Play Garden in the city in dire state

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This particular picture is of the Shanti Nagar Residents Association Garden in Tilakwadi. The state of the garden is clearly seen in the photos. Now some mud is being put up to fill up the place as there is water logging in the rainy season within the garden. The Slide and other playing amenities are amidst over grown grass not cut for years.

My question to all is, why is this? A few garden maintained by the Corporation are doing ok, nothing great to type here but the corporation should take over such gardens and maintain them or a public private partnership program should be initiated so that these scarce becoming play areas and fresh air is there for our next generation.

Kannada now as optional language BCA, BBA and B.Sc (Computer Science)

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The Karnatak University, Dharwad, to convert the status of Kannada language subject for BCA, BBA and B.Sc (Computer Science) from “compulsory” to “optional” for the first two semesters from this academic year (2008-09) has shocked Kannada organizations in Belgaum.
As per the university’s decision, Kannada is now one among the 12 optional subjects listed as modern Indian languages. The other optional subjects are Marathi, Arabic, Additional English, English, French, German, Hindi, Kannada, Prakrit, Persian, Sanskrit and Urdu.

The university decision of September 8 2008 had come just before the first semester examinations. Most of the colleges had completed more than 75 per cent of the syllabus. Now, with the new order coming only a fortnight ago, many students have opted for Marathi and English languages as optional as against Kannada and the faculty was under pressure to complete the syllabus in a hurry.
The Belgaum District Kannada Organizations Action Committee urged the Government to direct the university to withdraw its decision immediately.

According to me, & with no language bias, language as a subject for BBA, BCA and other such is not required. In such courses, your overall marks can come down due to the language. However, some others think otherwise. And imposing Kannada could have hampered many students who came in from other states and from other countries. Now that, its been made optional those students would have a sigh of relief. But don’t be relaxed this could be even on the day of the exam, so study hard to pass.
Source The Hindu

Vegetable prices kiss the sky

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The buyers of vegetables are sweating it out now only. Inflation has already hit the common mans pocket for the 6 months and prices of all commodities have risen by 10%, some even more.
In the month of June and July due to the rains the prices had soared said the vegetable marketers and now after there have been good rains the prices have shot up again saying undue rainfall has caused heavy damage. Result, High prices.

Potato Rs.10/Kg, Brinjal – Rs.20/Kg, Chilly- Rs.40/Kg, Beans Rs.30/Kg, Simla Mirch Rs.35/Kg, Cucumber Rs.20/kg, Tomato Rs.25 to 30/Kg, Cauliflower Rs.20/Piece, all leaf vegetables like Palak etc cost anywhere between Rs.3-6.

The above prices prevail in the main market, if you prefer to buy in Tilakwadi or Hanuman Nagar or residential areas the prices go up Rs.10 to 15 per kg. In Tilakwadi, you will get Beans for Rs.45/Kg. This is the same in other areas also.

Prices in Retail stores like Big Bazaar or More are far and more similar, normally on the higher side on a few occasions but only by a Rupee or two. Now that Reliance Fresh is due to open its first outlet on Khanapur road in a couple of days may be, it would have to be keenly seen what are the prices charged there. If, the prices charged by Reliance fresh are similar to that of the main market, which is possible, we could see some impact on the Tilakwadi market for a few days at least.

So eating vegetables no doubt is good for health but now a days is not so good for the pockets.

Belgaum Lake photo

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Thanks Bharat Murgod for tweening with my image and creating this masterpiece.

Did you know this? Shobha Gurtu was born in Belgaum

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Shobha Gurtu who specializes in semi classical forms as thumri, dadra, Kajri, Hori etc was born in Belgaum onFebruary 8 1925 with her maiden name "Bhanumati Shirodkar".

Her mother Menekabai Shirodkar, a professional dancer, and a 'gayaki' disciple of Ustad Alladiya Khan of the Jaipur-Atrauli gharana first trained her.

She dies in Mumbai on September 27, 2004 (aged 79).

Belgaum Danger Zone

4:31 PM Posted by ukmad

Tauqeer is said to be the financial secretary of SIMI and is instrumental in arranging finance from the LeT for terror attacks across India. After the Mumbai train blast, in which he played a key role, he hid in Kerala with associate Shibli for sometime. He then shifted base to Bangalore for a year or so.

