billing counters and the process is very slowing even tough there are touch screen panels for billing. The guys are not so familiar with the items still and at times you will have to wait for 10 mins to get your bill. One incident happened in front of me only when a person had taken a lot of material and when he went out and checked his bill he was charged Rs.90 for 1 Cauliflower. Its should have been Rs.9. They said a billing mistake and to rectify it poor guy had to wait for 20 mins (15 mins for my bill as my bill was being made and then the refund stuff).

In all not a great experience which will induce me to go again and again. One time purchase is ok. On a scale of 5, I would rate it 3. Let you reviews also come in on this.

I have received a response from Mr. Mr.Shriniwas M Katti on the MORE store: I visited MORE today and made a shopping of more than Rs.1200/- . It is certain that the staff is untrained and speaks Marathi and Kannada very rash. Sophistication is totally absent. And most important the prices are at least 10-15% more.
So Did you go shopping for MORE.

Mantri Realty in Belgaum

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Mantri Realty Ltd, a Sunil Mantri Enterprise, Mantri Realty said, "these projects consist of innovative ideas and quality construction. All these projects have been designed by international architects and we want to price it as a premium category and give amenities which make luxurious living a basic minimum standard."
The company has also been promoting projects in Belgaum, one of largest cities in Karnataka.
The company has already acquired two prime properties in Belgaum. One property is of around 300 acres for a residential township, where around 5,000 houses would be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 500 crore.
The second property is around 200 acres at the outskirts of Belgaum costing Rs. 200 crore.
The overall investment in the City of Belgaum by Mantri Realty would be to the tune of Rs 700 crore.

MORE to open its 2nd store: Reliance Fresh at Hotel Hanuman Site

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MORE the AV Birla group company which opened its first store in the city is now gearing up to open its 2nd store at Kolhapur Cross, opposite to Adishwar electronics.

Confirmed news is also here from sources that Hotel Hanuman near JNMC will become the Reliance Fresh with an area of about 5000 sq.Ft.

Belgaumites, city is now seeing the birth of a retail revolution, how many will survive for many years is the question tough?
Any way a welcome thing for us.. I Guess

Basic Inputs: Prasad Prabhu

MORE opens store

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MORE  the AV Birla retail grocery outlet has started its operations at its first store situated at RPD Cross, next to ICICI bank.
This could now start a fresh organised retail war in the city. It has also made  some offers for the coming week.
So shoppers Happy Shopping!
I will give you a first investigation report once I visit it.. by the time if some you manage to peek in do give me feedback.

Ranis say Hello to Belgaum

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Its 3.15 and in Tilakwadi the first few drops of rain of this summer is pouring down. The intensity is not very high tough and since noon the weather was some what overcast. May be we will witness rains a few showers may be later in the evening.

Two escape death near Fish Market

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Source: Tarun Bharat
Two people Abhilash & Balraj escaped death yesterday afternoon when they tried to evade a Road hump and over take and hit a tanker. Gods Grace nothing happened to them.
I had raised this particular point of people trying to evade the road humps will cause accident in my blog story

Belgaum getting many Traffic Signals:Khanapur Road widened

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These are new on the Belgaum roads now. New traffic signals are being put up at RPD Cross & Cantonment Bord cricle(near Globe Theatre). No doubt these were necessary but with these the road humps near the signals should be removed otherwise the traffic will become dead slow. and hope they will be on for quite a some time other than those installed earlier.

Khanapur Road (camp) being widened

These are pictures oft he Khanapur Road (camp, infront of police quarters) near to Sanchayni circle. the said road is being widened by 3 feet. In the above pics you can see the JCB digging out the earth and on the other side is the already dug part. Due to this the traffic is very slow on this road after Fish market to Sanchayani circle.
Photos courtesy: UkMaD

50 crores for Suvarna Soudha at Belgaum

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The Karnataka Budget for 2008-09 presented by Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram had no fanfare, no announcements of new schemes and no new "populist" initiatives.

Mr. Chidambaram presented the budget proposals for the State for 2008-09 in the Lok Sabha on Monday.

The budget allocates Rs.1 billion for upgrading airports in Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Bijapur, Shimoga, Hassan, Gulbarga, Karwar, Bidar and Belgaum.

An amount of Rs.500 million is earmarked for a new state secretariat building, Suvarna Soudha in Belgaum.

