St.Pauls Wins for 22nd time: Royston Memorial Football

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St.Pauls has won the 28th Royston Memorial Football by beating G G Chitnis School 5 goals to 0.

Hip Hip Hurrayyyy !!!!Ground reporter: Kiran Nippanikar

My great Thanks to Kiran Nippanikar for giving me the live updates

St.Pauls Scores 3rd Goal

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St.Pauls Scores 3rd Goal

St.Pauls is on a Goal rampage. Now St.Paula Leads 3 goals to 0
Ground reporter: Kiran Nippanikar

St.Pauls hits goal no.2

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St.Pauls hits goal no.2

Ground Reporter: Kiran Nippanikar

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St.Pauls hits the 1st goal

Ground Reporter: Kiran Nippanikar

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Dy. Superintendent of police is the chief guest and seating next to him is Royston's Father.
The ground is almost packed. Prayer is being made at this moment.

Ground Reporter: Kiran Nippanikar

Royston Finals Begins

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The Royston memorial finals between St.Pauls and G G Chitnis school will begin in a few minutes time.

Blogs reporter Mr.Kiran Nippanikar is on the ground and will be updating us.

The atmosphere is sentalating . Zanjh pathak, drums, bugles, and a host of people are there to witness the match.

Belgaum district since 1836: Did you Know This

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Gen.Munro attacked Belgaum and took it from the Peshwas on 20-03-1818 & after 22 days of resistance, the Belgaum fort fell on 12-04-1818.
Belgaum was included in the Dharwad collectorate but a separate Belgaum collectorate was made in 1836. Ravenscroft took charge on May 3 as the new collector of Belgaum. In 1838, Belgaum was later made as a District head quarter.

Source: The Karnataka State Gazetteer
Contributed by MAHANTESH VAKKUND, Bangalore

Car Bomb hoax: Belgaum also tastes terror

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Panic struck Club road yesterday when a car was reported to be abandoned there for 2 days and that might have a bomb.
The Maruti Esteem bearing numberMH-01 R-6683 was left there by a Hubli businessperson who was going to Amboli and he left the car there as it had developed some problems.

St.Pauls Vs Chitnis on Thursday for Royston Cup

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G G Chitnis beat Military school and entered the finals of the on going Royston Memorial Football tournament.

In the 2nd semi final St.Pauls beat St.Xaviers by 2 goals to 1 in a nail biting match. St.Pauls had taken a 1-0 lead in the first half but in the 2nd half Xaviers came back with only a single attack and scored a goal. Then the St.Pauls team tried hard and at last succeeded in hitting the goal No.2. The St.Pauls goalkeeper took them to victory with some glorious saves in the dying moments.

Local bodies pocket money

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Source The New Indian Express
Any guesses on what happened to the education and health cess that citizens have been dutifully paying for the last five years? The funds, or rather the authorities, have performed the vanishing trick - and quite tactlessly at that.

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) has rapped the Bangalore Development Authority, Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike and six other city corporations for illegally collecting education cess from property tax payers, although the education cess has been dispensed in 2003-04. But that's not all.

The local authorities across the State have been levying an education cess of 10 per cent and health cess of 15 per cent on property taxpayers.The local bodies, after deducting 10 per cent of the cess towards collection charges, were supposed to remit the balance amount into the Government account.Test checks by the CAG showed at least eight city/town municipal councils and six city corporations, including Belgaum, Bellary, Mangalore and Mysore, among others, had failed to transfer the cess to the Government.

When I checked my house tax receipt the Education cess was not levied. What about yours? Do a check and come back here.

Rajesh Shinde swims across the English Channel

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Mr. Shinde is physically handicapped with his leg affected by polio. He is member of Swimmers’ Club Belgaum and Aquarius Swim Club, Belgaum.

Rajesh took 14 hours and 46 minutes to swim across the 38 kms English Channel. Temperature was about 15 Deg. Celsius.

Raghvendra Anvekar another member of the Swimmers’ Club Belgaum will attempt to cross the channel later today.

Hip Hip Hurray !!!

Today Semis: Royston Memorial Football

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Rashtriya Military School Vs G G Chitnis School at 3 pm
St.Pauls School Vs St.Xaviers School at 4pm
These matches are attracting huge crowds and the whole St.Pauls ‘A’ or hostel ground is filled with people of all ages.
I was able to see people who played for their schools now working elsewhere who were here watching the matches and they remembered those days when they played for their school.

Farmers accuse MLA of trying to grab land

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Source The HinduThere is no move to take possession of the land now: KIADB
‘Chief Minister should intervene and come to the rescue of farmers’
Members of 20 farmer families have alleged that a “fraud” was being committed upon them both by government officials and their elected representative who, according to them, were grabbing their fertile agricultural land by illegal means.
MLA from the Begaum South Assembly constituency Abhay Kumar Patil and officials of the Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board (KIADB) are hand-in-glove in grabbing their only source of livelihood, they have alleged.
They said they had staged demonstrations in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s office and sent memoranda to the Governor and the President. Yet, the BJP MLA had proved to be powerful, they said.
And, instead of protecting the law, life and property of weaker sections of society, the officials themselves were facilitating illegal proceedings for acquisition of their agricultural land, alleged Ranjit Patil, president, The Belgaum Shahar Shetkari Sanghatana (BSSS), even as he led a group of affected farmers to submit yet another memorandum to the President through the Deputy Commissioner here on Monday.
Talking to presspersons before submitting the memorandum, he said the KIADB had initiated the process of acquiring 16 acres of fertile agricultural land in Survey Nos. 628, 629 and 630 situated on either side of the Pune-Bangalore Express Highway (National Highway 4) 3 km from the city (on Dharwad Road).
The land, owned by 20 families, fell in the area that had been declared as “Green Belt” in the City Development Plan prepared by the Belgaum Urban Development Authority.
The farmers were raising crops such as paddy, wheat and jowar just sufficient to earn a livelihood. Recently, an owner of a piece of land in Survey No. 498:1:1 tried to convert the land for industrial purpose. But, the Government rejected his application on the ground that the area was under the “Green Belt”.
But, the KIADB was going ahead with the acquisition process only to help Mr. Abhay Kumar Patil, who wanted to grab the land through the Parivartan Alpa Sankyanka Krushi Seva Sangh, Mr. Ranjit Patil alleged.
The MLA had an eye on the land of the poor and weak farmers for long and set up the forum involving his family members and relatives with the objective of grabbing the land on the Express Highway, he claimed.
He said when the farmers started protesting, the police officials started harassing them under the influence of the MLA who was trying to take possession of the land. Though under normal circumstances the time taken for acquisition of agricultural land is three years, the KIADB took only 10 days to complete the procedure.
It even changed the names of the owners in the official records, despite the fact that the Supreme Court had, in its various judgments, held that no fertile agricultural land should be acquired for non-agricultural purposes, he said
In this case, the acquisition was being done without even giving proper compensation. Though the Government had given Rs. 60,000 per gunta when it acquired land for the Express Highway, the compensation amount being offered now was just Rs. 1.50 lakh per acre.
Mr. Ranjit Patil said it was ironical that the BJP came to power in the name of farmers. But, its MLA was trying to grab farmers’ land through illegal and coercive means. Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa should intervene and come to the rescue of the poor farmers, he added.
Mr. Ranjit Patil said the matter had been taken up in the Karnataka High Court.
Meanwhile, efforts to contact Mr. Abhay Kumar Patil were in vain.
However, official sources in the KIADB here told The Hindu that in view of the matter pending before the High Court, their Development Officer as well as the Regional Commissioner Amita Prasad directed the KIADB against pursing the matter. Therefore, there was no move to take possession of the land now

This blog has put a realted story to this on Oct.29,2007 its here. We All should stand with the farmers.We want development but not at the cost of the farmers land, if there are no farmers then what shallwe eat Industries.

Shahpur was a commercial center in 1550

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The Adilshai of Bijapur ruled over Belgaum and one Sher Khan added Shahpur to Belgaum, which was originally called Shahpet in 1550. It grew to be a commercial center then.

Source: The Karnataka State Gazetteer
Contributed by MAHANTESH VAKKUND, Bangalore

St.Pauls & G G Chitnis enter Semi finals

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In the ongoing Royston memorial football tournament favorites St.Pauls School entered the semi finals of the tournament. Chitnis School also has entered the Semis.