From there, he moved to Belgaum where he organized SIMI activists for the next attack. During his stay in Belgaum, he met Abu Bashar, now in the custody of Gujarat police for involvement in the Ahmedabad serial blast case. Abu Bashar used to organise meetings to motivate people for Jihadi activities and he even sought financial help from Tauqeer. Tauqeer promised support and even set up a group to execute the Hubli court blast.In fact, Naseer had revealed Tauqeer's movements and activities in Hubli and Belgaum in February during an interrogation. However, police did not pay much attention to this and failed to share this information.

Belgaum is in national media for the wrong reasons again. This love and peace loving small town is now on the international terror map.
Source MID-DAY

Sanchayni Circle: Darkness all through

6:08 PM Posted by ukmad

The Sanchayni Circle (Police Qtrs Maruti Circle) in camp is in darkness. This is a important circle enroute to Bogarves just 100 mtrs from Bogarves.

The circle is not illuminated for years. There is no traffic island in the center, which causes minor accidents all the time. To add to these hardships the road round the corner from Bogarves to Khanapur road has some innumerable potholes of all sizes and depths. This VDO is taken from the same spot. What is visible (other than in the headlights) is DARK reality.

In my 30 years, I have never seen a street lamp in this circle nor a Himast lamps as put all over Belgaum, just see the one in Bogarves just 100 mtrs away.

The cantonment should look into this matter at the earliest and install Himast Street lamps at this circle so that riding at night would be come easier.

Your thoughts on this …

Belgaum Kotekere Panoramic View

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To see Large size of the images clik on the imagesThis photo was taken yesterday by UkMaD. The Kotekere lake in day light & Night.The place is ok for a stroll on the pathway for an hour or so in the evenings. Boating is there and also some games for small kids.

Belgaums food & drink: The best

10:20 PM Posted by ukmad

Rawool Ka Fried Rice, AMBIKA ki Pani Puri, NEW GRAND ki Puri Bhaji, Swamy ka Pizza, SUKHI ki Chai, MOHANLAL ke Pastries, Balu ka Vada Pav, AMRAPALI ki Ice Cream, ROYAL ka Mango Milk Shake, COOL TOP ki Lassi, DAATU ka Pan, Samadevi Galli ki Mancuri, GREENS ki Chilled Beer, SUN N SAND ka Reshmi Kabab, NIYAZ ki Dum Biryani, PUROHIT ka KUNDA, SAMADHAN ki Pav Bhaji, Paratha Corner ka Pratha, Only Fish ka Fish, KHYBER ki chicken chilly AJANTA ka Dosa, Prakash ki Mutton Thali, Adinarayan ki Fish curry, MUTHU ke Kabab, Top in town (terrace) ka cheese cherry pineapple, Himalaya ki bread Bhaji aur Sheetal ya SANT ka Ali Paak.

Yeh hai Belgaum ka SWAD, Be a proud Belgaumite

This is a very old Email or SMS circulating around, but it is worth it I guess.

All are requested to add to this. I know most of it would be Area centric.

Thanks Anand Nargundkar.

Dr Bhimrao Gasti: Kannada Prabha Personality-of-the-Year Award 2007

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He turned down a Russian university’s offer of a professor’s post only to serve his people who were wallowing in poverty, illiteracy, social darkness and worse, a criminal tag.

Dr Bhimrao Gasti, who will receive the Kannada Prabha Personality-of-the-Year Award 2007 on Tuesday at Belgaum, is an M.Sc. and Ph.D. This is completely at odds with his beginnings.

A victim of several atrocities and insults as a school boy in Belgaum, he was thrown out of school and was denied entry into the hostel as he was considered a dacoit because of his Bedar descent.
After fighting all odds & completing, his studies from Osmania University, Hyderabad and proceeded to Russia for higher studies. But when he learnt that people of his community were being arrested for no fault of theirs, he landed in Yamunapur near Belgaum to lead their fight against illegal arrests.