Major Fire at Campbell Knitwear destroys stocks

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A major fire broke out on Sunday night at around 11pm at the Campbell knitwear factory and stocks of cores of rupees must have been destroyed. The fire broke out due to a short circuit sources said in the stores dept. where a huge amount of ready material to be exported and was stored as it was to be dispatched today. No loss of human life is still reported.


A view of the traffic jam from the Shivteerth. A major traffic jam was caused as a Sand loaded truck broke down in the middle of the road exactly at the Gogte circle causing the morning commuters a hard time.
Picture courtesy :UkMaD

Ganpat Galli Breathes at last

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Source: Tarun Baharat
Ganpat Galli, the heart of Belgaum market even after the road widening the road never seemed to be wide. After various memorandums to the civic authorities, the police have at last given life to Ganpat Galli as all the hawkers from the galli have been removed and the Belgaumites on a whole have a taken a breather. All the businessmen and local people have welcomed the this act of the police and have asked the police to see to that the road is free from hawkers. But in a democracy there are a few local politicians who are taking the hawkers side and fighting it out with the police.
The step the police has taken is a very welcoming step I guess, as going through Ganpat Galli even after it was widened was a great hard work.

Belgaum getting ready to be FIT

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In this busy world people tend to very little time for themselves and their health. For all those Belgaumites who wanted to make a fresh start of life with exercising, here is a good news to all of you.

Talwalkars, India's largest chain of health centers with over 47 branches all over India
with more than with 50,000 members has opened its branch at 775, Big Baazar Complex, Khanapur road, Angol Cross, TilakwadiBelgaum 590 006. Phone: 0831-2423315 / 2423316 Email:

Established in 1932, Talwalkars Better Value Pvt Ltd (TBVF), commonly famous as Talwalkars, is India's largest chain of health centres.

Talwalkars' phenomenal growth can be attributed directly to the trust our customers have in us, and the benefits they derive from our expert advice, personalised supervision, on-going facility upgrades, result-oriented approach, and above all from Talwalkars' immense know-how and experience in this field over 70 years of existence.
A Talwalkars' gym is a specialised area where people of all ages come to spend some time on their health and body. It is spacious, and designed to ensure safety and comfort in movement. Typically, a Talwalkar's facility has the following features:
It has aesthetically designed interiors and is fully air-conditioned.Usually divided into sections which include:
Cardio facility, Strength training, Free weights, Massage, Steam / sauna, Nutrition, counseling, Changing area with lockers, Juice bar and garden.
I hope many of you would aspire to be an Hritik Roshan, can give it a try, heard he also goes to Talwalkars.

Disclaimer: I by no means promote this gym nor I have been there personally still. I have posted this story for all those Belgaumites for information purpose only. Readers should take their own risk.

SMK to Bangalore via Belgaum

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Source: Deccan Herald
S M Krishna, who is branded as urban leader, has decided to take North Karnataka route to reach the IT city, from Mumbai. His journey from Belgaum will begin in a bus along with senior party leaders on March 14.

According to party sources, Krishna will be arriving in Belgaum from Mumbai by air. Though the local leaders of the party are planning to take him in a procession, he is not inclined for it, it is said. He is scheduled to address a public meeting in Belgaum.

As per the tentative programme, Krishna will be travelling by Volvo bus and likely to address meetings at Dharwad, Hubli, Haveri, Davangere, Chitradurga and Tumkur before reaching Bangalore on March 18. A big function is planned at Banglore.

Helping Hands: Volunteers paying back to the Society

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Young generation or the aforementioned Next Generation these days go to pubs, discos and booze around and the parents say work hard, concentrate on your work. In all this busy scheduling of time for home, parents, and a host of girl friends or boy friends and of course work, the next gen tends to give away most of the time.

A few young lads going through this mundane job came together faraway from their home town in Bangalore where they were working just to meet each other and share their joys and sorrows. And with these meetings happening every week, there spurt an idea. Why don’t we do something for the society?
"A Journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step"
This is a story of a group of people mainly working themselves out in front their Pc's coding things out and getting some other codes out.

Vvolunteers was the name that thought suited them best.
These volunteers are mainly from north Karnataka mainly from Belgaum and others from places like Hubli, Chikodi, Bijapur etc.

This Organization will be strongly built by collecting funds through teamwork. Each member can willingly to donate according to her/his own interest. (It's your own interest of helping in kind or in cash). This collection of funds would be utilized in different forms like paying school fees for poor student, operation for the poor/unaffordable people and also these funds will be given to the Charity, to Blind School, Orphanage, Old Age Homes, etc.