Today's Matches:
St.Xaviers Vs Bensons
Rashtriya Military school Vs Oriental

Government of India has an online Grievance forum

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Government of India has started an online Grievance forum at

The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances is the nodal agency to formulate policy guidelines for citizen-centric governance in the country. Redress of citizens' grievances, being one of the most important initiatives of the department, DAR&PG formulates public grievance redress mechanisms for effective and timely redress / settlement of citizens' grievances. This is a Government of India Portal aimed at providing the citizens with a platform for redress of their grievances. If you have any grievance against any Government organization in the country, you may lodge your grievance here, which will go to the Ministry/Department/State Government concerned for immediate redress.

Mr.BIDDU: Our Guest Editor feels:
There are thousands of grievances forum already existing in our country. What is more important is to provide timely redresal of the grievances piling up through these forums. Now, with online grievance cell (hope it will work for few days), there will fresh stock of online complaints, "if I have understood our 'office-ka-babu' and 'hamare neta' properly."

Therefore, Belgaumites, if you faced some problem go ahead try to make a complaint and see if it is redressed.
Original link of portal sent by Bharat. Murgod.

Royston Memorial Quarter finals today

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GG Chitins, M V Herwadkar & St.Xaviers won their matches and have entered the next round.

Today's matches:
GG Chitins Vs Islamiya @ 3pm
St.Pauls Vs M V Herwadkar @ 4pm

It’s a long wait for passport applicants in Belgaum

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Source The Hindu
There has been an increase in the number people applying for passport
Open more counters to meet the growing demand of local people

The two counters for receiving passport applications in Belgaum are not in a position to meet the growing demands of the local people.

One can see a large number of people waiting for several hours to submit their applications at the counters housed at the Head Post Office and the office of the Superintendent of Police here, on any given day.

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the number people applying for passport. Among them are students from the city and other parts of the district who look forward to pursue higher education in the United States or the United Kingdom.
According to B.R. Patil, marketing executive of the Regional Passport Office, about 4,000 applications were received at the counter located in the post office in 2007. As many as 3,000 applications were submitted at the counter in 2006.

In 2008, 2,830 applications have been received at the counter till Friday and the figure is expected to cross 5,000-mark by the year-end, according to Mr. Patil.
According to a private agent, service provided at the two counters is “satisfactory”. However, they are not in a position to attend to even 50 per cent of the applicants on any given day. Applications are received at the two counters only between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. As a result, many people return home without submitting their application after waiting for several hours.
The delay is not due to any lethargic attitude on the part of the officials managing these counters but because of the time spent on verifying each application in presence of the applicant.
The officials assist the applicants if the applications are not filled properly to ensure that they are not rejected. They also enter the data online in the presence of the applicant and despatch the applications to the Regional Passport Office in Bangalore in the evening.

It is difficult for one or two persons to handle so many applications every day, said an applicant and added that more counters should be opened in other localities so that their work load was evenly distributed.

L.N. Lengde, a businessman, who spent over six hours along with his children to submit the applications on Friday, said he lost almost a day’s business waiting in the queue. Much time could be saved if there was a separate officer to verify the applications, he said. Another applicant, who was in the queue from 7 a.m. and submitted his application at 11 a.m., said that the authorities concerned should open more counters to meet the growing demand of local people.

Thank God! I had got my passport done 6 years back at that time I had to wait for 70 minutes to submit my form. So it seems many many have travelled aborad from Belgaum, A good sign of prosperity, may be.

Puranic Associations of Belgaum

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Many places in the Belgaum district have been associated with mythological traditions. There are as many 5 Ramteerths namely 1)in the Parasgad Fort 2)at Mullur in Ramdurg 3)Near Kanbargi 4) Ramteertha in Athani & 5) in Halashi in Khanapur Taluk which are described as visited by Rama who installed Ramlinags at these places. Ramdurg fort is the place ascribed to the place where Shabri had met Rama.Sogal is the place where Sugolmuni performed penance.The Yellama Gudda is called the site where Jamadgani had lived and the dramatic evenrts of his son Prashurama beheading his mother Renuka at his fathers bidding having taken place.Jamboti is associated with Jambavati, lord Krishna's consort & Jambvant's daughter.

Source: The Karnataka State Gazetteer
Contributed by MAHANTESH VAKKUND, Bangalore

Royston memorial update

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Bensons School, Rashtriya Military school & Oriental school won their matches and entered the next round.

Today's matches: Vanita Vidyalaya Vs G G Chitnis
Dyan Prabhodhan Vs M V HerwadkarMarathi Vidya Vs St.Xaviers

Belgaum Pune railway line

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There was a severe famine in 1876-78 and this was responsible for laying of the Railway line connecting Belgaum with Pune.

The highway connecting Belgaum with Satara was constructed a bit a later during the same period.

Source: The Karnataka State Gazetteer
Contributed by MAHANTESH VAKKUND, Bangalore

Shaniwar Khoot breathes fresh air

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All the vegetable street vendors and fruit vendors from the Shaniwar Khoot road were removed by the traffic police yesterday till the Shaniwar khoot circle.

The road has heavy traffic and these vendors were causing a lot of trouble for the traffic and hence the police after a long time removed them and relocated them.

Pangul Galli to be widened

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The Belgaum Corporation now plans to widen the road of Pangul Galli. It is link to the main market from Ganpat galli and as now most of the street has new buildings the widening should be done easily, it is said.

There are old buildings also and how they are dealt with will have to be seen.

Royston Memorial updates

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Royston Memorial updates:

M V Herwadkar, St.Xaviers & G G Chitnis schools won their respective matches and entered the knock out rouand starting from today.

Today Matches:

Rashtriya Military School Vs Sant mira

Bensons School Vs Mahila Vidyalaya

Oriental Vs Cantonment School

Sardars High School first English school in Belgaum district

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Did you Know This?
The London Mission started an Anglo Vernacular School in 1832 at Belgaum. The first high school founded in Belgaum district was Sardars High School at Belgaum to impart English education.

Source: The Karnataka Sate Gazetteer
Contributed by MAHANTESH VAKKUND, Bangalore

Royoston memorial knock out round

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Today will be the last match in the league round of the Royston memorial tournament.
Today evening the lots of the matches of the knock out round will be done. 14 schools have made their place to this round.
The knock out round will begin from tomorrow.

POWER & SPEED create big holes in pockets

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In the past few days, 'Singh has become the King', the share market is now again ready to take a leap upwards and Crude oil prices are heading only southwards. All these things are very nice for the common man. Today crude is trading at about 124.24$ which is of its high of almost 150$.

At the time when, oil prices were rising upwards the oil companies in India adopted a nice way to "LOOT" the public by selling only PREMIUM petrol & diesel. Since then prices have increased and the local fuel sellers who were only selling branded fuel again went back to regular fuel.

However, since the past couple of days again the "LOOT" has begun. You are compelled to buy branded fuel like Power & Speed and to add to that when I fueled my car today morning for Rs.500 the vendor said this is the last time he will be filling for Rs.500 and henceforward the max fueling will be only Rs.200, the person fueling said.

Now, I have a point to make here. The fuel prices have come down all is normal then why is that we are compelled to buy this costly branded fuel when we do not want it.
Many of you must have faced this problem, kindly leave your comments so that others also know about it. I had raised this issue earlier on this very blog and the local newspapers have done it. Nevertheless, who will bell the cat is the question?

Until then, just see POWER & SPEED create big holes in your pockets.

Farmers oppose move to acquire farmland

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Farmers of Kamkaratti, six km from here on the Pune-Bangalore Express Highway (NH4), on Wednesday marched to the office of the Deputy Commissioner to re-assert their stand against handing over their agricultural land to the government, either for the establishment of Suvarna Vidhana Soudha or any other industrial purpose.
Source The Hindu
I dont understand why the govt. does not go in for Non Farm land. Otherwise this issue will crop up all the time at any location.

Cruel Humans: Calf pays for man’s superstition

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Source The Hindu
abandoned: The calf which was found with its ears and tail cut in Belgaum on Tuesday.