It was his relentless fight that forced the Government to replace the criminal tag on the community with a scheduled tribe tag. He has written several Marathi bestsellers.

SIMI mastermind in Hindalga jail

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SIMI mastermind and terror suspect Safdar Hussain Nagori responsible for the recent bomb blasts across the country has been lodged at Central Prison at Hindalga here for security reasons, according to police sources. Central Prison here is one of the high security prisons and has enough space to quarantine other inmates from those lodged in the high security barracks.
SIMI activists and terror suspects arrested by the Belgaum, Hubli-Dharwad and other district police in the North Karnataka region have already been lodged in the Central Prison here since their arrests.
Belgaum is now coming on the terror map as well. It is already on the terror map and now at the Hindalga Jail these terrorists, is this thing for Pride?
Source TimesofIndia

DB Naik CEO ZP Belgaum gets 20 days Belgaum Entry ban

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Mr.D.B.Naik who was arrested by the lokayukta police has been let out on bail but has been ordered not to enter Belgaum for 20 days.

In the raid on 11 September a booty of 1 crore 8 lakhs was found and also the team discovered that there were many Benami properties and later land brokers and contractors were questioned by the lokayukta team.

Source Tarun Bharat

C M in Belgaum today

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CM, Yedurappa is in Belgaum today to take part in a program organized by the New Indian Express group.

Did you Know This?Belgaum civil Hospital was opened in 1859

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Did you Know This?

Belgaum civil hospital was opened in 1859 at a cost of Rs.5377 average inbound patients 25 and OPD were 125.

Source : The Bombay Gazette, Belgaum_1905_Table_15

New Virtual computer for readers

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All are familiar with personal computers. It would be a painful job to carry all your data on optical disks or pen drives if you travel frequently and requires data to be accessed regularly. The solution to all these problems is a virtual computer.

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Thanks to Hyperwebenable for providing my readers such a great tool. In the time to come some, more dynamic and interactive features like SMS and stuff will also be available to the readers. So do not look back, your Belgaumblog will be one place you need to log on to of course from your Lively PC or Laptop.

News of Bomb in Snatosh Nirmal theatre

12:00 PM Posted by ukmad

The bomb disposal squad with its Dog squad is searching the Santosh Nirmal theatre complex for a bomb. At this time 12 pm the search is on.

Hope this is also a Hoax call.

Farmers Concerned over KIADB

10:24 AM Posted by ukmad

The Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB) has plans to acquire 501 acres of farmland at Ghugeranatti and Bambarga in Bambarga gram panchayat limits and Godihal in Vantamuri gram panchayat limits in Belgaum taluk. The land proposed for acquisition is 10 km away from Belgaum and adjacent to Pune-Bangalore Express Highway (NH 4) from Bennalli to Bhutaramantti.

The land acquisition wing of KIADB headed by a special land acquisition officer in Dharwad issued notice on September 6, 2006, to acquire 373 acres and 19 guntas at Bambarga and 127 acres and 24 guntas at Ghugarenatti, but could not proceed further following protests by farmers. They staged a “rasta roko” on November 9, 2006.

But the KIADB issued notices on March 8, 2008, to a few farmers of these villages. This had had become a cause for concern among the farmers of Ghugarenatti. If land was acquired, the entire village would have to be relocated. KIADB had left out the land along the highway owned by some “influential” persons. Village goutaan (common) land and barren hillocks under social forestry had also been left out. Sources in KIADB said the board had asked the tahsildar of Belgaum to prepare records to enable it to issue a final notification for land acquisition. People of the villages where KIADB has plans to acquire land are hoping that the Government would reconsider its move.
Now here we go again, How do we have industrial development without disturbing Agriculture. This is a Question being asked in all the states and all on fronts. Take it in Singur or in Ratnagiri or Jamshedpur. The farmers are now unwilling to give their land for industrial development.
I would rather suggest the Supreme court (it will have to intervene one day for sure) in this matter and make a national policy for land acquisition. Until then, we will have unsatisfied farmers and unsatisfied Industrialists.

