Belgaum PWD in a hurry! Paints even private buildings at government costs

4:51 PM Posted by ukmad

Kannada Sahitya Bhavan, a privately owned trust at the Chennama Circle has got itself a white wash at the governments cost.
Thanks to the governmental work under taken by the PWD in view of the Legislature session beginning from Jan 16, the PWD mistook the Kannada Sahitya Bhavan building to be a government building and white washed it, but when the officers came to know about it being held by private trust the painting was stopped immediately.
The PWD has a list prepared of about 140 buildings in Belgaum to be white washed in the view of the session. All the circles are also being painted and renovated.
Instead of doing all this why can’t the PWD make good roads.
Source: Express Buzz

Patch Work Scrap work: Comparison

1:06 PM Posted by ukmad

Continuing with my last story of Patch Work Scrap work posted yesterday, see these two pictures.

One taken today and the other one was taken during the visit of L K Advani to the city when the same road was patched.
Can you spot the difference between the two, I at least can’t.
This is how the same road is patched twice in 2 months and the end result is the same.
This is how the Govt. builds our infrastructure. And you see those big ads on TV and print media asking us to pay our advance tax and income tax so that the govt. Will patch the same road twice in 2 months and the end result march end one more patch work.

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So, what are your plans for the New Year?

Al of you must have asked this question to some one or must have answered it. Belgaum is getting ready for the New Year bash.

All hotels big and small have made massive arrangements in form of tables, special lighting and few even special menus.

There are those fixed venues where you have the New Year bash. Millennium Gardens is one of them with DJ, etc etc. Hotel Shankam also has a DJ, Dance Floor to welcome the New Year. Hotel Adrash Palace is also not behind; there is DJ there also. VITS has its own plans on the poolside.

All the smaller only food restaurants are busy getting the food ready for tomorrow. Niyaz’s pick and pack has made special arrangements at its outlets.

All th0se planning to booze out by drinking will have to get in their stocks tomorrow only as the liquor stores were shut for 2 days including today o account of accounting of by polls.

So, all must have planned to go somewhere with someone for the New Year, Have a safe and Happy New Year 2009. All those consuming liquor I request you not to drink and drive, if you have to drink, then drink but do not drive then.

To all my readers a Happy New Year 2009!
Glory to God in Heaven, who unto man his son hath given; while angels sing with tender mirth, a glad new year to you and Belgaumites, India and the world.

Road Patchwork; scrap work

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The Congress Road from Military Mahadev to Gogte Circle is in very bad shape. It was half patched when L K Advani had visited Belgaum. However, the work was very shoddy.

Today evening I was surprised to see the road being closed and board put up road closed work in progress.

Nevertheless, when I saw what was going it was disheartening. Potholes were being with boulders & red mud and KHADI which is used to make the whole road and small Khadi which is used to put up on the road was being sprinkled on the patched up pot hole.
Ye India Kab sudhrega? Kab ? Jab hum sab Sudhernge aur we vote and elect good and able persons on the civic authorities and state and national levels.

LPG kit compulsory in Auto rickshaws

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Auto will now have to have the LPG kits fitted otherwise, they will be fined.
An auto LPG kit is compulsory for all hose autos that got their permit from 1-04-2006 to 31-12-2008. Regular inspection will begin from January 1.

Legislature session in Belgaum: MES opposes

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The Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti (MES) has threatened to organize agitations (Maha Melavas) if the Government went ahead with holding of the legislature session of the in Belgaum in January, against the wishes of Marathi-speaking people.

It has also said that the Government would be responsible for any untoward incidents during the agitations.

“Maha Melava” on January 16 is planned as a parallel session when the session starts.
As the matter is pending in the Supreme Court it is unfit for the state government to hold a session here, the leaders here said.

