BIG Cinemas @ Nucleus Mall is all set for launch in Belgaum on the 5th of December

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The wait is almost over; city’s first Multiplex, BIG Cinemas will start from 5th of December at the Nucleus Mall.

The details of the property are as below:
1.BIG Cinemas, Nucleus mall, Old Kapeel Theatre, Belgaum
2. Screen Nos. - 2
3. Screen Capacity: Screen 1 - 276 seats, Screen 2 - 468 seats
4. Features: fully air conditioned, plush push back seats, great sound and picture quality, world class auditoriums, great food & beverage offerings and many more
5. Tickets have been priced between Rs.40 to Rs.80 across 3 classes

If its news its broken at
and all is official about it.
No Rumors Just plain News
Even before You read it in you paper

Source: Email from Shirish Srivastava
Manager - Marketing
BIG Cinemas
Meadows, Sahar Plaza, Floor 2nd,
Next to Kohinoor Continental Hotel,
Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (East),
Mumbai - 400 093.

Stars of Belgaum:Vayavya Labs

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Vayavya Labs
This is an interview with Mr.R K Patil of Vayavya Labs.
1. Vayavya Labs is an Electronic System Level tools provider? In lame words what does it really mean to a common man?
VLabs>> The increased complexity of chips (semiconductor chips) and associated software (commonly referred as embedded software) has resulted in stretching the time involved in bringing a product to market. Also the engineering effort and costs involved have gone up. System design companies are on the lookout for tools which can help them shrink development times, increase productivity of engineering teams and bring the products to market in shorter duration.
Electronic System Level (ESL) design methodology is an emerging field to address these industries need.
2. You started this startup in 2006, what made you start this? What was the motivation behind it?
VLabs>> We started the Company with the vision of doing something innovative and distinctive in technology space. The basic premise was that by adopting Vayavya's methodology, customers could raise the level of productivity and drastically reduce product development cycles thereby making huge cost savings and allowing a manufacture to bring new technology to the consumers faster.
On a different note, we also envision an India where technology growth doesn't get limited to just tier 1 cities, but gets spread all around the country.
3. You left your earlier job at Genesis Microchip Inc and started this, weren’t you afraid what will happen if I fail?
VLabs>> I was a fortunate guy to be in right time and in right company of people. Vayavya Labs is effort of a founding team that has common vision and goal. A job at MNC or for that matter any place can come by any time, however an opportunity to start something new arrives once in a while and one has to be prepared to seize it. I would say the "heart" decision ruled over "head" decision. I guess for all Vayavya team members, including me, we are set up for a great future. We believe in our vision and hence no need to be afraid of anything.
4. Also why Belgaum? You could have started it in Bangalore or Pune? Any specific reason behind it?
VLabs>> I ask why not Belgaum. Like any other place this place too has everything. It has a large skilled resource pool, good access to the nearest metros, climate conditions are just perfect. To top it I feel Belgaum is a mini-cosmopolitan without the nuances of traffic jams and concrete jungles!
I did my graduations here in Belgaum from GIT and some of the founding team members are from Belgaum. We always wanted to do something away from large metros and hence Belgaum was a natural choice.

5. How did you fund it? All with internal accruals or personal savings?
VLabs>> Yes most of the money has come from the founding team. We also have few angel investors.

6. How and what was the reaction of your parents and friends when you told them about this startup.
VLabs>> I would say it was a mixed reaction. Fortunately for my parents and family I had done a similar 'unconventional' move in the year 2000. Vayavya happens to be my second start up experience. The first one turned out to be a good experience both in terms of market exposure and money. So I would say this time they were not opposing an idea of start-up.
I would also like to take this opportunity to convey to the parents and elders at large, that they need to encourage their children to experiment and indulge in entrepreneurial ventures. The future community is going to be creative and competitive. To be successful and most important to cherish the work one indulges in , success and failures are to be treated as two faces of same coin. I know this might sound philosophical but this is going to be the mantra of coming age.

7. How did you land up with this unusual name, Vayavya Labs?
VLabs>> Frankly speaking the genesis of this is NWKRTC (the state transport in Belgaum). We have had several names to ponder upon. But nothing really made that "first impression “to tag on. One day couple of my colleagues and I were walking on college road and then one of the colleague (Parag, also a co-founder of Vayavya Labs) notices the name written on the passing by bus and makes a remark as to how about name “Vayavya"?. As it turns out we are in the noth-west part of state and also an important direction as per Vedas which signifies path/direction of success. So was "Vayavya Labs" born.
8. You began with 5 employees or so and now you have about 50, how s the labor attrition, if any?
VLabs>> We have been fortunate enough to assemble a team that believes in vision and long term objectives. We have had no attrition due to someone going in for another company/job ever since we started. We have had 3 team members leaving the company so far out of which one went to USA after her marriage and the other two went out to pursue higher education. I would say that our selection process has been pretty good in identifying the right team members. All team members share our vision and belief.