Original Story in The Hindu

D.B. Naik ZP CEO arrested by Lokayukta

10:23 AM Posted by ukmad

The Lokayukta police arrested D.B. Naik, Chief Executive Officer, Belgaum Zilla Parishad, on Thursday who was found allegedly having several “benami” property.
The Lokayukta police carried out searches at several places include residences of five civil contractors. They recovered documents related to several “benami” properties, allegedly belonging to Mr. Naik. One of the contractors was found with documents related to 11 properties. Among the properties recovered, include 10 acres of land in Khanapur, some sites in Belgaum.
Records pertaining to Naik showing his alleged link with running of a first grade college in Mudhol have also been recovered.
Investigations led the Lokayukta police about Naik alleged abuse of his position as the Commissioner of Belgaum Urban Development Authority, which he held during 2005.
These kinds of raids and investigations are needed periodically to eradicate this Corruption from the system. Now what will happen to him is still to be seen. Original Story in The Hindu

Renaming Belgaum challenged

10:49 AM Posted by ukmad

The High Court on Thursday issued a notice to the Center regarding a petition challenging the government's decision to change the name of Belgaum to Belagavi.

M V Chawan and others from Belgaum contended that the change of name would affect the culture and sentiments of Marathi people. The petitioner further stated that the name was changed with political motives to hurt the sentiments of Marathi people and cut of Belguam's historic roots with Marathi culture and language.

On October 25, 2006, the Revenue Department sent recommendations to the Central Government regarding changing names of major cities in Karnataka, in which Belgaum was changed to Belagavi.

Chief Justice P D Dinakaran and Justice Mohan Shantan Gowder issued notice to the respondents.

Do we really require a name change is the question to all? What will happen if the same name is retained or it is changed? Will Belgaum's fate change if the name is changed to Belgavi?

In India we have courts and courts will take their own time on any issue and ocne the matter is in court, we should not say anything, only say "The matter is sub judice ".

Yeddyurappa to visit Belgaum

10:49 AM Posted by ukmad

Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa will be inaugurating a bridge (on Noginal-Sultanpur road) built across the Markandeya river in Hukkeri taluk on Saturday.
The inauguration programmes follow the BJP workers meeting at Hunnur Inspection Bungalow to be held earlier the same day. According to official programme, Mr. Yeddyurappa will arrive at Mudalgi in Gokak taluk at 3 p.m. from Karwar on Friday to inaugurate development programmes and proceed to Hunnur for night stay.
The Kannada Rakshana Vedike is organizing a Gherao of the CM demanding industrial development of Belgaum. They will also demand the TATA Nano project be implemented in Belgaum.

Source: The Hindu

Hoax bomb call again

4:13 PM Posted by ukmad

Another bomb hoax call created chaos today, this time at the Bhatkande School (Behind Shivaji Garden).
The school was evacuated and the bomb squad checked the complete school and found it to be another hoax call.All photos courtesy Biddu

What if, Nano had to be built in Belgaum?

1:19 PM Posted by ukmad

Its breaking news on the business front that the Nano plant from singur will get shifted to Dharwad.

Tata Motors MD Ravi Kant met the Karnataka CM today and Tata Motors have confirmed that they are looking for alternatives to Singur to shift their Nano project.
The Karnataka Government has offered 1000 acres for the Nano car project and all “incentives and support. Tata Motors already has a manufacturing unit in Dharwad where it makes the low-floor Marco Polo buses.
Why Dharwad again? Belgaum has been a hub for automobile ancillary industry for years now and for a low cost car like Nano, integration of resources will reduce the cost. The Karnataka govt. should have thought of Belgaum and asked the Tata's to come to Belgaum, by which there would be some industrial development and the ancillaries would have had a good time.
I think its sheer lack of interest of the local politician (or clash of interests) and the state level as well that Belgaum is always neglected. Anyways, Nano could be made closer to us, which is also a good thought.

NAAC ranking of various Belgaum colleges

12:31 PM Posted by ukmad

National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), is an autonomous institution of the University Grants Commission.
NAAC's assessment is based on seven criteria, which includes curricular aspects, teaching learning and evaluation, research, consultancy and extension, infrastructure and learning resources, student support and progression, governance and leadership and innovative practices.