Source: The Hindu

Belgaum IT expo 09: your place to be for IT products

5:21 PM Posted by ukmad

IT, IT and IT, two small words but with a huge knowledge base, all of you have heard about IT expo being held in so many cities, many of you must have gone there and now your chance to be a part of it in Belgaum at the Millennium Gardens on 25TH,26TH,27TH JAN 2009.
This event is being organized by “Concept Exhibitors, Hubli” and “Rotary Club of Venugram-Belgaum”. Concept Exhibitors have already proved their expertise in organizing IT Events by successfully orchestrating First Ever ITEXPO@Hubli-Dharwad.
This IT EXPO-09 is focused on creating the end customer awareness about various IT products available today under one roof. From the past as many years of IT selling in Belgaum, there have been a lot of single brand IT events/carnivals/road shows organized which concentrate on only one particular brand. This decreases the public influx as people loyal only to that brand visit.
In ITEXPO-09 all the major brands will be at the customer disposal to choose from and decide. The customer can have a hand on experience with all brand products and discuss about product features and pricing in detail with the company representatives. All the participants will fight tooth and nail to sell their respective products on the basis of quality and competitive price. It is up to the company representative to sell his product X to a customer who is loyal to a brand Y. The whole concept of multi brand exhibit will increase the public influx to a huge extent.The core focus of ITEXPO-09 will be on Notebooks and desktops apart from awareness about WiFi technology as the entire event will be in a WiFi Network. The event will also have stalls for display of notebook accessories, Software and computer components. There will be a stall for customers seeking finance options and computer furniture.
The event will have a LCD Projection at the centre of the Hall which will run the entire participant companies profiles in a cyclic manner during the duration of the event. The customers will be educated as to what are the latest technologies.
All in all, ITEXPO-09 aims to bridge the gap between the customer and the companies and create a win-win situation for both.
If someone is interested in exhibiting their products they could contact: Mr Sandeep Tekriwal, Starnet Computers, Belgaum, and Mobile: 9986506184
So remember the dates 25TH, 26TH, 27TH JAN 2009 @ Millennium Gardens, Shukurwar Peth, Tilakwadi, Belgaum.

Want to party in Heaven this New Year?

12:49 PM Posted by ukmad

Well yes you can do it. The heaven is very near to Belgaum about 35 kms from Belgaum in Tillari.
A full fledged party is organized there amidst river flowing, a cliff, nature at its best.
See the site for more details.
I have no ideas about the price etc. But the place from the pictures looks awesome.

Aadesh Bhauji Ale: with Paithani

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The Rotary club of Belgaum south had organized “Khel Mandiyela” a game show for women on the lines of the Home minister TV serial. The funds collected from the program will utilized for Cancer treatment hospital.
The home minister fame Aadesh Bandekar was here to host the event. The event took place at the B K Model School grounds and thousands thronged the venue, some to participate and some to just see Aadesh Bhauji.

Gayatri Mahayagna : Mangal Kalash

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The Gaytri Parivar is organizing a 108 Kundiya Gayatri Mahayagna at the Sardars ground today.
Yesterday a Mangal Kalash procession was taken out in the various streets of Belgaum.

Sab Vote gir gaye: mishap to bus carrying EVMs

7:11 PM Posted by ukmad

After, the recent by polls held for the Hukkeri assembly constituency, the bus carrying all the electronic voting machines for counting to Belgaum met with an accident in Suttagati ghat on the NH 4 on early hours of the Sunday, killing the driver on the spot. The police men inside who were there for protection were also injured.
All the EVM’s were reported to be safe.

All those votes in the EVMs which represent democracy just met with a mishap. Thankfully, all the EVMs were safe, if something had happened to them, another election.
Sources told the blog that the driver was not a professional driver.

Reliving those old moments price less

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The St.Pauls batch of 1993 today concluded their reunion meet at the school in camp.
The batch is very active on the internet and with help of internet this even was planned and executed to the best, that what ex-Paulite Dr.Handgandi told this blog.
This year’s event was mainly concentrated on cherishing those old pranks played on teachers and fellow friends. The event began by paying tributes to those teachers and fellow batch mates who are not with them today. Then the school anthem was sung and event proceeded.
A professional database was also made at this time which will be used later to share job openings and references within the group.
In the pciture: Ex-paulites enjoying playing back.
The batch mates were filled with joy to see each other; a few saw each other after 15 years, a few after 5 years. In fact a few like Mr.Faiz and Vishal Raut who had left the school in 8th std came for the event to see their old day buddies.
Blast from the past; a creation of Mr.Devikant which was a collection of old photos from school was very applauded by the batch mates. The chronicles of 1993, a collection of all the pranks and tricks played with teachers was the best event of the day and many new confessions came up which everyone was surprised to hear.
To narrate just one of them; Mr. Vinay Kothari said that he had lifted a cake given to their calls teacher and then the whole class equally ate the cake and at the last before the teacher left the class, one student told that, “Sir we ate the cake” and the teacher replied” If you all shared it then it’s a good thing”. The best thing is the person who lifted the cake from the teachers table never ate anything as it contained eggs.
All old memories and dances on the songs of that era like, Muqabla of Prabhuudeva, Jumma Chumma etc were played and all enjoyed it. A short film of last reunion held in 2003 was also showcased in a packaged format to relive those moments also.
Mr.Chingale told this blog a mega event is in the planning for 2013 where it will be a 2 day event and will include all teachers and complete families of the students.
All the batch mates supported the organizers and they also plan to give back to the school and the society from the amount collected at the reunion as it was done in 2003, by donating the remaining amount to Karunalaya, an old age home.
People bond together without any prejudice just as a community to work betterment of the society, a noble cause indeed.
All the best for next reunion.
Disclaimer: I am part of the batch.