9. You started this with a few friends then or colleagues? What was your startup team?
VLabs>> We had an initial team of four founders who are also executive team members. Two of other co-founders are in advisory roles. In last two years we have added six other core team members who come with vast industry experience. We have a constant intake of junior engineers every year and then groom them to take additional responsibilities in the company as they gain experience.
10. You make money by Tools licensing, Embedded software services, which is the target market of this India or elsewhere?
VLabs> Our target markets are in India as well as outside India. Majority of the companies (target customers) are head quartered outside India but have substantial engineering presence in India.
11. This field seems to me as highly qualified, have you partnered with some other firms or organizations?
VLabs>> I agree with you. If you look at the top-30 list in TATA-NEN probably we are the only product technology firm. We have some industry associations and partnerships with Texas Instruments, Microsoft and SPIRIT consortium. As we go along we will increase our partnerships and associations. This approach is very common in the domain we operate.
12. How much turnover do you expect to achieve in this current year and what are your estimates for the next two years, any targets?
Vlabs>> We should be doing a business of half a million dollars this year. We have an aggressive target for the coming year however a lot depends on the industry outlook and also the progress we make on our tools.
13. Have you been hit by the deprecating Rupee or in fact gained from it?
VLabs>> Since our revenues are generally dollar denominated at this stage I would say we have gained. But as the capital expenditure is on the rise especially the spend done outside country we will soon see the other effect too.
14. In this time of global recession is there any slowdown in your business, or do you see it coming a bit later?
VLabs>> We are not hit by this yet. But we are also not 100% immune from it. Fortunately our tools make a lot of sense to the customer in the current scenario. Our tools improve the productivity of design engineers which means they can do more things in the existing budget.

Mr.R K Patil did his schooling from Sainik School Bijapur (SSBJ). He completed his Engineering in Computer Science from Gogte Institute of Technology (1988-1992).

a. What do you like the most to do when you are not working?
RK>> Oops...I wish I get that time. I do a bit of reading, try to play golf and make time to meet friends and family circle.
b. At the age of 38 do you think you are successful and you have achieved something what you had thought of?
RK>> I am enjoying my work and hence contended with what I have at this stage. There is lot to be accomplished.
c. Are you married, if yes any kids and how is their support to your company?
RK>> Yes, married for last eight years, have two lovely kids.
d. Lastly what do you think about this blog? I too am a first time entrant in this field of websites with no technical knowledge of computing, only started as a hobby and continuing to make this blog much more popular.
RK>> Personally I am a novice when it comes to blogs. I got to know about your blog thru one of my colleague, and you know what, someone in Singapore sent out a email that they read about Vayavya thru your RSS-feed. I am whelmed by the power of web and its reach. There is no second thought on how useful and effective your blog is. In my opinion technology is just an enabler, what one does with it is more important.

Wake up: We need a Change this time

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What has happened in Mumbai for the past 47 hours is perhaps history now, but I am ashamed with all those politicians who went there to the Trident, Nariman House and Taj.

There were our gallant army and police cops fighting for life inside and these politicians were there do what ? Show sympathy? The pay commissions recommendations are not adhered to for the defense forces but the salary of the MLAs MPs and governors are increased many folds in successive years. Why is this?
Someone now would come out do what was done in the Batla House case. Human Rights activists may come up and say why you shot them you should have caught them. I say all those should have been there in the Taj or Trident.
If they had guts they should worn the uniform and entered the buildings with the commandos. DOES ANY POLITICIAN HAVE THIS GUTS?

All these rotten politicians form all parties Congress, BJP and all others who were trying to face up on the occasion as elections are nearing.

What have they given us and insecure environment to live in and if they cant, give us a secure environment they should at least prepare to fight these situations? See what happened in Mumbai, Disaster management is only on papers. Corporators, ministers, MPs and MLAs will after a few days make a trip to see a foreign country to access the disaster management in that country. All our money will be spent and what will happen after that another Operation Taj will have to be undertaken.

Elections are nearing in 2009 we will have the National elections and in that I would urge all to vote for someone who could do something for the society. Vote for a person not because he is from a particular party but for his guts that he might have.

You all may think why all this on this blog, all that happened in Mumbai. It happened there it could happen anywhere. We need to wake up at least now, Wake up folks before its too late. “JAAGORE”

NWKRTC to develop Belgaum bus stand

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NWKRTC plans to develop bus-stands at Belgaum, Haveri, and Dharwad and city bus terminals at Hubli and Dharwad at a total cost of Rs 16.6 crore.