It is precisely the reason Vvolunteers are calling you as to add about your planning and funds to the Organization. However, in any point of time Vvolunteers would clearly explain how their solutions work and how it will be helpful to the poor. Of course they assure that you are free to add your thinking and valuable suggestions.

On 13th Jan 2007 VVolunteers team had been to "Tunga Bhadra Oldage Home" Bangalore. This was the First Step towards their journey, they all had a lots and lots of beautiful & Unforgettable memories of it. They not only donated money but also spent quality time by cooking for the old.

A girl named Gayatri from Dharwad who has finished her SSLC this year and has secured fabulous 95%. She was willing to do her further studies, but she had financial problems. Vvolunteers (Kiran and Ravi ) came to know about this through some source and went to their home and asked them what exactly the matter is and in which way they can help her and assured that they will be helping her.

On behalf of the group they paid her college fees. Now she will be pursing her further studies. She has taken admission in J.S.S. College, Dharwad for PUC 1st year (Science).
Now On 2nd October Vvolunteers again visited one more "OLD AGE HOME" near Basaveshwar Nagar, Bangalore. This time we are able to sponsor Medicines for around 10 Mentally retarded people for a 15 Days and provided some Food grains.

The point of sharing this story is to highlight the possibilities that can emerge when the next gen comes together keeping aside their differences and instead focusing on their positives. The story of Vvolunteers has shown that even in this self lived world one can still stay together to make a meaningful difference by collaborating.

" A Ship Is Always Safe In The Shore But That Is Not It Is Built For "

I hope this post encourages some of you to come together and make a difference to society – no matter how small it may seem in the beginning.
For more details visit:

Disclaimer: The author of this blog does not take any responsibility for any monetary donations made and how they will be utilized. It’s the donor’s sole responsibility. I am just trying to encourage them.

Stars of Belgaum: Atul Kulkarni

10:35 AM Posted by ukmad

From Today I am starting a new feature Stars of Belgaum. This will include stars related to Belgaum from all fields. If you know anyone like that kindly email me and I will surely share the word with others.

Atul Kulkarni: Atul was born on September 10, 1965 in Belgaum. His father, a businessman and mother, a housewife were settled in Solapur where he was brought up and educated.
His first appearance on stage was in his school, Haribhai Devkaran High School, Solapur. In his first play as a child, he personified colour BLUE! His friends remember him as a very quiet and introvert student. Academically he was an average student. His parents were always worried about his performance in exams...and his future too...!
Atul preferred home rather than play grounds... books than sports! Atul was always found in his favourite corner of his house...Reading...
His parents sent him to Belgaum for Junior College. He appeared for the 12th standard board exam...TWICE!!
Still entered into an Engineering College in Pune... and appeared for the First Year exam...THRICE!!!
He quit engineering......came back to Solapur. Finally Atul entered the field where he always wanted to be...Arts! And he topped at the graduation level from D. A. V. College, Solapur!
While in college, he helped his father in his business and also worked in an insurance company for a while.
During his college days, he appeared in a comedy at a cultural gathering...and he realised what he wanted!Atul joined Natya Aradhana, an amateur theatre group from Solapur.
Natya Aradhana groomed Atul as an actor under the able stewardship of Dr. Waman Degaonkar. He worked at back stage for two years and then got a chance to act on the stage of Natya Aradhana. These years of serious theatre ignited his passion for theatre; especially acting...the bug had bit him!
The part time activity was insufficient to quench his thirst. He decided to take acting as his profession. Feeling the need for a formal training, he decided to enter into the premier institute in theatre training in India, National School of Drama, New Delhi. Atul passed out from NSD in 1995 and at the age of 30, he became a professional actor.
Since 1995, Atul has acted in 8 plays in 4 languages, 26 films in 6 languages and has won several awards, including Two National Awards. His few acclaimed films include Rang De Basanti, Khakee, Valu and many others.

Bam Bam Bhole

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Source: The Hindu

There was heavy rush at Kapileshwar temple on Mahashivaratri

prayers on their lips: Devotees thronged the Kapileshwar temple in Belgaum on the occasion of Mahashivaratri on Thursday.
There was hevy rush at all the Shiv temples in the city mainly Kapileshwar and Military Mahadev temple.