Belgaum industries in bad shape: tough times ahead

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The nightmare of global economic downturn has knocked at the doors of industries in Belgaum. Recession has taken away lively hood of many people and even a few have closed down their establishments.
Around 1500 small and large industries have shut shop and many working in there have fled Belgaum. The future looks gloomy for the industrial scenario in Belgaum.
The government must reduce the interest rates loans. And since repayment of loans has become extremely difficult, it should even waive-off the dues of the industrialists.
Mainly the machine shops in Belgaum supply to automobile industries and the auto industry is also not doing well. Even after the excise cut for automobiles only footfalls into showrooms have increased, I heard on a news channel. So until the auto industry kicks of hard Belgaum will keep facing tough times ahead.
Source: ExpressBuzz

Ghajini is doing merry Christmas

1:11 PM Posted by ukmad

The board in front of Big Cinemas says it all. HOUSE FULL.
The picture was taken at 11am and there was a huge crowd gathered. As it is a holiday huge people had gathered to see Ghajini.

E –cash, Swiss Dollar: Multilevel chain business looters nabbed

10:29 AM Posted by ukmad

Belgaum police arrested six persons on the charge of cheating several people to the tune of crores of rupees through E-Cash Online Business. They did business in different names such as Reliable, diamond, Swiss dollar.
All this was done using internet as a medium.
The police have seized Rs. 18 lakh, six cars, six laptops, foreign currencies, 37 ATM cards, 13 mobile phones and cheque books from the accused.
Source: Tarun Bharat

Ghajini opens today

10:16 AM Posted by ukmad

The much awaited Amir Khan starrer Ghajini is being premiered along with Mumbai here at:
Swaroop: 2.30 pm,6 pm,9.15pm & at Nartaki at 11.30pm.
From today 25, Balkrishna will show Mahapralaya (H) at 12.30.,3.30,6.30,9.30
Nirmal – ROCKY (K) 3.15,6.15,9.15
So enjoy your holiday.

BelgaumBlog: 2008 Reloaded: Rewind 2008 news of Belgaum

7:38 PM Posted by ukmad

2008 has gone past with just a few days to go. We have to now welcome 2009.
Here is what all happened on this blog in the year gone by.
I also request readers to comment on this page with their favorite story of the year with its corresponding story number. For e.g. I liked Story number 6. Vits hotel
Just comment with 6. Vits hotel and any reason if you want to.

1. Shivteerth: A great place to rediscover history
2. Kapileshwar Road Now Over Bridge: RTO Crcile Kolhapur cross Road Wide
3. Six-year-old Aniket Chindak eyes 100-car limbo-skate world record
4. Khanapur girl Now DHL New Zealand Head
5. Ek se Do Bhale Do se Teen Bhale: Belgaum Constituency RECONSTRUCTED
6. VITS Hotel: 4 star hotel in Belgaum opens on 10th jan
7. RPD cross to have Belgaum’s second multiplex
8. Mayor reservation to be announced today: Belgaum Chorla road remaking: New road for Nartaki Theatre
9. Is there Space for so many ?

10. Lokayukta Raids P G Wandkar: booty upto to 12 crores
11. Another Boam Hoax: St.Marys This time
12. Road Humps for WHAT?
13. How the news is given by national Media
14. Belgaum - A ‘sleeping cell’ for terrorists
15. Is Belgaum Real estate in Real Boom?
16. Mrashtra’s Belgaum bid futile: Centre
17. Belgaum gets NOTHING

18. Stars of Belgaum: Atul Kulkarni
19. Belgaum gets its second Kannada-speaking Mayor
20. Belgaum getting ready to be FIT
21. Belgaum getting many Traffic Signals:Khanapur Road widened
22. MORE: sort of MORE & not so MORE
23. Admission time: Is raat ki Subh Kabhi
24. Electoral Rolls of Delimited Assembly Constituencies of Belgaum published: belgaum north,belgaum south & belgaum rural
25. Belgaum north:Belgaum South Assembly Constituency Map