CET Counseling in Belgaum also

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Common Entrance Test (CET) for admission to professional courses is decided to conduct it for two days on April 29 and 30, 2009. Apart from Bangalore, it has been decided to conduct counseling at two other centres. The venue of these centres would be decided after considering facilities like computer and network. However, it could be Belgaum and Hubli.

Major traffic plan drawn up for six cities: Belgaum included

12:12 PM Posted by ukmad

A comprehensive traffic and transport plan (CTTP) is being formulated for the tier II cities in Karnataka. The cities for which the CTTP is being framed are Mysore, Mangalore, Belgaum, Hubli- Dharwad, Bellary and Gulbarga, which are administered by municipal corporations. The plans are being drafted on the directions of the Directorate for Urban Land Transport.
The objective of the CTTP is to prepare transport and traffic plans for the six major urban centres with the estimated costs, keeping in mind the growth of those cities over the next 20 years.
The CTTP will be based on the land utilization master plans prepared by the city authorities concerned and will ensure cost-effective and convenient transport, and traffic facility with speed and better comfort, which would ensure an orderly growth of the urban areas. The CTTP will prescribe short-term, medium and long-term transportation policies based on technical, economic and financial evaluation.

Recession hits Udayambag

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Just ten months ago, small scale industries, mostly ancillary units, in industrial estate Udayambag were busy meeting the orders from other industries. But now most of them have either stopped or working with skeletal staff, all because of global economic recession.
A large number of industries have decided to cut down the number of employees by at least 50 per cent of their staff and send some of them on long leave till the situation improved.
Units here mainly cater to orders from automobile sector from Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. But since March 2008, there has been a steady decline in the orders and November was worst with very few orders. Only fabrication and casting works were on and that too to meet the requirements of the Belgaum City. With irregular supply of power it's impossible to even complete this small quantity.
Source: Deccan Herald

Veg prices dip in Belgaum

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Vegetable prices have seen a downward turn but the percentage of decline is more in the wholesale market than the retail. Prices of tomatoes that had tucked Rs 35 a kilo last month have now come down to as low as Rs 12 a kilo. Prices of all other vegetables too have come down significantly.
For instance, the wholesale rates for 10 kilos of some vegetables at Belgaum on Tuesday were cabbage (Rs 70-80), tomatoes (Rs 60-80), brinjal (Rs 80-90) and beans (Rs 80-90).
Even if retailers add a 50 percent profit margin on the wholesale rates, vegetables are now available at a substantially cheaper rate than previous month. For instance, the retail prices per kilo of vegetables in Belgaum on Tuesday were tomatoes (Rs 12-14), beans (Rs 18-20), cauliflower (Rs 20), potatoes (Rs 9) and onions (Rs 6-8).

See tax payers’ money going waste

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The 3 pipes are lying in a corner of the Gogte Circle, towards the left while coming from the Railway Station.

They are lying there unutilized for over 2 to 3 months now. These huge pipes if not utilized will do just nothing except put the taxpayers money into the drain.
If these pipes were brought and then realized that they are not to be used here they should have been removed from there and utilized elsewhere. But this is Government work. : Kon Puchega? Who will ask and to whom?

Nucleus Mall latest photo

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Here is the latest photo of the Nucleus Mall, no much change since my last update. Still internal works and beautification is going on. Big Cinemas (Adlabs) screens seem to be ready. But still nothing is seen on the other floors.

Vote for Vayavya Labs Belgaum

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I request everyone to click the below link and VOTE for a Vayavya Labs as the Hottest Startups. WE should encourage young and first time entrepreneurs.

Go there and click Vote for this Startup, you will need to sign up for that, and I guess that wont take much of your time.
You could also do it by sending a SMS:
Type HSU533 and sms to 56767

So we want to see Vayavya Labs of Belgaum win.
Disclaimer: Nor I am associated with Vayavya Labs nor do I have any financial relationship with them. It’s just that we should encourage local talent.

Vayavya Labs of Belgaum in top 30 for TATA NEN Hottest Startup Awards

5:07 PM Posted by ukmad

The TATA NEN Hottest Startup Awards are a result of the combined efforts of TATA, a rapidly growing business group in India with significant international operations, and the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), a non-profit organization, and India's leader in entrepreneurship education.

Vayavya Labs, (Tata NEN hottest startup details) a Belgaum based IT/ Internet/ Software developer has been nominated in the top 30 hottest startups. Voting lines will open from 25 Nov and will be open until December 22. 5 winners will selected after December 22.

Vayavya Labs offers tools, which target the semiconductor, & design services firms. The flagship product DDGen (US patent pending) attempts to de-mystify the device driver development for embedded platforms.