The animal was found with its ears and
tail cut

On Tuesday morning, passers-by on Belgaum-Ganeshpur Road in front of Benon Smith School here were shocked to see an abandoned calf bleeding. The animal was in pain after someone had cut its ears and tail.
With no help coming from anybody, the calf collapsed on the ground and people, who watched the animal suffer, did not inform the veterinary hospital or the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Belgaum unit.
When this correspondent reached the spot, the calf was lying on the ground with very little energy to stand on its own. However, the bleeding had stopped.
Street vendors present at the spot since morning said that it was not a case of accident. They alleged that it was a deliberate act of violence. Efforts to trace the owner of the animal went in vain. Some people tried to feed the animal with bananas, but it could not take them.
On being informed, the staff of the veterinary hospital rushed to the spot and administered first aid and anti-septic medicine to the calf. But, efforts to trace the SPCA activists failed. Though the SPCA had opened an office on the premises of the veterinary hospital, it does not function from there anymore.
A senior official in the hospital feared it to be a case of superstition. He said many people, including farmers and cattle owners in villages, cut ears and tails of cattle as mark of sacrifice in the hope of getting divine blessings.

Red Ribbon Express in Belgaum on August 14

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The ‘Red Ribbon Express’ is an exhibition on rail to create HIV awareness and the Railways ministry has introduced this train at the request of the health ministry.

It will reach Belgaum at 5 am on August 14 and depart Belgaum at 1 am on August 15.

Alipaak it happens only in Belgaum

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"Alipaak" phonetically sounds exactly like the same word in Marathi.

Alipaak, a snack made with groundnuts, puffed rice accompanied with sugar cane juice.

Alipaak, can be got in two forms. One Groundnut base and another parched rice base. The groundnuts are cleaned and then salt, Black salt, coriander, graded coconut, green chilies, limejuice is added, and what we get is groundnut Alipaak.

The process for the parched rice Alipaak is also the same just replace the groundnuts. It can be had separately or mixed with puffed rice and a fresh juice of sugarcane adds more flavor to it. In other places I have seen something similar but Onion and other stuff is added here nothing else is added. To top the preparation and to give a bit of spice a Ladoo of besan mixed with asafetida, black salt to give that extra spicy kick.

According to my knowledge, Belgaum is the only place where we get this. It may be available elsewhere with some modifications. I know of two very special and nice places to get it.

First on my list is Sheetal Rasvanti Grih, on Congress Road near Axis bank. Started in 1984 or even earlier I guess this place is the best place for Alipaak and fresh sugar cane juice. If you have been in Belgaum, you must at least visit once here.

The second place to get Alipaak is the moving cart of Mr.Sant. He moves in and around the city. Ganpat Galli, Ramdev Galli, Khade Bazar etc. & he visits each road on a different day of the week.

So the next time you are here and still have not tasted Alipaak do visit them once for a lifetime experience.

Royesten memorial

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Bensons School beat Bhatkande School 9-0
Islamiya beat hartesh by 1-0
Cantonment School beat Maratha Mandal 2-0

Royston Memorial updates

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Royston Memorial updates:
M V Herwadkar, St.Xaviers & G G Chitnis schools won their respective matches and entered the knock out rouand starting from today.
Today Matches:
Rashtriya Military School Vs Sant miraBensons School Vs Mahila VidyalayaOriental Vs Cantonment School

Shaniwar Khoot breathes fresh air

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All the vegetable street vendors and fruit vendors from the Shaniwar Khoot road were removed by the traffic police yesterday till the Shaniwar khoot circle.
The road has heavy traffic and these vendors were causing a lot of trouble for the traffic and hence the police after a long time removed them and relocated them.

Pangul Galli to be widened

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The Belgaum Corporation now plans to widen the road of Pangul Galli. It is link to the main market from Ganpat galli and as now most of the street has new buildings the widening should be done easily, it is said.
There are old buildings also and how they are dealt with will have to be seen.

Royston Memorial updates

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Royston Memorial updates:
M V Herwadkar, St.Xaviers & G G Chitnis schools won their respective matches and entered the knock out rouand starting from today.
Today Matches:
Rashtriya Military School Vs Sant miraBensons School Vs Mahila VidyalayaOriental Vs Cantonment School

Did You know this? Belgaum worm snake

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Typhlops exiguus is a harmless blind snake species found in India. No subspecies are currently recognized.

Common names: Belgaum worm snake

Found in southwestern India where it is know only from Belgaum in the state of Karnataka. The type locality given is "Indes orientalis" [East Indies].


Indian Reflections - The Killer Vote !

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I received this email from an "anonymous author". I found it very intresting so I am posting it here.
As we inch closer in perhaps the most publicly debated power struggle in the centre, new standards seem to be set in politics. There are reports of 100Cr being offered per M.P. to either vote for government or abstain, there was reports of someone being offered a berth in the Central cabinet and someone else a Chief Ministership, someone else has been offered a divided state. The opposition not to be out done by the government has also proposed someone as the future Prime Minister! and is trying its own tactics.Individual MPs are suddenly so caught up in their importance of their single vote, they seem to feel more valuable (some MPs may be wondering why the hell they have only one vote, why not do what is done in municipality elections and let the powerful one cast more votes!?) and in their excited state almost forget what they are talking about.

'In the national interest' has been most heard in the last one week in our media than ever before, 'I believe the Nuclear Deal is in the national interest', 'we need the energy for our future', 'this is strategically important for us', etc. all being mouthed by people who suddenly want to mix emotions, national pride, loyalty, blind faith, meaningless morality and any other kind of sentiment to justify a policy decision that has its roots in science and technology. Even the normally sane looking Dayanidhi Maran was on television declaring his loyalty and reiterating his faith in the 'wisdom of Manmohan Singh' as the reasons for supporting the Nuclear 'Deal' (to the utter irritation of Ms. Gandhi that is what the nation calls it despite her insistence that it be called a agreement and not a deal).

I wouldn't be surprised if there will be prayers to Gods and Godesses across the country that we sign the Nuclear deal and that the government survive. The other day there were reports of Sonia Gandhi being offered laddus from Tirupathi temple for precisely this reason!!! Electrical energy is a function of technology, technologies for producing energy are many and some of them are clean and some cheap, some are destructive to the environment and others not too destructive. Nuclear energy (after this deal) will make us depend external players for raw material, technology, regulation, usage and maybe even trading and charges. It is high technology dependent, requires extreme precaution in terms of safety and security, needs enormous amount of resources as initial investment and maintenance, is certainly not clean or green as the government advertisements claim and could leave residues that takes many thousands of years to dissipate.But, that is of least concern to the MPs, they are currently consumed by the single killer vote that they possess in their person.

Never has every insignificant MP felt so important and so sought after. The visual media is loving it too, post-IPL, they have been fighting among themselves for re-re-re-re-run of Ramayana and Mahabaratha for bolstering their TRPs and here is an opportunity to squeeze a live coverage to its maximum. All kinds of meaningless debates and even more meaningless surveys seem to be conducted by the media. One of them, which I briefly watched, had a survey of Muslims across metropolitan cities as to what they feel about the deal. That is the most stupid development in the media. Why are Muslims being asked an opinion based on their religion on an issue that is about energy and technology? Will we next ask Christians about their opinion on the Iran-Pakistan pipeline, because Iran has snubbed the Christian nations? Similarly will we seek the opinion of Buddhists before we protest against Sri Lanka for killing fishermen in the Tamilnadu coast? What kind of the insensitive media can come up with divisions such as energy for Indians and energy for Muslim Indians.This sure is the most macabre political theatre we are witnessing and the killer votes are shooting at our foundations of democracy and political life. We all may suffer this process as long as its eventual policy outcome.

The Dont fully agree with the authors views, but many of you might.

Yesterday’s black out was due to Technical fault

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On Monday morning, everybody woke up with no electricity and all said that it was part of a power cut.
However, Infact it was due to a failure of an insulator at the Hubli 200 KV unit and it took 6 hours to repair the same.

In the evening the Tata Power, plant had a problem so the power was off. By 8 pm, the power returned and Belgaum got about 80 MW as against 120MW demand.

It has been decided that the industries will face a 4-hour load shedding.
Still Belgaum needs 40 MW and due to this shortfall load shedding is inevitable.

Bapu! Ye kya hua

9:47 PM Posted by ukmad


Yes Biddu, Tell me.

Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa claims to be son of the soil and pro-farmer?

That’s true.

Then, the former JD(S)-BJP Coalition government wherein Mr.Yeddy was deputy chief minister holding Finance portfolio, had stood firm against all pressures and imposed ban on “arrack” to prevent exploitation of farmers Bapu?