26. PIL against Suvarna Soudha being built in Vaccine Depot:
27. Admission tensions are boiling over!
28. Air Deccan stops Belgaum Mumbai Flights:Mumbai Hubli Also stopped
29. Beggars cannot be choosers:LKG admissions
30. Private Buses will have no pick up points
31. Lokayukta raids Belgaum RTO
32. Belgaum’s Aniket Chindak makes Limbo Skating record:81 cars this time
33. Ye nahi Woh Sahi:Magar Kursi Chaiye

34. Linguistic divide takes a backseat in Belgaum
35. Debate over: Belgaum chooses its state: CNN IBN Poll
37. Traffic signals await inauguration
38. UniverCell in Belgaum
39. High Court dismisses petition for Building of SUVARNA VIDHANA SOUDHA at Vaccine depot
40. Belgaum foundry cluster all set to open

41. Terror suspect planned to attack Belgaum city: police
42. Revamp of Belgaum airport by 2008
43. Prabhakar B. Kore BJP Rajsabhya Candidate
44. Belgaum ring road: Still a Dream
45. Love Dale Principal Geeta Bhute passes away
46. Big Companies eye on Belgaum Real Estate
47. Belgaum 76th place in Deposits & Credit base
48. Bomb hoax in KLE college: calm after the storm
49. Unknown facts about Belgaum History
50. Different names of Belgaum
51. Social Justice Forum opposes Suvarna Vidhana Soudha on green belt
52. Did you know this?Basvan Galli Jain Temple

53. No takers for Desur IT park
54. Vaccine Depot SAVED! Government to look for alternative site for Suvarna Vidhana Soudha
55. Komalanna Doddannavar Passes away
56. Karnataka Budget 2008-09 What Belgaum Gets
57. Where do you want the Vidhan Soudha? Poll
58. Your had 25000+ hits
59. Alipaak it happens only in Belgaum
60. POWER & SPEED create big holes in pockets
61. Sardars High School first English school in Belgaum district
62. Shahpur was a commercial center in 1550
63. Farmers accuse MLA of trying to grab land
64. Rajesh Shinde swims across the English Channel
65. St.Pauls Wins for 22nd time: Royston Memorial Football

66. Where do you want the Vidhan Soudha in Belgaum: Poll Results
67. SIMI activist arrested in Belgaum:ON TERROR MAP
68. Reliance Fresh: one @ Khanapur Road & second @ Hotel Hanuman
69. A BIG THANK YOU from
70. Belgaumblog in The Hindu
71. Did you Know This? India’s first Olympic marathon runner is from Belgaum
72. RPD the Most Happening Corner: Parking dilemma
73. Khanapur Road, Civil Hospital Road hot cakes: Belgaum real Estate update
74. Khadim’s Footwear store on Kirloskar Road, Belgaum
75. Stars of Belgaum: Narendra Madhusudhan Murkumbi: MD Shree Renuka Sugars
76. Rohan Kokane of Belgaum makes a record in skating
77. Belgaum city map of 1894
78. New AD board driving attention: Can cause accidents
79. Perception needs to be changed: Bussinessline says Belgaum is in Maharashtra
80. Aniket Chindak nominated for the Pogo Amazing Kids Award
81. Belgaum Suvarna Soudha at Halga:Suspense over
82. Give your old taste buds a new ZAIKA: A new multi cuisine restaurant
83. Water Prices increase by a whopping 42%

84. D B Naik(CEO ZP, Belgaum) raided by Lokayukta
85. Shobhan Bantwal: Stars of Belgaum
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93. Belgaum Danger Zone
94. Vegetable prices kiss the sky

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97. Modi riding the Nano: if BRAND BELGAUM existed
98. Help build “Brand Belgaum”
99. Belgaum Foundry industry in bad shape
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101. Way to color the canvas: Stars of Belgaum: SACHIN UPADHYE
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107. Belgaum airport will get night landing facility
108. 108 Ambulance service in Belgaum
109. hacked
110. 3 hours load shedding in Belgaum
111. Belgaum Bullets / Royal Enfield riders club: Riding the Royal way
112.Sino-Indian joint training exercise: December 8 and 14 at Belgaum
113.Khanapur Road to get dividers soon
114. Sex Scandal in Belgaum
115.Vayavya Labs of Belgaum in top 30 for TATA NEN Hottest Startup Awards
116. Stars of Belgaum:Vayavya Labs
117.BIG Cinemas @ Nucleus Mall is all set for launch in Belgaum on the 5th of December