10:37 PM Posted by ukmad

Belgaum Air travelers face more tribulations: Fly to Bangalore only for 4 days in week

After the closure of the AirDeccan Belgaum Mumbai Flight now the Kingfisher (earlier Air Deccan) Belgaum Bangalore flight, which was on a daily basis, will now fly on all days except Tuesdays.

Infact when I searched the website, to my surprise I got two different schedules. One in which there are flights on 6 days and one in which flights are there for 4 days. SEE view schedules it will show flight for 4 days; Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.

On the same page when it opens, click the Excel Format on the top Right of the current frame and an Excel format file opens in which the flight is for 6 days.
The same website but offers two different timetables.

This is effective from 19-Nov-08 to 28-Mar-09. So, all those fliers need to re look at things if you had planned otherwise. In this very blog today only, I had quoted our CM BSY saying that the Belgaum Airport expansion was going on in full swing and I have to write in this, which is very bad. You are expanding the airport for what cars or busses to move.

I checked out booking a ticket and the 4-day schedule is correct I guess.
So this means the KF flight to Bangalore is now on for only 4 days; Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.
Why are they doing it to us? Again, reason unknown may be they say load factor, may what it be but Belgaumites are here to suffer.

Courts in Belgaum have the second highest number of pending cases

1:00 PM Posted by ukmad

Belgaum has the second highest number of pending cases with 48,471 criminal and 25,719 civil cases only after Bangalore Metropolitan, Traffic, Small Causes, Special and Fast Track Courts, and the District and Sessions courts together, had 97,360 criminal cases as on November 1, 2008 and 3,90,150 civil cases.
No comments on this one the whole matter is sub judice.
Source: The Hindu

Rs 100 crore for improving infrastructure in Belgaum-BSY

10:16 AM Posted by ukmad

Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa said the government has taken up development works including Vidhana Soudha in Belgaum at a cost of Rs 600 crore. He said the government had announced Rs 100 crore for improving infrastructure in Belgaum. Of that Rs 50 crore would be released in the present financial year and the rest in the next year. As much as Rs 120.98 crore had been earmarked for underground drainage facility in the town. Besides, work on airport in the city was going on at a fast pace. Acquisition of land for the project had been completed.
The CM said that the government would announce dates of World Kannada Summit in Belgaum by the end of this month. The government would hold Legislature session in Belgaum. The dates of the session will be decided after dates for by-polls in the states are announced.
Promises and promises, hope to see some results?Source: Deccan Herald

Sex Scandal in Belgaum

11:27 AM Posted by ukmad

Tarun Bharat today reported a Sex scandal in Belgaum. Belgaum local is the name given to this video and it has nude images of young girls and older women as well. The video has been shot on a mobile by a Belgaum guy the report states. The said video has spread across Belgaum city through the mobiles. A face of a man from Shastri Nagar is very clearly visible.
Source: Tarun Bharat

Khanapur Road to get dividers soon

11:26 AM Posted by ukmad

Dividers could be soon seen on the Khanapur road, from Sanchayani Circle to Suryakant Park (Gogte Circle). Tenders have been called for the same and the same would be opened on December 6.
Also tenders have been invited for removing the electric poles along the same road and also remaking of the road.This means, we could expect to see a broader Khanapur road. The traffic is very heavy all through the day as is part of the NH4A. Part of the road is under the PWD and some under the National Highways authority and they don’t seem to be co operating with the cantonment board.
Dividers should only be put after the road has been widened or else it would cause huge traffic jams. Now it is to be seen when all these things happen?

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Sino-Indian joint training exercise: December 8 and 14 at Belgaum

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The China-India military exercise will be held in Belgaum most probably from December 8 to 14. A 100-member strong troop comprising officers and soldiers of the People's Liberation Army will visit India to take part in the second Sino-Indian Joint Training Exercise. The exercise will deal with jungle warfare.
The reason for the Army to choose Belgaum for this exercise is because this place in Northern Karnataka is because of the forest cover. Another reason is because of the ample space available and also this town borders the Maratha Light Infantry Regimental Centre and also the Air force will join them.
Moreover, the place that has been chosen in Belgaum is secluded and away from the public eye. Besides, additional forces which can support in administration will be readily available.
Source: Rediff

Goa Party Time: Belgaum Cops at work

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The beginning of the tourist season in Goa also marks the beginning of increased drug peddling from the northern parts of India to the coastal state. Belgaum, the border district in Karnataka, has long been the ideal transit route for the drug peddlers.
Drugs worth Rs 60 crore were seized last year while this year till now more than 15 have been arrested, including some foreign nationals. Now, with the beginning of the tourist season in Goa, focus has shifted to Belgaum as well. Drug peddlers arrested here last year had indicated during interrogation that the drugs were meant for export to foreign destinations from Goa, while part of the quantity would also trickle down for local consumption.
Last year’s experience has forced the police to be on their toes now to check the flow of drugs from Belgaum and look out for any tip offs

Suvarna Soudha at Halaga Bastawad near Belgaum

1:02 PM Posted by ukmad

The Karnataka government has selected Halaga Bastawad area on National Highway (NH) 4 in Belgaum to house Suvarna Soudha. The state cabinet, which met on Wednesday, has given its approval to acquire 108 acres of land from 140 farmers in Halaga Bastawad to construct Suvarna Soudha to hold permanent legislative sessions in north Karnataka.
The exact quantum of compensation will be determined after detailed discussion with the farmers. For the Suvarna Soudha construction, a sum of Rs 70 crore has already been earmarked in the budget.