That’s also true, Biddu.

But, will his decision to permit 500 more Bars & Restaurants not encourage exploitation of farmers or the common man Bapu?

It will, Biddu.

Then, why did he take such an anti-farmer decision now Bapu?

I do not know Biddu!

I got this mail from Mr.Biddu. He has been working in the print media for more than 10 years.

Your had 25000+ hits

8:27 PM Posted by ukmad

It has happened today and its all due to your over whelming support that this blog is at this stage. It has crossed 25100+ hits in 349 days .
Thanks to you all.

Power drought hits Belgaum:6 to 12 hours power cut

1:07 PM Posted by ukmad

Get ready for an almost black out. From today the 12 hours of load shedding will be done in the city. The CM, Yedurappa will make a statement in the assembly today on this and the timetable for the load shedding could be out.

I had thought of this post in the morning but as power was not there, I am posting this in the afternoon.

Belgaum been put under the 12 hours power cut zone but the HESCOM is trying to get it under the 6 hour cut zone. However, sources say that the 12-hour cut is inevitable.

The monsoon has disappeared and the MET dept. who had said for a very good to above average monsoon this time is not making any statements expect to saying that nothing will change in the next 4-5 days. Which literally means no rains?

The people of Belgaum have started calling in the Gods, asking for rain. Many social and religious groups have organized prayers and havans so that the rain god comes back.

May what it is, even if Singh really becomes the King tomorrow or the Left win the wrong battle in your town its going to be a bit a dark a bit earlier.

Candle making industries are working over night to make up for the orders they have. Kisika Fayda Kisika Nuksaan, Ye he reeth hai Zindagi ki.

Be prepared to be in the dark or pray to the Rain God to come earlier.

Where do you want the Vidhan Soudha? Poll

10:01 AM Posted by ukmad

A poll(offline and online) is being conducted by Mr. Rajeev Topannavar.
The results will be submitted to the CM, Yedurappa and then he would take a decision on the site of the Vidhan Soudha in Belgaum.
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The poll is on a different website and the results are not visible to all. I will make it a point to get the results as and when they compile the same.

Xaviers win

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Sant Meera Vs Mahila Vidyalaya - The match eneded in draw 1-1Marathi Vidya Niketan Vs M V Herwadkar -Marathi Vidya Niketan beat Herwadkar by 3 goals to 0Bensons School Vs St.Xaviers -Xaveris won 1-0

Did You Know this? Tilak -Swaraj is my Birth Right and I will have it

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Did You Know this?

"Swaraj is my Birth Right and I will have it"

These inspiring words were said by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Everybody knows about it.

However, Did you know that those inspiring words were said in a meeting in Belgaum?

As part of the Home Rule movement started in 1916, Tilak confined his activity to Central and western India while Mrs.Anie Besant operated freely all over the country.
Contributed by Sheri Sundeep

Royston Memorial Begins

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The much awaited Royston Gomes Memorial U-13 football tournament went underway yesterday at the St.Pauls High School grounds.

In the opening match, St.Pauls beat Maratha Mandal 7 goals to 0.
Oriental school beat Vanita Vidyala 2-0 and Rashtriya Military School beat Dyan Probhadhan Mandir 5-0.

Today's matches: Sant Meera Vs Mahila Vidyalaya @ 3pm
Marathi Vidya Niketan Vs M V Herwadkar @ 4pm
Bensons School Vs St.Xaviers @ 5pm

Don’t change Suvarna Vidhana Soudha site

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Source The Hindu
Activists of various Kannada organisations staged a “rasta roko” at Rani Channamma Circle here on Thursday, in protest against the decision to find an alternative site for the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha in Belgaum.
They also objected to “volte-face” by Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa on according second capital tag to Belgaum city as promised by the previous Janata Dal(Secular)-Bharatiya Janata Party Government.

Power plays truant

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Source The Hindu
Many could not watch the live telecast of budget presentation
Many farmers could not watch the live telecast of the budget presentation made by Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa on Thursday, owing to scheduled and unscheduled loadshedding in urban and rural areas.
There was no power supply for a major part of the day in several villages in Belgaum taluk and city, including border villages of Hindalga and Sulga and such as Sahyadri Nagar, Hanuman Nagar and T.V. Centre. Power went off frequently and people could not watch the Budget presentation live on television.
Those who were waiting to watch BJP’s first budget were disappointed.
A farmer in Hindalga, Yeshwant Monappa Savgaonkar said he had read in newspapers that Mr. Yeddyurappa would be announcing some relief for farmers and hence he was curious to see the Budget presentation on television. But, there was no power supply.
On the promise to provide free power supply, he said that the Government should first ensure regular and quality power supply every day. “We have learnt to live without regular power supply for years and do not know for how many years this will go on.”
A majority of small and marginal farmers did not have Irrigation Pump sets and depended on rainfall for crops. Was there anything in the Budget for such farmers, he asked. Anandrama Gadakari of Sulga, who is a marginal farmer, said that the Governments had been making so many promises for alleviating poverty. But the fate of his family had not changed in the past six decades. He was unaware of the proposal on complete eradication of poverty. A resident of TV Centre said that the Hubli Electricity Supply Company should have ensured that there was no power cut on the day of budget presentation.
Without power supply, there was no meaning in television channels providing live coverage of the proceedings, he added.

Drought threat looms over Belgaum

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Source The HinduThe threat of a fresh spell of drought looms large over Belgaum district, owing to erratic and insufficient rainfall.
If there is no rainfall for another fortnight, 94 villages in Athani and Ramdurg taluks may have to supplied water through tankers.
The district administration is gearing up to face any such eventuality and has directed officials to be take steps to tackle any crisis. Deputy Commissioner G. Ravishankar held a meeting with district-level officials on Wednesday.
According to official sources here on Thursday, the district administration’s immediate concern is to arrange drinking water supply in villages and fodder for cattle in the event of any natural calamity. A warning has been issued to ensure that locally available fodder is not transported to other States.
The district administration has decided to set up control rooms for the convenience of people in rural areas.
Poor rainfall has also affected sowing operations.

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Srinagar, July 15: A trooper today committed suicide by shooting himself with his service rifle in Nagrota area of Jammu. “The soldier Mudassir (26) of Belgaum, Karnataka, was posted in 9 Madras at Nagrota,” sources said adding that he shot himself with his service rifle at around 9:15 AM and died on the spot. A court of inquiry has been ordered, they said.

Winter session to be held in Belguam in November

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Legislative Assembly Speaker Jagadish Shettar said the winter session of the State legislature will be conducted in Belgaum either in November or December. The Government has not yet finalized schedule of holding the session in Belgaum, he said. The Kumaraswamy government had convened the first session of the State legislature in Belgaum in September 2006.

Belgaum corporation meeting ends abruptly

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Agenda passed without discussion; Mayor walks out
Opposition members put Mayor in an embarrassing position
People feel sorry at their representatives’ behaviour

Wednesday’s meeting of the Belgaum City Corporation, which witnessed pandemonium on several occasions, was abruptly adjourned as it happened the last time on June 21.

However, the meeting concluded with one of the corporators belonging to the ruling group announcing that the House had passed the day’s agenda without any discussion, leaving the entire Opposition in a state of shock and confusion.

Mayor Prashanta K. Budavi and ruling group members walked out of the Council Hall immediately thereafter.
Opposition leaders Balasab Kakatkar, Kiran Sayanak and Dhanraj Gauli reacted sharply to the “undemocratic” style of functioning and said they were in shock and confused. This is not the way the ruling group should function, Mr. Gauli said.

The meeting took off on a stormy note with the Opposition Marathi group questioning the volte-face by the Mayor on her decision taken at the last meeting that she would not convene a council meeting till the Government transferred Commissioner P.A. Meghannavar.

The Opposition also demanded that the Mayor explain her stand on the issue in view of the ruling group describing the Mayor’s decision as “personal”.
In the last meeting, Ms. Budavi had expressed helplessness over the alleged non-cooperative attitude of Mr. Meghannavar and his interference in the Mayor’s responsibilities by bringing in certain issues on the agenda without her notice and announced that the Government would be requested to transfer him. She had also declared that she would not convene a meeting till Mr. Meghannavar was transferred. Her decision had been recorded in the proceedings of the meeting.