118. Belgaum ATS sleeping: Waiting for a Attack on the city
119. Smart Retail: Reviewed: FIR
120. St Paul’s 1993 Batch plan a REUNION — they have set an amazing example of using the internet to maintain school bonds — theirs truly is friendship of the 21st century!
121.Belgaumites take War on Terror: Candle light rally At last Big Cinemas to open today
122. BelgaumBlog: 50000 hits: Thank you readers
123. Chinese army men ready with Mohabbatein, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna in Belgaum
124. Suhas Talwar can challenge, inspire, motivate and dare you to rediscover yourself
125. Belgaum MLI centre best suited in India for training
126. Belgaum railway station to get a face off
127. Yearning for “Old Belgaum”: By Shobhan Bantwal
128. Karnataka Legislature Joint Session in Belgaum Jan 16
129. Big Cinema Kapeel Belgaum: Book your ticket online
130. Suresh Hundre : CMD Polyhydron Belgaum: Business Ashrama Stars of Belgaum

General management and Communication Skill course concludes at Belgaum Branch of SIRC

10:09 AM Posted by ukmad

Belgaum Branch of SIRC of ICAI celebrated the concluding session of 15 Days GMCS (General management and Communication Skill) Course at ICAI Bhawan Belgaum for CA final year students.

President of CA Association CA. Ashok Menshi was the Chief Guest. Chairman CA.Sanjay D Shirguppe, Vice Chairrman Jayant Godbole, and Faculty of People tree Belgaum Mrs. Smita Dalvi, Prof. K.G.Mallali, Prof. G.M Shetti and participants are seen in the Photograph.

Belgaum, Sambra airport to get Rs. 23.41 crores for modernization

9:54 PM Posted by ukmad

The Minister for Civil Aviation, Shri Praful Patel informed the Parliament (Rajya Sabha) today. AAI proposes to spend an amount of Rs.12434.34 crores, during the 11th Five Year Plan (2007-08 to 2011-12) for development of airport infrastructure in the country, which includes Metro airports as well as non-metro airports. An expenditure of Rs. 6443.53 crores has been proposed for development of Non-metro airports whereas an expenditure of Rs. 5990.81 crores has been proposed for development of Metro and other private/ Greenfield airports.

Belgaum, Sambra airport will get Rs. 23.41 crores for modernization / up gradation of airports. Hubli airport is getting Rs.25 crores.

Source: Press Information Bureau

3:06 PM Posted by ukmad

“We will create an island of excellence through focus on customer, employee-empowerment and continuous improvement.”- Mission Statement

  Polyhydron will nurture an ethically managed organization. We will not exploit our

Customers, suppliers, government, society and nature” - Vision Statement

 Those 4 lines of hefty looking words are a brain child of Mr.Suresh 

Hundre, CMD


Polyhydron Pvt.Ltd. Belgaum. He does not run a business he runs Business Ashram, that

not me who says that, numerous case studies by prominent management Gurus mention the same thing.


Mr.Suresh Hundre a down to earth man aimed differently and achieved it. He dreamt of doing business ethically and yet grows the business 30% year after year, be debt free and cash rich.


Polyhydron is in the manufacturing of Industrial Hydraulic Valves, very back from 1981-82. Mobile Hydraulic Valves (Import Substitution) production added in the year 2001-02.

 When he took over the executive responsibility of the company in the year 1986,  anaging he show was easier said than done. With cash flow problems due to pending payments and very high inventory leading to pressure working capital management. Mr.Hundre analyzed the situation to find out that there was much non-compliance with regulatory requirements.

 He is influenced deeply by Swami Vivekanand, the scriptures and spirituality, the Gita & Ricardo Semler’s Maverick. He took the best from all and runs his organization as ‘business ashrama’ as he calls it, where “Honesty is not the best policy, it is the only policy!

 We are honest. We are transparent & we do not pay BRIBE.”

 The Ashrama itself is a place to see and believe. The first plant was constructed in hexagonal shaped structure, surrounding a central octagonal place. This layout provides more floor space, better lighting and ventilation. In Business Ashrama eight groups of three hexagonal structures are constructed. Each group is a ‘focused factory’ for specialized products dedicated to one customer.