Belgaum deputy mayor arrested

10:22 AM Posted by ukmad

The Deputy Mayor of Belgaum, Yunis Momin, and his supporter Babajaan Matwale were arrested on Wednesday by the Khade Bazaar police on the charge of committing offence under Section 3(1) (10) of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

Laxmi Nippanikar alias Nippani Sulgekar, a junior engineer with the Belgaum City Corporation, had registered a complaint against Mr. Momin and Mr. Matwale November 12 on the charge of insulting her.
Both the accused were produced before the JMFC Court-III and were released on bail on production of a personal bond of Rs. 25,000 each.
On Monday, both the ruling and Opposition members of the BCC Council came down heavily on Ms. Nippanikar for her alleged threatening behaviour.
The members had also demanded action against her and an inquiry into her appointment.
Source The Hindu

P. A. Meghannavar transferred to Bangalore Corporation

10:14 AM Posted by ukmad

P. A. Meghannavar, Commissioner Belgaum City Corporation has been transferred to Bangalore City Corporation.

In his place Dr. S. B. Potdar, Health Officer (South) will be the acting Commissioner till a new one is appointed.

Basement game: Mayor in a fix

5:25 PM Posted by ukmad

Mayor Prashanta Budavi and officials of Belgaum City Corporation were at the receiving end with the Opposition benches questioning their double standards on illegal encroachments and open violations of the corporation rules on utilising basement-spaces. Taken aback at this, Ms. Budavi looked towards Sambhaji Patil for answers, when the Council sat for post-lunch session here on Monday.

Opposition member Netaji Jadhav alleged that the corporation recently removed illegal encroachment of basement meant for vehicle parking from a huge building housing a retail superstore on Khanapur Road in the city (i.e.Talwalkars in the basement of Big Bazaar) . However, in sharp contrast to this welcome measure and rules, the Mayor inaugurated a ‘Mangal Karyalaya’ in the basement of a different structure at Khadebazar.

However, after a more than hour of debate, the mayor announced to convene a meeting exclusively to discuss the issue and evolve a comprehensive policy soon.
Corporation Commissioner P.A. Meghannvar rejected the Opposition’s demand to reopen the gymnasium (Talwalkars), which was closed down as it was running in the basement. He said it was not possible for him to reopen the gymnasium once locked until there was a fresh order from the Government. In contrast to its own demand, the Opposition said that no outlet already running in basements should be closed, even if they were illegal.

Now look at this, the mayor on one hand locks the basement and in another context, she herself opens a Mangal Karlaya in a Basement. Now this is Policy! The mayor is in a fix now she cannot open the Gym and she now will be forced to make a new policy.
To begin with, we must all understand the crux of the problem. See Maruti Galli where you will find the highest number of complexes and all or a few have parking all others have shops established in them. This causes a lot of parking problem on the street. If the parking space were there in the basement for each complex, the situation would have been different. We need to think and also the policy makers, need to rethink before they act.
Source The Hindu

Belgaum Bullets / Royal Enfield riders club: Riding the Royal way

10:30 PM Posted by ukmad

There is a fascinating number of people out there who have a passion for Bullets / Royal Enfield Bikes. One might wonder though - in Belgaum, we seldom find people using such bikes. However, to your amazement, when you actually start "looking" you'll find that there are a fairly decent number of Royal Enfield enthusiasts in Belgaum City.

Sarayu K R - a law student from R L Law College, a passionate Royal Enfield Thunderbird rider started looking out for such Royal Enfield enthusiasts based in Belgaum. She found three of them online whom she pinged and they decided to meet on Sunday for a ride - 17th November. Amazingly, 9 bikers turned up with 5 pillion riders totally 14 in number. They assembled at Big Bazaar and then packed off on a ride to Hattargi - 35 kms away from Belgaum cruising at an average speed of 50 kmph. The objective of their ride was not speed but to enjoy the ride itself and of course nature.They stopped at a Dhaba for lunch, and then took some pictures across the highway followed by some tea at a Chai ka Thela. They started at 12 noon and returned to Belgaum - Hanuman Nagar at around 5. Dispersed at 5.30 pm.