E-governance only on paper

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Source: The Hindu Dated: 06-03-2008
Many government department websites are yet to be updated
Belgaum corporation website not updated for five months. Website does not have information on job scheme.
Karnataka takes pride in being the torchbearer of the information technology sector in the country.
But the initial enthusiasm about e-governance seems to be on the wane with the passage of time, thanks to the failure to update official websites. Many websites posted by the State Government have not been updated for long.
Under the National Informatics Centre (NIC), the Government had facilitated web services to its various departments, institutions and organisations by equipping them with computers and Internet facilities. The objective was to facilitate quick access to “information” to the people.
The citizens visiting the official portals are often disappointed to see them not updated. Uday Kinjwadekar, a computer expert who has posted his own blog to provide information on various aspects and events happening in Belgaum city and district.
A glaring example is found with official portals on Belgaum City Corporation and Belgaum Zilla Panchayat. It is more than five months since the civic elections were held (September 28, 2007). But the corporation website does not display names of any corporator. Today, it is more than 24 hours since the mayoral elections. Yet, there is no one in the corporation’s “Computer Room” to display the names of Mayor, Deputy Mayor and councillors. The “birth and death” section does not display any figure.
Interestingly, despite commencement of mayoral term since March 4, the corporation website continues to display the name of Deputy Commissioner M.E. Shivalingamurthy as Administrator of the civic body.
Although the State Assembly was dissolved three months ago, the names of Ramesh L. Kudachi, Abhaykumar Patil and Manohar Kinekar continue to be displayed as Vidhan Sabha members. The Belgaum district website providing information about the zilla panchayat is no different.
There is no information about the centrally sponsored National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, which is being implemented in the district for the past one year.
The related page is blank. If some body wants to know about the “Projects Planned” and “Ongoing projects” in the zilla panchayat, the web pages continue to display “coming soon”. The last information about the Western Ghats Development Programme available refers to October 2001.
The other pages on various schemes and programmes have not been updated since 2003-04 and 2004-05. Mr. Kinjawadekar says hardly any government portal is found updated. While it is so important to be number one in the IT sector in the country, it is equally important for the government departments and organisations to update their websites. Otherwise, the objective of providing accurate and quick information to the citizen will be defeated, he said.

Belgaum gets its second Kannada-speaking Mayor

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Source : The Hindu
SURPRISE WINNERS: Prashanta Shantinath Budavi (left) and Yunis B. Momin who were elected as Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Belgaum respectively on Tuesday.
Belgaum: A Kannada-speaking candidate on Tuesday was elected Mayor of Belgaum, which is considered a stronghold of the Maharashtra Ekikarani Samiti (MES). The MES lost the Deputy Mayor’s post to an Urdu-speaking candidate.
Regional Commissioner, Amita Prasad, who officiated as Returning Officer, declared Prashanta Shantinath Budavi elected as Mayor and Yunis B. Momin elected as Deputy Mayor.
The post of Mayor was reserved for woman (general) and that of Deputy Mayor for “general”. Ms. Budavi and Mr. Momin polled 30 votes each as against 28 votes polled by MES candidates Neelima Paushe and Netaji Balu Mangutkar. The Kannada organisations and workers, who had all the reasons to celebrate the victory, had to be content with offering floral tributes to the statue of Rani Channamma at Channamma Circle, thanks to the prohibitory orders in force.
Ms. Budavi and Mr. Momin belong to Sarvabhashik Samvichar Vikas Vedike floated by a Kannada-Urdu speaking corporators with the help of a small breakaway group of MES led by the former Mayor Sambhaji Patil.
Belgaum MP Suresh C. Angadi, who did not vote in the past mayoral polls, yielded to pressure from the BJP leadership and Kananda groups and cast his vote in favour of the vedike candidates.
Thirty-seven-year-old Ms. Budavi hails from Kittur. She is the wife of Shantinath Budavi, City president of Kannada Rakshana Vedike. A home-maker, she represents Ward No.58 in the Council. Mr. Momin, 44, is a Science graduate and represents Ward No. 47 in the city.
However, Ms. Budavi is the second Kannada-speaking candidate to be elected Mayor. The first Kannada candidate who held the Mayor’s post was veteran Kannada leader Siddangouda Patil from June 30, 1991 to December 25, 1992.
The then Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) coalition government led by the former Chief Minister N. Dharam Singh had yielded to pressure from Kannada organisations and on November 21, 2005 superseded the corporation Council headed by the then Mayor Vijay Pandurang More for taking a stand favouring merger of areas dominated by Marathi-speaking people in Belgaum with Maharashtra.
Ms. Budavi and Mr. Momin expressed their gratitude to SSVV members, their leader Sambhaji Patil and Mr. Angadi for their election.
The reservation for women has ensured 16 women being elected to the civic body in September 2007 polls. Ever since the formation of the corporation, four of the 19 Mayoral terms hitherto, were led by three women corporators. Vijayalakshmi Vishnu Chopde was the first woman Mayor who completed her term from February 15, 1996 to February 15, 1997.
Vandana Mohan Belgundkar was the only woman to have served two full mayoral terms in same Council from June 16, 2001 to June 19, 2002 and later again from September 3, 2004 to September 5, 2005. Neelima Chavhan was the third woman to head the Council from June 29, 2002 to June 29, 2003.
Also, five deputy mayoral terms were served by four women members — Kusuma Krishna Tapale (Mayor 24, 1990 to June 29, 1991), Gourabai Jaipal Londe (February 15, 1997 to March 30, 1998), Asma Tahsildar (April 17, 2000 to February 13, 2001) and Veena Kolkar (from June 16 to 19, 2001 and June 30, 2003 to September 3, 2004). Unity paid off
Mr. Angadi has attributed the victory of Kannada speaking candidate belonging to Sarvabhashik Samvichar Vikas Vedike as Mayor of the 58-member corporation to the vedike members who remained united until the end. He told The Hindu soon after the results of the Mayoral polls were declared here on Tuesday afternoon that the credit should go to all the corporators, including the Urdu and two Marathi-speaking corporators who were united under the banner of the vedike to create a history of sorts.
Nobody else could claim the success of the vedike candidates, he said. Kannada Rakshana Vedike’s office-bearer said that but Mr. Angadi’s vote, no body else in the city or district came forward to support the vedike.