When the ruling benches defended the Mayor saying that the contents in the proceedings were personal and asked the Opposition to ignore the matter and allow the meeting to take up issues confronting the people, the Opposition demanded that the Mayor explain whether she corroborated the views of the ruling group members and put her in an embarrassing position.
However, giving in to the Opposition’s demand and in view of the weak defence put up by the ruling benches in the absence of their group leader Sambhaji Patil, Ms. Budavi announced that she would withdraw her remarks on Mr. Meghannavar and pleaded with the Opposition that they should allow the meeting to take up the matters slated in the agenda.

Yet, the Opposition harped on the same issue even after the Mayor repeated her request five times. And, all the while they said that they were not against the development of the city.
The Opposition members also demanded that the Mayor explain her stand in Marathi. This, despite Ms. Budavi’s repeated submission that she could not speak Marathi though she understood the language.

Even the requests made by two MLAs, Feroz Sait (Congress) and Abhay Kumar Patil (BJP), that linguistic differences should not be brought into picture and that they should concentrate on development issues failed to make any impact on the Opposition members. As the arguments and counter arguments continued in the post-lunch session and what was later clarified to media persons that it was “slip of the tongue” on the part of Ms. Budavi to say that she would speak in Kannada as she was a “Kannadiga Mayor”, the Marathi group wasted no moment in entering the well of the House and staging a dharna in protest against such a “partisan behaviour” of the Mayor.

Left with no way out, the ruling group member, Parshuram Dhage, suddenly flashed a copy of the agenda for the day and declared that all of the issues in it had been passed.
With that the Mayor and the ruling group corporators walked out of the meeting hall, which apparently was a post-lunch strategy to save the situation from turning worse.
However, many in the gallery meant for the public felt sorry at the behaviour of their elected representatives who had no time to discuss the people’s problems and development of the city even when Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa had offered to develop Belgaum into a “model city”.
Those who spoke on behalf of the ruling group included N.B. Nirwani, Rajan Hulbatte, Deepak Waghela and Feroz Darga.

Karnataka Budget 2008-09 What Belgaum Gets

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Belgaum will get Rs.50 crores for infrastructure development. It will be the part of the Rs.700 Crores proposed for development of 7 cities.

Acquiring 370 acres of land will also expand the airport at Belgaum.

Proposed major industrial corridors with 8 lane roads are:
Bangalore-Belgaum via Davengare-Hubli

For the Vishva Kannada Sammelana to be held in Belgaum this year a sum of Rs.25 crores has been provided. A cell for providing information and support to non-resident Kannadigas will be set up in Bangalore (NRI Cell).

Preparations are being made to start Suvarna Vidhana Soudha in Belgaum and hold an assembly session.
The foundation stone for the construction of Suvarna Vidhana Soudha at Belgaum has been laid some time ago even though the work has not yet commenced. The work on this project will be accelerated this year utilizing an allocation of Rs.50 crores provided in the budget.

Financial assistance of Rs.One crores for development of Sangolli Rayanna Memorial at Belgaum.(This should be Nandgad 36 kms from Belgaum the place where he was hanged to tree)

For the development of second tier cities such as Mysore, Mangalore, Belgaum, Hubli-Dharwad, Davanagere, Bellary and Gulbarga it is proposed to provide Rs.100 crores each to the municipal bodies of these cities over a period of two years. During this year, upto Rs.50 crores each will be given to these municipal bodies for specific projects.

A cement zone will be established for Belgaum and other districts.

Keeping in mind the natural and human resources in the State, six special industrial zones will be developed on the Public Private Partnership basis. A garment zone will be established in Belgaum For the above purposes Rs.500 Crores will be spent by KIADB during the year 2008-09.

An IT – BT zone will be established in Belgaum

A Suvarna Karnataka development corridor programme will be implemented throughout the length and breadth of the state for industrial development. For this purpose Rs.10 Crores will be allocated for preparing the project plans for the following corridors
Bangalore-Belgaum via Davengare-Hubli

It is proposed to set up IT and BT parks in cities like Hubli-Dharwad, Belgaum, Gulbarga, Shimoga, Davangere, Mangalore through joint ventures of private participation and Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board. KEONICS will be provided with a capital contribution of Rs.10 Crores to promote the above development.

In order to address the shortage of trained drivers for the heavy vehicles four training centers will be established, one each in the revenue divisions, at the cost of Rs. 5 Crores. Truck terminals will be established in Belgaum through public private partnership.
The number of Bangalore One centers will be increased from the present 34 to 75. Similar centers will be opened in Belgaum. (Bangalore One Centers are places where in you can pay all the Govt Taxes and other services under one roof.


QuEST to set up metal fabrication facility

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QuEST, a leading provider of outsourced engineering services and manufacturing announced today that QuEST Manufacturing, its wholly owned subsidiary, is setting up a dedicated sheet metal fabrication facility for aerospace in its 300 acre Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Belgaum, Karnataka, India. This facility would in close proximity to machining and special processing and would support both engine and structural sheet metal forming. Phase-1 of this facility would consist of sheet metal cutting, brake forming, hydro forming / fluid forming, heat treatment for aluminum and assembly operations like riveting, etc. “Setting up of the sheet metal processing facility will enable QuEST and its current customers to graduate towards integrated sourcing and assemblies. It reiterates our commitment to setup an ecosystem for the supply chain catering to global aerospace industry requirement. Combined with the rest of our capabilities it positions us uniquely in the aerospace industry in India.” said Aravind Melligeri, Chairman & Co-founder, QuEST. QuEST has appointed Nicholas Belbin, as an advisory board member at QuEST Manufacturing to leverage his extensive experience in aerospace sheet metal processing. He has been instrumental in establishing FMS and computerized systems for various forming processes like brake forming, hydro-forming, hot forming etc. He has also written detailed specifications for forming and processing of sheet metal fabrication and assembly.QuEST is participating in the Farnborough International Airshow 2008 – UK, during which, it would be showcasing its end-to-end capabilities in aerospace engineering which include design and drafting/modeling, analysis/simulation, design automation, technical documentation, instrumentation and controls, electrical wiring/harness, avionics, embedded systems, manufacturing engineering, prototyping, in-house precision machining, sheet metal work and special processing.

7:15 AM Posted by ukmad

Load shedding in Belgaum

As the production of electricity has drastically reduced due to, the shortage of water in the dams and the demand has increased due to heat, HESCOM (Hubli Electricity Supply Company) has decided to cut 20% supply to the city.

Since the past few days, load shedding is on the city for about half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening but the timing is not fixed and there is no fixed schedule, which is causing problems to Belgaumites.

Belgaum gets the supply from the 220 KV Indal Station. This station requires about 120 Mega Watt but it is getting only 23 MW from Hubli and 60 MW from Tata Power which means a shortage of 37 MW. Load shedding is being done to cover this shortfall.

A detailed load shedding timetable is expected in a couple of days.

We never faced the problem this summer as there was plenty of rainfall from March to may. However, this monsoon we will have to face it.

However, we are better than other states like Maharashtra where there is 4 –5 hours of load shedding in town and about 12-14 hours in rural areas.

Jagriti Yatra’ of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in Belgaum

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Jagriti Yatra’ of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in Belgaum

The “jagriti ratha yatra” organised to mark 300th year of consecration of Nanded-based Gurta Gadi of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, revered as the eternal guru by the Sikhs, entered Karnataka on Tuesday.
The ratha or the chariot carrying Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the holy weapons possessed by Sri Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth and last guru of Sikh community who fought injustice and tyranny, was accorded a warm welcome at Rani Channamma Circle in the city on its arrival from Sangli in Maharashtra.

The Sachkhand Gurudwara at Nanded had organised the tercentenary celebration of Gurta Gaddi, which is of great relevance to the Sikh community. The yatra is touring parts of the country with a view to spread the message of oneness and universal love as professed by Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

from all walks of life, who took a break to have a glimpse of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the holy weapons, offered flowers and received “Prasad” and sought blessings.
The “ratha yatra” proceeded to Goa later in the afternoon. On the occasion, the Sadh Sangat Gurudwara Committee of Beglaum had organised langar (Mahaprasad) at the Gurudwara in Tilakwadi.

JD(S) demands 'Second Capital status' to Belgaum

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The Janata Dal (Secular) will launch an agitation if the BJP Government in Karnataka failed to confer 'Second State Capital' status to Belgaum as promised by the previous BJP-JD(S) coalition Government.