Present Group members: Gaurav Wagle - Thunderbird, Sarayu K R - Thunderbird, Wati Jamir - Thunderbird, Aadil Bandukwala - Thunderbird Twinspark, Ram Mallya - Machismo, Urjeet Swamy - STD 350, Nitin Balbondi - STD 350, Sameer Walvalkar - STD 350, Akshay Kanwar - Electra 5S.

The group plans to start a club soon for Royal Enfield Bikers and plans to meet every fortnight for a ride - usually on Sundays.
I did not even get a chance to be a pillion rider on that Royal Enfield. But all those I know a few more get together guys and gals and ride the Royal way.

All those interested for club membership may email

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Be alerted as and when blog is updated by sms

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Alerts in real time on information about Belgaum through SMS. So you now know when to read.
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3 hours load shedding in Belgaum

11:25 AM Posted by ukmad

The schedule for load shedding in the city is as follows.

In the past two days all is going well according to this schedule.

KLE to open college in China

8:02 PM Posted by ukmad

Made in China, a word very familiar in any field from consumer durables to simple decoration materials, now the KLE society will make a change to this.

The Belgaum based KLE society will set up a medical college and hospital in China. Dr Prabhakar Kore, Chairman, KLE Society, said that KLE Society has signed a MoU with the Chinese government.

The Society has been planning to open a medical college at Kolhapur in Maharashtra. Kolhapur Corporation has already allotted five acres to KLE Society. KLE Society has received Rs 40 lakh donation from Dr Sheshagiri from Belgaum, Rs 8 lakh from Sudha Murthy of Infosys and Rs 10 lakh from Gururaj Deshpande.
Another feather in the crown of the society and all Belgaumites should feel proud that a society from their small town is now making it to China to start up a college and hospital.
Source hacked

11:11 AM Posted by ukmad

Yes your site had been hacked this morning.
Now the Admin has got it back to normal but still in a few places the hacked version would be visible.
So instead go to
but this is very very safe.

108 Ambulance service in Belgaum

4:17 PM Posted by ukmad

The 108 Emergency Response Service (ERS), now enters Belgaum.

The project covers medical, fire and police emergencies all in a single number. The need for such a service arises because the country lacks a systematic ERS, prevalent in the developed countries of the world.
The EMRI has thus proved to be a boon. It was born in the context of the ineffective co-ordination among multiple emergency response systems in the country coupled with an inadequate legal framework. To top it all, there was an absence of a single emergency number, trauma care facilities and basic life support ambulances. All these bottlenecks led the genesis of the EMRI.
So the next time there is an emergency the number to call is 108.

How the system works?

Belgaum airport will get night landing facility

12:33 PM Posted by ukmad

Mr L.L. Krishnan, Regional Executive Director (Southern Region), Airports Authority of India (AAI) said that the Belgaum (Sambra) airports runway will be strengthened at a cost of Rs.15 crores. Night landing facility will be provided at Belgaum airport in six months, he said.
Hope all is done as it is said. In fact earlier there were planes that used to land in the evenings or late evenings but all was stopped for reasons unknown. Now there is a single Bangalore flight and what is the use of night landing has to be seen. The Mumbai flight has not yet been started, even after representations to the govt.
I guess this is how the govt. works make facility for night landing and then they will say as there no flights coming in the night we will remove the system. (Cant they think before it is done)

Did Deputy Commissioner violate protocol?

1:39 PM Posted by ukmad

Did the District Magistrate and Deputy Commissioner of Belgaum, J. Ravishankar, violate protocol or commit a faux pass of sorts when he went to a political meeting to receive a memorandum the other day?
Although nobody has publicly questioned this, the presence of the young IAS officer in a sports’ costume at a public meeting organised by Hindutva organisations and addressed by Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh, Vishwa Hindu Parishat, Shiv Sena and BJP leaders, to pay tribute to Swami Laksmanananda of Orissa on Saturday evening, has raised eyebrows both in official circles as well as in civil society.
When asked to clarify on the matter, Mr. Ravishankar told The Hindu here on Monday that he had received a telephone call from a BJP leader who requested him to come to the venue to receive a memorandum while he was playing cricket somewhere else. Also, since it was the second Saturday and a holiday, his office was closed. Thus, he went to the venue of the meeting and received the memorandum from the organizers.
Asked whether he had violated protocol in the process, he neither admitted nor denied the allegation. But, he did say that it was just a matter of convenience, but “would not be a trend.”
I also was amazed to see the Deputy Commissioner in waiting at the venue. Pictures are self explanatory. I overheard people speak, how that is the DC comes to collect the memorandum and that too in Sports dress.
But as he said, that it was just a matter of convenience, but “would not be a trend.”
Photos: Courtsey BidduSource: The Hindu

New housing apartment by KHB near over bridge

9:56 PM Posted by ukmad

The Karnataka Housing Board (KHB) is starting a new SIX floored residential apartment near the railway over bridge. This place measures about 2 acres 10 gunthas and is next to the Sagar Education. (This is the same place where fairs were being organized and even circus and food festivals) It is just next to the rail line and is visible from Congress road.