Kannada Mayor after 26 years

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Mrs.Prashanta Budvi is the new Mayor for Belgaum and Mr.Younis Momin is the Dy.Mayor.
After 26 years Kannada group has made it to the Mayors post and the king maker Shambhaji Patil played his cards correctly.

Urdu corporators fix trade at Rs 15 lakh

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Even after assuring deputy mayor's post, the eight member Urdu speaking corporators of Belgaum City Corporation, have demanded Rs 15 lakh from Kannada group to stand in favour of them in the mayoral polls.However, the Kannada faction which was all prepared for the elections have agreed for the new demand with a condition of not to support the Urdu group in the elections to deputy mayor's post. Urdu group, according to sources, was expected to withdraw the demand to enjoy the deputy mayor's post.Kannada corporators are angry on former MLA Ramesh Kudachi and Deputy Speaker in Legislative Council Sachidanand Khot for not showing interest in the mayoral polls. The 11 member Maharashtra Ekikaran Samithi was trying to dominate the 18 member Marathi speaking corporator group. Renu Killekar, Manda Balekundri, Neelima Pawase and Anita Kutre are in the race for mayor elections. MES, according to sources, has ‘auctioned' the mayor's seat for which the lowest ‘EDM' is Rs 10 lakh. Neelima is the favourate candidate as she, according to sources, is a successful ‘bidder'. The sum of EMD, except successful bidder, is refundable.MES may field Sambhaji Chavan for deputy mayor's post as he once was a strong contender of Sambhajirao Patil. Kannada aspirant candidates- Jyoti Bhavikatti, Shanta Uppar and Prashnata Budavi, according sources, have given Rs 6 lakh each to a senior corporator to make them first citizen of the city.
source: New Indian Express