Addressing a press conference here today, State JD(S) Spokesperson Y S V Dutta said Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa should not fail to honour the commitment made to the people of Belgaum district when he was the Deputy Chief Minister. He said the decision to hold a special Assembly session in Belgaum was taken by former Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy and the State Government should take all measures to make it an annual affair.

He criticised the State Government's move to shift the construction site of the proposed 'Suvarna Soudha', a permanent venue for holding Assembly sessions in Belgaum, for which both Mr Kumaraswamy and Mr Yeddyurappa had laid the foundation stone last year.
Sourec UNI

Royston Gomes football begins 18 july

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The Royston Gomes memorial football (under 13) will be kicked off on 18 July this year at the St.Pauls high school grounds. This is the 27th year of this tournament.

On 15th August 1979 Royston, son of Jo Gomes studying in Std.3 went to Gokak for a holiday. By accident he fell into the water and the he died.

Royston, loved to play football and keeping this mind in 1981 his father started this tournament. This tournament has been a landmark stone in the football season of the year and the stepping-stone for upcoming footballers. As all of them start playing for their school only from this tournament.

This tournament has seen one of the most disciplined teams playing each other. The standard of the teams has also increased with time. Out of the 26 years that’s this tournament has been played St.Pauls have won it 21 times, Phoenix School 4 times and Belgaum Military School once.

This time 20 schools will participate in the tournament. The finalists qualify for inter state invitational tournament in which this year teams from Goa, Bangalore and Pune will participate.

I know many of those reading this might have also played in this tournament when they were in school. I never played tough but was witness to many a victory of St.Pauls and also witness to the loss to Belgaum Military School.

Hip Hip Hurray !!!

Vidhan Soudha at Halga or Khamkharhatti

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MP Suresh Angadi yesterday said that the Vidhan Soudha be built near the highway and the decision of not building on the Vaccine Depot is the right one.

He further said that it be built in Halga or Khamkharhatti. He added building the Vidhan soudha in a densely populated area will cause more problems to the general public and also more traffic chaos on the already chaotic Khanapur Road.

Rakaskop reservoir has water for 3 months

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As the rain have taken a rest and this time the rest has been too long the Rakaskop reservoir has water which will last for 3 months only. What after that is the question?

Rains this time came beforetime but then suddenly disappeared. This has been a cause of worry now. Last year by July 7 the reservoir was full to its capacity of 2475 feet. Infact this may the reservoir recorded its highest ever water level in that month of 2450.1 feet.

Now its all on the rain God.
Ye re Ye re Pausa Tula Deto Paisa …

Rs. 2,499-crore action plan prepared for Belgaum

7:46 AM Posted by ukmad

Source The Hindu
Belgaum will be developed as a model city: Chief Minister

The Belgaum district administration has prepared a Rs. 2,499.70-crore action plan to take up various development works and provide better civic facilities.
The action plan comes in the wake of Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa’s announcement to develop Belgaum as a “model city”.

According to the break-up, the district administration has proposed to spend Rs. 1,093 crore on road development/improvement works, including Rs. 58 crore on a fast-track corridor connecting four major roads of the city, and Rs. 250 crore on construction of hi-tech circles at the intersections of roads.

A sum of Rs. 90 crore would be spent on construction of 25 new gardens (in addition to the existing 22 gardens) in the city, developing sport and cultural centres and other facilities to meet entertainment and recreational needs of the people.
Another Rs. 18 crore would be spent on the underground drainage system, Rs. 333 crore on electrification, Rs. 235.45 crore on developing health facilities by increasing beds in the District Government Hospital to 1,000 and Rs. 183.25 crore on developing industrial areas around the city.
The Chief Minister, who interacted with representatives of various social organisations and those representing industry here on Saturday, sought for cooperation from all quarters to implement the action plan.

Those present at the meeting included district in-charge and Water Resources Minister Basavaraj Bommai, MPs Suresh C. Angadi and Prabhakar B. Kore, Deputy Commissioner G. Ravishankar and Belgaum City Corporation Commissioner P.A. Meghannavar.
Subsequently, Mr. Bommai held a meeting with district officials and reviewed the progress of work in the boundary areas of the district. He told the officials to expedite all work.

Komalanna Doddannavar Passes away

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Komalanna Doddannavar, Chairman of Bharatesh Education Society passed away, he was 85.

He had taken part in the Quit india movement and also was in jail for 6 months. All the students and many people paid their last respects to him.

Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery: KLES DR. PRABHAKAR KORE HOSPITAL Belgaum

10:02 PM Posted by ukmad

A 55 year old Police cop who met with a Road Traffic Accident & suffered severe shoulder joint fracture was successfully operated by implanting artificial shoulder joint by young & dynamic Orthopedic & Trauma Surgeon Dr. Mahantesh Patil at KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital. Lodging of artificial joint for the ailing Shoulder Joint is the first of its kind in North Karnataka.

The patient was shifted with severely deformed right shoulder from Civil Hospital. Dr. Mahantesh Patil successfully performed the complex surgery which lasted for 3 hours. It may be recalled that Dr. Patil did his Post Doctoral Course ( in Joint Replacement Surgery recently at University of Dundee, United Kingdom.

Dr. M V Jali, Medical Director of KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital congratulated Dr. Patil for successful surgery.

Nitin Nimbalkar successful in CA exam

1:31 PM Posted by ukmad

Nitin Ramesh Nimbalkar has successfully passed the Chartered Accountancy exam that was held in May 2008.

He has been very good at academics since school and was the best boy for his M V Herwadkar high school. He did his B.Com from Gogte College of Commerce and secured 9th place in the merit list. He did his article ship at J D Kalpvaruksh, Belgaum. His mother has been an inspiration, Nitin told this Blog. His two uncles have supported him all through. When this blog contacted his wife, she said that this was the best day in her life.

Congrats ….

Reliance Footprint in Belgaum soon

8:08 AM Posted by ukmad

Reliance Retail has launched its sixth `Reliance Footprint' - an outlet dedicated to footwear, handbags and accessories - in the country at Mangalore. This is the first outlet in Mangalore. A press release said here on Saturday that `Reliance Footprint' plans to have a pan-India presence by opening over 30 such large specialty stores across metros and mini-metros within the next 12 months. It will continue to expand in Karnataka by opening sores in Mysore, Hubli and Belgaum.
Source The Hindu Businessline

Vaccine Depot SAVED! Government to look for alternative site for Suvarna Vidhana Soudha

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Source The Hindu
Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa appears to have yielded to pressure from a few elected representatives of Belgaum district to reconsider the decision on going ahead with the construction of Suvarna Vidhana Soudha on the Vaccine Institute premises here.
After a closed door meeting with officials, BJP MPs Prabhakar B. Kore and Suresh C. Angadi, and a few BJP legislators here on Saturday, Mr. Yeddyurappa announced at a press conference that the Government would look for an alternative site for the project in view of the “second opinion” of the local elected representatives.
The previous Janata Dal (Secular)-Bharatiya Janata Party coalition Government had decided to construct the Vidhana Soudha on the Vaccine Institute premises. The Social Justice Forum and other environmental groups have been opposing any construction activity on the premises in view of ecological reasons.
Mr. Yeddyurappa said the district administration had been asked to identify alternative sites as there were no proper approach roads to the Vaccine Institute. The former Chief Minister H.D. Kumarswamy had performed “bhoomi puja” in presence of Mr. Yeddyurappa in August last.Mr. Yeddyurappa said that the final decision on the project site would be taken in a month and construction would start soon. The project would be completed in two years, he added.

Winter session
Earlier, at a function he said that the dates for holding the winter session of the legislature in Belgaum would be announced soon. The Government would hold the proposed world Kannada meet here before December, he said.

This blog had been in the fore front for raising this issue of saving Vaccine Depot. It may not have a made an impact on the Govt. But the thing that many came forward to save it is all that was needed. Tjanks for your suport.

Winter session in Belgaum

7:52 AM Posted by ukmad

The State Government will hold the winter session of the legislature in Belgaum, Basavaraj Bommai, Minister for Water Resources, said here on Friday. Speaking at an interactive meeting with representatives of various organisations, he said the Government was keen on start work on the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha in Belgaum, for which the former Chief Minister H.D. Kumarswamy had performed “bhoomi puja” in August last year

Source The Hindu

Minister promises more funds to expedite development works

7:44 AM Posted by ukmad

Source The Hindu
Government will organise world Kannada meet in Belgaum: Bommai

The State Government will organise the proposed world Kannada meet in Belgaum city, Minister for Major and Medium Irrigation Basavaraj Bommai, who is also the district in-charge Minister, announced here on Friday. Dates for the event would be announced soon, he said.