The work has just begun and the same is visible in the images. The KHB will spend about 24 cores for the project, which is being built by a Bangalore based company. The project is expected to be completed by October 2009.

Source: UkMaD creatives

Agitation against load shedding

11:40 AM Posted by ukmad

The congress will lead a protest against the huge load shedding in the city. The Pradesh congress and the Mahila congress will take part. They will give a memorandum to the district administration. The congress is also blaming the BJP govt for non governance.

The power situation in the city has improved over the past days. From 16-18 hours the power cuts have now gone down to 4-5 hours.

Shops looted in Cantonment complex

11:38 AM Posted by ukmad

7 shops in the Cantonment complex, Khanapur Road were robbed in a single night. The robbers took away mobile handsets and laptops. Mobiles which came for repairs were also stolen from one shop. Shops nos.9, 10, 14, 19 & 21 were robbed in a single night. This is not the first case of such robberies in this complex.

Make use of the FAQ regarding Belgaum in the Forums

8:02 PM Posted by ukmad
Go there and make use of FAQ section. I had received a few questions to which I have given answers, you are requested to add to the same or ask new questions to which you all can reply and thus help each other.

All roads blocked to Samyukta Maharashtra Chowk

4:41 PM Posted by ukmad

A condolence meet has been organized by the Swami Laxminanand Saraswati Shardhanjali Samiti Belgaum at the Sanyukta Maharashtra Chowk (Khade Bazar). Hence all the routes leading to the spot have been blocked for regular traffic by putting barricades. Same is seen in the picture of Ramdev Galli where 3 barricades are seen, same is the scene all over.

Swami Laxminanand Saraswati Shardhanjali Samiti Belgaum will hold a Dharna protest from 4pm to 6pm and then a Shardhanjali program at 6pm at the venue.

Indo-Chinese joint army exercise in Belgaum this December

11:52 AM Posted by ukmad

India and China yesterday agreed to hold their next joint army exercise at Belgaum this December. The fortnight-long exercise, the first on Indian soil.

Army headquarters sources told PTI here that though the dates and venue for the exercise were agreed to "tentatively," at the bilateral meeting in progress in Beijing at present, a final confirmation from the Chinese was expected soon. Belgaum has been suggested as the exercise venue by India, as it is home for its Army's Commando School.

This is great news for Belgaumites, a few years back there was another such international army exercise held in Belgaum and now the Chinese will be coming here. Belgaum will come on the global map due to this. I guess one more good thing happening to Belgaum.


Blackout to continue

11:33 AM Posted by ukmad

Yesterdays post at around 6.15pm was the last post when again there was a black out and power was only back after midnight.

In the morning the same story, now people don’t ask whether the power has failed they ask “You have Power, luck man”.

There were many SMS circulating in the city Saying "Welcome to Maharashtra" the reason being the huge amount of load shedding being done in Maharashtra of about 6-7 hours daily. The same situation or infact something more serious than that is in Karnataka now.

Council Chairman wants session in Belgaum

5:45 PM Posted by ukmad

Karnataka Legislative Council Chairman Veeranna Mathikatti today urged the State Government to convene session of the both the Houses of Karnataka Legislature at Belgaum as early as possible.
Speaking to newspersons here, Mr Mathikatti said it had been decided to convene the Legislative Session annually at Belgaum.
A special session of the Legislature was held for the first time at Belgaum, away from Bangalore, in 2006 and was yet to host another session.

Total Black outs in Belgaum

5:22 PM Posted by ukmad

Belgaum is facing acute power shortage and after a day’s black out yesterday today was even worse. I could not even update the blog as there was no power in my home as well as office. Power went off at 7am in the morning and has come back at 5.15pm and I am updating the blog now.
All have gone mad and the business is hit. All at home also work is stuck up due to power cuts. No pumps running so no water and added bonus.

Power cuts hits city life

10:12 AM Posted by ukmad

Since Sunday, the city is facing acute power shortage due to some technical snag in the generation units in the state and that is causing HESCOM to cut power for above 5-6 hours daily.
Yesterday there was a power cut of 6 hours and more in some other parts of the city. The worst part is the lights go off at any time hence causing a lot of trouble. The industrial people are hit the most as they have to bear more cuts than the usual 4 hours daily. The generators are back to work and don’t know till when this will last.