Corporators come out of hibernation

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As the day to elect the Belgaum Mayor is fast approaching, the corporators who were cooling their heels for the last five months after winning the polls, are active again. If observed the present political scenario, the group of corporators led by Kannada group may sit on the driver’s seat to drive the Corporation bus.Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti (MES) has failed to gather the Marathi linguistic corporators under one roof and has adopted ‘wait and watch’ policy which indicates its helplessness.Even though the number of seats won by MES, non-MES Marathi linguistics, Kannada and Urdu groups are equal, non-Marathi factions has upper hand to rule the BCC as it has an extra vote of MP Suresh Angadi.MES has won 11 seats, Marathi linguistics 16, Kannada including Sambhajirao Patil and two of his supporters has 21 seats and eight corporators belong to the Urdu group.Urdu group, who will play a decision making role in holding power, had played a little political gimmick in the beginning to establish its importance. After the election, they had extended their support to Kannada group and announced its solidarity with the Kannada group. However, later, they decided to remain independent and kept their options open to back any faction that will support an Urdu candidate for the Mayor’s post.This decision by the Urdu group gave MES a re-birth, who made a vain bid to attract the Urdu group. However, the Urdu candidates refused to go with the MES and decided to remain with the Kannada group. It was decided that a Kannada corporator will be the Mayor, while an Urdu candidate will enjoy the powers of Deputy Mayor.It was also decided to keep four-time mayor Sambhajirao Patil away from the decision making process. Patil, who played vital role in electing mayors in previous terms, will now stay away from the mayoral activity.Even though it is an insult to Patil, he has no other option but to accept the Kannada group’s decision.According to latest developments, the Kannada candidates have suggested the names of Jyoti Bhavikatti and Shanta Uppar for the Mayor’s post. Jyoti is the favourate as Shanta was one of the six corporators who had cast their votes in favour of former mayor Vijay More in the last election. If things go according to the plan, Belgaum city will get second Kannada and Urdu linguistics mayor and deputy mayor. Siddangouda Patil and Nisarahmed Sanadi were the first Kannada and Urdu mayor and deputy mayor, respectively.Manda Balekundri, Latha Patil, Renu Killekar, Neelima Pawase, Anita Kitwadkar and Aruna Kutre are interested to contest for the mayor’s post from the MES camp.

Source: The NewIndian Express

Things getting hotter for the Post of Mayor

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The election of the post of Mayor and Dy.Mayor will be held on 4th of March. It has been over 4 months the corporators have been elected but the city did not have a Mayor. The tug of war between Kannada group and Marathi group is on its acme. The best thing is the equation is 30-29 in favor of the Kannada group. The urdu group is with the Kannada Group. The marathi group has been taken to somewhere in Konkan area so that there is no more infighting and divide.
If the situation goes as it is now a Kannada group mayor is certain this time I guess.

But in politics anything can happen. I will keep you all posted.

I feel I am in Maharashtra:Thanks to HESCOM

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Since the past week or so, I and Belgaumites as well must be feeling as if they are in Maharashtra. Thanks to HESCOM (Hubli Electric Supply Company). In the past few days there has been un disclosed load shedding twice to thrice a day. The best part is the lights go off at nay time they wish, no timetable at all. I guess this is because of the shortage, but friends be ware this is first week of March and still April land May have to come, we can only expect the load shedding to go up and may be even we will face the power shortage as in Maharashtra, where there is load shedding for 12 to 16 hours in the whole state. Lets hope for the best…



Common man budget

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View on The budget by Chetan.Chougule B.COM A.C.A
It looks like P Chidambaram and Co is very much inspired by the “RobinHood” story. This year Government has a record tax collection even surpassing the budgeted estimates. The excess tax collection has totally been diverted to Farm Loan waiver of Rs. 60000 cr.
I don’t think farmers suicide rate will go down with this wavier. The same farmer will apply for fresh loan next year.
Exemption Limit.
Finance minister has taken a bold decision of increasing the tax emption limit and reducing the tax rates. I think this tax rate structure will prevail for the next 3 to 4 years. Individuals will have more money in their hand to spend or invest. But this tax cut may not be a good news for IT employees. The struggling sector due to US recession and Dollar will cut the salaries of the employees to the extent of benefit they get from this tax savings.
The increased allocation to Education sector is welcome. The strength of India is its
young generation. 50% of Indians are below 30 age. Education is of prime importance for nation building.
Increase in Short Term Capital Gain:
With the increase in Short Term capital gain on shares by 5% Investors may hold their shares for Mid Term to Long Term. But we may see a reduction in daily turnover in stock market which is not a good sign.
Corporate to Gain Nothing:
This years record tax collection is largely contributed by corporate sector. There are no reductions in FBT and corporate taxes in this budget. The reduction in Excise duty will be passed on to consumers.
In all it is a common man budget. Due to the American pressure on Nuclear Deal , if the deal go through we may see a early elections. With this budget it looks like Government is getting ready for early election.
Chetan.Chougule B.COM A.C.A