 The word Ashrama is aptly used as the place gives a feeling of being close to the nature where ducks, fishes and turtles are also a part of life and also a Dhyan  Mandir .

 Stars of Belgaum, Hundre

Mr.Hundre does not pay any bribes anywhere. Customers were not given any credit, and the business was to be done only on payment, He scrapped the material store and established a transparent supplier management system. No price bargain with the customer and started following a transparent discount policy, known to all.

 He does not like pushing people to do duties, on the contrary he believes in creating an environment where people work without compromising ethics and morality. Which company will share its balance sheet with employees, Hundre’s company does it.

 Productivity, profit, growth such data are shared on a NOTICE board and anyone can question a financial transaction of the company.  He believes that any business big or small should be built on own financial strength then only one can achieve sustained growth.


Trust is the core in the company. Security guard is there only during night hours when no one is in the factory, as he does not question the honesty of his employees.

 Only one level of management exists between the CMD and workers and those are the co-oridinators. No supervision what so ever. The workers can stop the production at anytime if they notice some flaw in the product or the raw material. 

The Company maintains almost a paperless office and well networked MIS system. As there is no store for raw materials, the materials are brought Just in time directly to the workstation. Even the quantity brought in is not formally counted as Polyhydron has developed a respect with its suppliers. If something goes wrong only, the workers directly contact the supplier directly as they know the best.

Mr Hundre does not welcome any consultant in his office who may like to offer advice on how to reduce the tax burden! The company plans how they can pay more tax to the Government in the current year as compared to previous year!

 Mr. Hundre’s role models are Mahatma Gandhi, Kiran Bedi, Ratan Tata and Narayan Murthy. 

When he deiced to computerize the whole company all original hardware and software were brought for a high price almost double that of pirated, the employees decided that only half of the computers be bought and employees were ready on rotation basis.

 He does participate in social activities but it will be after 6 p.m. If he has to go somewhere his casual leave application will be on the notice board. In fact, all the employees have to do the same.

 A few more questions I asked to Mr.Suresh Hundre.  

Ø      Your view on Belgaum, its development over years and what you think is in store for it in the future.

 It is a Slow growing Industrial Place , mostly owned by Local People with Small Vision(There are very few exceptions)


Ø      Now that your son also handles some aspects of your business, do you think he will also carry your legacy forward?

Yes, Certainly.


Ø      How has been the support of your parents and family at home?

I had no support from my Parents for starting the Business, but my wife supports me 100% (She shares max. returns From the company -Dividend)


Ø      You have given so many lectures at so many places, any experience worth sharing here?

Once in GIT after my Lecture a North indian Student met me outside the hall and said “All what you talked inside the Hall is Bullshit- what is you comment” I replied “I Pity You”


Ø      You have made your factory a temple of ethics where, even I made my first ever industrial visit way back in 1996 we were impressed and till date people have the same feeling. How do you keep the legacy?

 Perspective, Patience & Persistence


Ø      You are very active in the social field, especially in social justice forum and in the fight to save Vaccine depot. What is your thought on the young generation and their contribution to back to the society?

Generally, Young Generation does not feel obliged to social commitments/responsibility. The young generation is more attracted to worldly pleasures at least efforts and no sacrifice.


Ø      Has you thought of retiring yourself form the day to day activities of the company?

Yes, definitely. I will play role of a mentor.


Ø      You believe in being simple and living simple. Has that raised some conflicts amongst your family members?

 My wife also comes from same middle class,  . My son also belives in simple living.



Ø      Your thoughts for upcoming entrepreneurs in Belgaum?

Have a Big Vision and Go Mad After it. Keep your personal agenda aside until you establish.


Ø      You believe in debt less company operation, but how do we achieve it, if we area first time entrepreneurs?

 Nothing  wrong in borrowing loans. The earlier you are out of it the better.


Ø      What relaxes you after a day’s work?

Social Work 


Ø      You have some hobbies, which keep you engrossed elsewhere?

Reading Spiritual Books


Ø      What do you think of this blog and its contribution to Belgaum?

 Excellent Keep it up.


After reading all this, I am a fan of Mr.Suresh Hundre. Many have their idols or role models like Sharukh Khan, Amir Khan, a few like Gandhi and Nehru, but to be successful in life the correct way is to follow Mr.Suresh Hundre. Its difficult but is the right path.

See company website