7:30 PM Posted by ukmad

KAMAT ECOTOURS & JUNGLE HOLIDAYS, is an organization of dedicated professionals from the fields like Eco -Tourism, Outdoor Adventures, Environment Education, with proven credentials in their respective fields and many years of rich experience backing them. We offer the best of their knowledge to get you a truly memorable ‘Eco – experience’. Experience the hospitality in nature with us in a different way!

It is run by Mr. Vaibhav Kamat, D-2 , 340, Devarshi. ROY ROAD, TILAKWADI, BELGAUM. They represent India’s Premier Eco tourism company Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd. in Maharashtra as Authorized Business Associate. They have wilderness camps, Beach resorts, Mahaseer fishing camps, Wildlife resorts, Relaxing in Nature camps , Ayurveda Resorts, Houseboats and many more to enjoy.

The company offers custom trips to those keen on experiencing Wild India. They lead groups interested in wildlife study, bird watching and wilderness & adventure in South India. They aim to ensure total customer satisfaction. They want travelers to gain great Confidence and closeness to Nature, first-hand experience of the wilderness and insight into India’s Natural History and Wildlife, so that they go back with greater appreciation.

They have made themselves focus their services in the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Goa. Right from the launch of ‘KAMAT ECOTOURS’ in the year 2000, the travelers have appreciated our efforts to give them the most enjoyable and memorable holidays in eco’logical’ way.

They organize the following: Wildlife Packages in Jungle Lodges & Resorts .

Holidays in nature & pure wildlife destinations.

Kabini River Lodge – Bandipur Safari Lodge- K.Gudi Wilderness Camp- Dubare Elephant Camp – Cikada Wilderness Resort- Orange County Kabini – RiverTern Lodge- Bhimeshwari Fishing Camps- Galibore- Doddamakali Fishing Camps.

Family Get-togethers and events in Nature.

Student’s camps and Adventure outings.

Corporate team buildings & Outings.

Senior citizen’s Tours.

Ladies special tours and packages.

Tailor-made trips and Birding trails.

Its sounds just great to me to go out of this place and have a Eco logical break and get back to my senses. Many people from Mumbai, Bangalore and others places go in for such places to rejuvenate themselves. I guess if anyone plans something for a holiday then this time call up KAMAT ECOTOURS & JUNGLE HOLIDAYS and get yourself a nice tour arranged.

I haven’t been to any such trips, but I guess, Mr. Vaibhav Kamat, a Belgaumite is doing wonderful job by organizing such trips and taking us all close to nature.

Disclaimer: I have not tried the company’s services; I am just posting here so that people are aware that such a service from Belgaum exists.


Relaince Fresh: Review:Something Fresh to Refresh

9:21 PM Posted by ukmad

In my FIR (First Investigation Report) series, I review the newly opened shops, in the same series, here’s Reliance Fresh, Khanapur Road, Belgaum.

The frontage of the Fresh outlet is big and about 5 cars can be parked in front and about 30 odd two wheelers can be accommodated in front of the outlet it self. Others will have to find place to park cars along side of the road, which is possible as there is space after the road. However, there is no security guard on duty and hence there is a huge chance of your car being trapped in between a few others, as was mine today.

Ambience, great, with the AC was on even when there was load shedding was a plus point, presentation and layout similar to other outlets. Left to right: Vegetables, fruits, grains, toiletries, cosmetics, and confectioneries.

No much discounts or offers as seen in Big Bazaar but a few were there which is company given so they are available at your next door kirarna store also. I just overheard a announcement of a Special offer of icecream.

Now to the pricing: I was amazed with the pricing of vegetables, which I really thought were not so Fresh, all vegetables. See the image for a price comparison done on 04-11-2008. The prices were taken by me first hand at Fresh and then at the 1st Gate vegetable market. You see and decide. Only the prices of Potato and Tomatoes were less than those of Fresh prices, in all others Fresh prices were lower, in fact far lower. But to add to this the vegetables in the market were far more Fresh looking than those in Fresh outlet. Therefore, the price comparison may differ. I did not buy vegetables in Fresh outlet but bought a few at the market. Tough I spent Rs.300 at Fresh it was all Biscuits, chocolates & Cosmetics. The prices in the main market would be cheaper by about Rs.3-5 in which case those prices would be lower than those of Fresh also.
In addition, there was a variety of goods like food grains, cosmetics, blankets, towels, mats, cushion covers and of course carbonated beverages and stuff.

I was there at 6.30pm and was not so crowded as still many do not know about it. I also saw a few next-door neighbors of Fresh shop there. The 2nd outlet at Hotel Hanuman, near JNMC is also operational.

Your thoughts on this please, if anyone of you had been there your comments on the same.
Bottom line: Visit once at least, you will end up buying something that is for sure.