Mr. Bommai said he would try to solve the problems impeding the growth of industries and get more funds to expedite development works in the city. The Minister said he would urge the Chief Minister to establish a special economic zone and a food park in the city, besides implementing works on establishment of information technology and biotechnology parks. Mr. Bommai asked the BCC officials to show improvement in the civic works within 30 days.
There were also demands on naming the airport and the central bus stand here after Rani Chennamma and construction of a wholesale vegetable market complex by the dealers who had purchased land on their own for the purpose.

Belgaum gearing up for Chief Minister’s visit

7:40 AM Posted by ukmad

Belgaum city is gearing up to accord a warm welcome to Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa on Saturday.

This will be Mr. Yeddyurappa’s first visit to the city after assuming charge.
The Belgaum City Corporation has taken up repairs of a few select roads. The roads are being cleaned and weeds that had grown on road dividers are being removed.
The district administration has put up a welcome arch at the main gate of the District Commissioner’s office compound. Bharatiya Janta Party workers have put up several banners, welcome arches, posters, life-size cutouts of the Chief Minister, party flags and buntings at vantage points in the city.
Mr. Yeddyurappa will be participating in at least nine events during his visit.
He will reach Chiknandi village in Gokak taluk from Hubli to participate in a function organised by Sri Siddharoodh Math at 8.30 a.m. Later, he will participate in, among others, “Amrut Mahotsava” celebrations of Kannada daily Samyukta Karnataka at Dr. Jeergi Memorial Hall, discussion on issues concerning establishment of Suvarna Vidhana Soudha, interactive meeting with representatives of the public and social organisations on civic issues and meeting with representatives of farmers and BJP workers.
He will also participate in a function at Lingayat Bhavan.

Mr. Yeddyurappa will stay overnight at MP Suresh C. Angadi’s house and leave for Mysore on Sunday.

vote for ukmad

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Hi !

A personal request on this blog. I wont make many, but its just one of the very few.

Seagate, the storage media company is organizing a online Precious Memories competition and I have put a picture taken by me for the competition. The direct link is here:

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No takers for Desur IT park

9:54 AM Posted by ukmad

The most awaited IT park in Belgaum will be ready in another 6 months time but the tech companies have shown no interest in it. KSSIDC the developer of the said IT park had surveyed a year ago for this and at that time many software giants from Bangalore and pune had agreed to open shop here but no one yet has taken any space here.

The 42 acres land that has been used for this park has now all the basic amenities required like roads, water etc. The road leading to the park been also made.

The cost of doing business in metros is increasing many folds and eyeing this only many companies have now shifted their base from metros. The same was here and as there are a couple of good engineering colleges also in town this IT park would have been a boon to the city.

Till date there have been no takers for this, hope to see some big IT majors in town soon.

Infy, Satyam,IBM,Wipro are you reading this blog, please come to our city.

Don’t change site of Suvarna Vidhana Soudha

9:54 AM Posted by ukmad

Source The Hindu
Two MPs putting pressure on Government’
‘Change amounts to showing disrespect to the committee’
Belgaum: The Belgaum District Kannada Organisations Action Committee has threatened to launch an agitation if the Government yields to the demand to change the site of Suvarna Vidhana Soudha.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, action committee leaders Umadevi Topannavar, Raghavendhra Joshi, Kalyanrao Muchalambi and its President Ashok Chandargi said that the Janata Dal (Secular)-Bharatiya Janata Party Government had finalised the Vaccine Institute premises at Tilakwadi for setting up the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha.

This site was chosen by a committee that comprised Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and chairperson of the Legislative Council, among others. In August last, technical approval was granted and tenders invited for award of contract for civil works, they said.
On August 26 last, the former Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy and Deputy Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa had performed “bhoomi pooja,” and promised to start construction work at the earliest. But work had been delayed despite the Government earmarking Rs. 250 crore for the purpose, they said.
After the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Government came to power, there was fresh hope that the Government would start construction work soon.

The committee members alleged that two MPs were putting pressure on the Government to shift the site of the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha from the Vaccine Institute, to suit their interests that include protection of the interests of the Marathi vote bank. This was despite the fact that both of them had participated in the “bhoomi pooja,” the members said.
The anti-Karnataka Maharashtra Ekikaran Samithi had also been opposing establishment of the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha, they said.

The Government should start work on the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha by ignoring the pressure being put by BJP leaders Prabhakar Kore and Suresh C. Angadi. Any change in the site would amount to showing disrespect to the committee that had finalised it, the committee members said. Mr. Joshi said that although the Krishna Government had appointed a committee to study the feasibility of holding a legislative session in Belgaum, the idea was dropped following the committee submitting an adverse report.

Sonia Narang new SP of Belgaum

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Sonia Narang will be the new Superintendent of Police of Belgaum.

Hemant Nimbalkar has been transferred to Chickmanglur.

KLE Society bags Kolhapur health city project

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Source Business StandardBelgaum-based Karnataka Legal Education (KLE) Society has bagged the Rs 500 crore ‘Medical Health City' project, proposed by the Kolhapur municipal corporation (KMC), after winning the bid against the likes Reliance Group, Hyderabad-based IVRL Group, Chennai-based Apollo Hospital, Delhi-based Value Group, Mumbai-based Hinduja National Hospital and Chennai-based Narayan Rudra Hospital.

Apparently, the society had submitted an offer of Rs 31.42 crore for the space in the project. KMC will provide around 10.56 lakh sq ft of land and other infrastructural facilities for the project which will be the first of its kind in Western Maharashtra.

The KLE society is expected to build well equipped hospital having 2,000 beds and other modern medical facilities. Besides, it will offer a well-built hospital in the area of 50,000 sq ft to KMC, replacing the present hospital which needs renovation and other amenities.
While KMC's new hospital will provide medical facilities for the epidemic-diseases, the KLE society's private hospital will provide ultra-modern facilities to those who afford the fees and other costs of the medical services and facilities.

Speaking about the project, Dr. Sudhir Deshmukh, health officer at KMC pointed out that KLE society's offer is to be discussed in details in due course of time and will be finalised for the submission for final approval during KMC's general body meeting.

Vaccine Depot Saved? CM, Yedurappa in town tomorrow;Niranjan Navalgund in World Youth Chess Championship

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Vaccine Depot saved, as the The Suvarna Soudha will get a different location. A report presented yesterday suggests that the building Vidhan Soudha will require 200 acres and the vaccine depot has only 150 aces and also the entrance is not big enough and traffic congestion could be very heavy.

Its better to be late than never..

CM, Yedurappa will be in Belgaum on Saturday and will take part in a host of functions. He will inaugurate the laser facility at the KLEs City polyclinic in Samadevi Galli. He will also meet people and make a "Think Tank" for the development of Belgaum.

Niranjan Chandrashekar Navalgund will represent the country in the World Youth Chess Championship to be held in Vietnam in the month of October.

He ranks 2018 in world FIDE rankings and is 1 for under 13 in Belgaum. He is a very good poet also he has written about 60 English and 20 20 Kannada poems.

He needs support to go for the championship and hence if anyone is interested you can contact him at H.No.172, Angolkar Compound, Budhwar Peth, Tilakwadi, Belgaum.

Disclaimer: If anyone intends to help him please go ahead and mention this blog but kindly note that I do not take any responsibility of any sorts. I am just highlighting this here so that he would be helped in public interest. No personal Interest nor have I seen him or met him.

Source: Tarun Bharat & UkMaD

Of scary creature and popular dish

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Women selling crabs in the Belgaum market.

The demand for crab meat has been increasing over the years, though crab-farming is yet to catch up in the region.
Crabs are caught from tanks, rivers, bunds, paddy fields and wells by crab-hunters who bring their catch to towns and cities in the region during shandy days and earn between Rs. 300 and Rs. 1,000 by selling a crab for Rs. 10.
A large number of women are involved in crab-hunting and selling, says Nagavva Lakappa Nadvinmani of Hidkal village, who has been selling crabs at Belgaum’s Fish Market for the past few years. She earns up to Rs. 500 on a shandy day.

Crab is a popular dish of the people of the region. Puneet, son of a doctor, says crab curry is his favourite dish. For the poor living near water bodies, crabs are their first choice. According to National Institute of Oceanography, crab curry is good for those suffering from asthma. Similarly, soup made of crab species such as Portunus sanquinolentus and P. pelagicus is given for people recovering from malaria and typhoid.

Scylla serrata helps people overcome diarrhoea and dysentery.
Carapace of Uca spp. paste helps in controlling hyperacidity. Crab meat is rich in vitamins and is good for those suffering from cold, asthma, eosinophil, and other ailments.
Source The Hindu

Magistrate to probe attack on official

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Source The Hindu

Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa has agreed to order an inquiry by a magistrate into the attack on the Chief Engineer of Irrigation, North Zone, Belgaum, S.S. Khanagavi, here on July 3.
This was announced by Minister for Water Resources Basavaraj Bommai who was here to hold talks with the agitating staff of irrigation and other departments here on Sunday.

Mr. Bommai, who spoke to Mr. Yeddyurappa over telephone, said that the Chief Minister had agreed to fulfil demands such as an inquiry into the incident, transfer Circle Inspector S.M. Nagaraj (Camp Police Station) and Sub-Inspector Pradeep Yadvin (APMC Police Station), and apology by BJP MLA Abay Kumar Patil to Mr. Khanagavi.
However, later addressing presspersons, he said that the demand for Mr. Patil’s resignation had been conveyed to the president of the State unit of the BJP, D.V. Sadananda Gowda.
Mr. Bommai said that after reviewing the sequence of events that led to the “planned attack” on Mr. Khanagavi and hearing the statements of eight eye witnesses, he felt the need for an impartial inquiry.
The incident had posed a question to the integrity and impartiality of the Government, he said.

Abhay Patil MLA arrested

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Photo Taken from Tarun Bharat.

The police on Friday arrested BJP MLA Abhay Kumar Patil and four of his supporters in connection with the attack on the Chief Engineer, Irrigation, North Zone, Belgaum, on Thursday. He was produced in the JMFC IV Court which granted him bail. The other accused Raju Patil, Rajendra Pawar, Deepak Jamkhandi and Sanjay Patil were also produced in the court which granted them bail.

Earlier, Various organisations condemned attack on irrigation official. Protest was organised by Karnataka State Engineering Service Association. Associations seek action against policemen for remaining mute to the attack.

A large number of employees of the Irrigation, Public Works and other State Government departments on Friday took out a procession in protest against the attack on S.S. Khanagavi, Chief Engineer of Irrigation, North Zone, and seeking the arrest of BJP MLA Abhay Kumar Patil here on Friday.

Source The Hindu

Belgaum ring road map

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In my earlier posts, I had mentioned about Belgaum Ring Road and many had asked the map to know how it would be.
So here is the map. It is not to scale, it is just indicative in nature.

BJP, Sangh Parivar activists beat up Chief Engineer in Belgaum

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Source The Hindu
Accuse official of ‘showing disrespect to Hindu religion’

Attack: Police try to shield Chief Engineer of Irrigation S.S. Khanagavi from Sangh Parivar activists in Belgaum on Thursday.

In what could be termed as an “embarrassment” to the Bharatiya Janata Party Government in the State, the workers of the ruling party, Vishwa Hindu Parishat and other members of the Sangh Parivar, apparently led by BJP MLA Abhay Kumar Patil, beat up Chief Engineer of Irrigation, North Zone, Belgaum, S.S. Khanagavi in the presence of the police under the pretext of showing disrespect to “Hindu” religion.

Sporadic violence was reported on Thursday during the Bharat bandh” call given by the VHP over the land transfer issue to Amarnath shrine in Jammu and Kashmir, which evoked near-total response.
The attack on the senior State Government officer led to an instant protest with all the employees in the north zone coming out of their offices and raising slogans against Mr. Patil and demanding his unconditional apology for what they described as “most condemnable” and “uncivilised act.”

Karnataka Engineering Service Association president Shivanand Hugar announced that all the employees in the Irrigation in the north zone comprising the districts of Belgaum, Bijapur, Gadag and Bagalkot would stop office work from Thursday to protest against the incident. He hoped that engineers and other employees in other government departments would also protest against the attack on the senior official.

Mr. Khanagavi, who felt humiliated, refused to comment on the incident and returned home under police security after saying: “I have got the reward for my 35 years of service to the government and people of the State, that too from a Hindu organisation; its all God’s wish.” He denied of any personal differences with Mr. Patil, who the former said had come to his office for the first time.

But, sources in office told The Hindu that Mr.Patil had made phone call to Mr. Khanagavi during election campaign and just two days ago. Mr. Khanagavi, who refused to lodge a complaint, finally yielded to the pressure from his staff and lodged complaint with the APMC Police Station later in the evening.

The drama unfolded when a group of less than 100 left the main procession led jointly by BJP MP Suresh C. Angadi and Mr. Patil and marched to the Irrigation Office on Club Road. Four of them entered the chamber of Mr. Khanagavi and reportedly asked him to close the office in support of the bandh. When Mr. Khanagavi, who maintained that he cannot close the office and came out of his chamber to convey the same to other members of the group waiting outside, some of the group members allegedly pounced upon him and assaulted him. The police present at the spot managed to escort Mr. Khanagavi to his chamber. Then the group members shouted slogans and abused Mr. Khanagavi for allegedly abusing and hurting Hindu sentiments.

Mr. Patil made a dramatic appearance within moments after his supporters finished their job, took control over the group and staged a dharna demanding apology from Mr. Khanagavi.
After refusing to yield for half-an-hour and apparently persuaded by Superintendent of Police Hemant Nimbalkar, Mr. Khanagavi finally came out of his chamber and tendered his apology.
But, as Mr. Patil and his supporters dispersed, the irrigation department employees started expressing anger and started demanding apology from the MLA.

Belgaum Bandh successful

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The Belgaum bandh called by the VHP and Bajrang dal as a part of the nation wide bandh call today, the response has been almost 100%.

All the businesses are closed. The activists did try to close a few open shops and burnt tyres at Bogarves circle, but the police removed it immediately and restored the traffic. Small incidents of stone pelting happened. No major incident has been reported until now.

Belgaum Bandh on Thursday:Rohini Patil in Indian Judo team: Ravishankar new DC

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The VHP-Bajrang Dal have called for a nation wide bandh tomorrow 3 rd July. Today the VHP and Bajrang Dal will take out a rally in protest of the J & K govt decision to take back the land allotted to Amarnath board. In a press release, they also said that Belgaum would be BANDH on thrusday as a part of the nation wide bandh called.

Belgaum Lad in Yemen
Rohini Patil will be representing India at the Asia Junior judo championship at Yemen.

Dr.G Ravishankar the new DC for Belgaum took his charge yesterday.

In the picture is Dr.G Ravishankar (Left) and presenting him the bouquet is the CEO of ZP N.Prabhakar. All photos from Tarun Bharat.

Belgaum Aniket in MTV ROADIES: Voting begins tonight

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MTV the popular music channel has organized Sony Ericsson MTV Roadies Battleground a reality show where the contestants had to do what ever

Aniket Halgekar a just 25 lad from Belgaum is part of the 14 contestants for the finals of the said event.

It is the longest running reality show with 5 seasons. Now Mtv has come up with India’s first ever-online reality show dat makes use of both, the media and the Internet.

There are 14 finalists selected from all over the globe out of 1 lakh plus contestants who participated in online GDs and Video Tasks. These 14 finalists will be competing over a span of 8 weeks and the finalists gets a direct entry in MTV HERO HONDA ROADIES 6.0 and a cash prize of 1 lakh rupees.

There will be 2 tasks given every week which the finalists will have to perform and send it to MTV. The Roadies community members will then vote for their favorites based on these tasks. The other finalists vote the person who gets the max vote for a task gets the immunity for the week and so cant out. Out of the remaining, two people leave the show through vote outs amongst the finalists.

Thus, the one who survives until the end gets the prize money. Since only the ROADIES community members can vote, one has to join the community first and then add an application to their profile. Only then they can vote.The link to the community that has to be joined is
and the link to the application that has to be added is

Therefore, friends, why do not we vote for a Belgaumite and make him win the MTV Roadies.
Voting starts from tonight, so come log on to