Karnataka Law Society's Gogte College of Commerce Belgaum, (2.86) got Grade B after it is Re-Accredited by NAAC.

A list of NAAC's accredited colleges and their grades (as on March 31st, 2007) of Belgaum only.

Anjuman College of Arts & Commerce, Opp. District Court, Belgaum Grade B
Dakshin Maharashtra Shikshan Mandal's Bhaurao Kakatkar College, Jyoti Compound, Club Road, Belgaum Grade B+
Government College of Teacher Education, Kakatives Road, Near Channamma Circle, Belgaum Garde B+
K. L. E. Society's B. V. Bellad Law College, Belgaum, Grade C++
K. L. E. Society's Lingaraj College, Belgaum, Grade A
K. L. E. Society's Raja Lakhamagouda Science Institute, Belgaum, Grade A
Karnatak Law Society's Raja Lakhamgouda Law College, Tilakwadi (East), Belgaum, Grade B
Maratha Mandal's Arts, Commerce, Science & Home Science College, No. 1007, Malmaruti Extension, Belgaum, Grade B
S. S. S. Samiti's Mahaveer P. Mirji College of Commerce, H. O. Shedbal, Nehru Nagar, Belgaum Grade B+
South Konkan Education Society's Govindram Seksaria Science College, Tilakwadi, Belgaum Grade FOUR STAR
South Konkan Education Society's Rani Parvati Devi College, Belgaum, Grade FOUR STAR
PES's A. M. Shiekh Homeopatihic Medical College, Belgaum, Grade FOUR STAR

Note: The grading System is changed from 01-04-2007 now for more details as how it is exactly done, New Methodology of Assessment & Accreditation.

Complete Report for each college is here

I have tried my best to understand what this New Methodology of Assessment & Accreditation is, but all were bouncers for me. Someone reading this could throw in some more light.

Earthquake awakens city early morning

8:14 AM Posted by ukmad

An earthquake of 4.8 on the Richter scale hi Belgaum city in between 3.15 to 3.20 an early morning. The epicenter was Koina Dam.

A bumpy welcome to Belgaum

4:44 PM Posted by ukmad

Yes! All those who had just been to Belgaum for Ganpati or otherwise and if you were coming from Kolhapur side, you would have a bumpy Welcome at the entrance of Belgaum.

At the junction, which leads to KLE hospital from the National highway there? They are the BEST & biggest potholes of the city, the size could be 12-15 feet wide and 3 feet deep. The irony is that city corporation has built a tower very next to it, Its an umbrella illuminated which is built for the Kannada Vishwa Sammelan to welcome the delegates to the city with the words "Welcome to Belgaum", and has probably spent a few lakhs on it.

I hope good sense prevails and they had better spend some money on repairing at least the road entering the city.

I do not have a picture of the same, if anyone traveling try and get one.
Thanks Nagendra.

Ganesh Visarjan Begins at 4.10pm

5:40 PM Posted by ukmad

The procession for immersion of the Ganesh Idols has begun at 4.10pm. About 12 Ganesh idols were lined up from Hutatma Chowk to Maruti Galli.
Not much of enthusism was seen at the beginning. It was because of the rain. Now the rain has stopped and also the crowd is getting towards there and we should have a full-blown procession only after 7pm or so.
Cops sniffed the complete procession route with Metal detectors and sniffer dogs. Gutters, dust bins are were checked for.
I could not get great pics like last time tough, but will try again later.

Belgaum turned into a fortress

10:13 AM Posted by ukmad

Belgaum city has been turned into a virtual fortress with more than 3500 police officers guarding the city on the Ganesh Visarjan.

The Ganesh Visarjan procession is said to begin at 2 pm (might begin after 4pm) from Hutatama Chowk and reach Kapileshwar via Ramdev Galli, Samadevi Galli, Ramling Khind Galli & Tahshildar Galli.

The police are on high alert and about 100 hidden cameras have been installed to record the procession. The first Sarvajanik Ganesh idol of Sanyukta Maharashtra Chowk is already at Hutatma Chowk n the wee hours of the morning only. Others will join the procession during the day.
The procession is expected to finish by tomorrow morning. Two cranes have been installed at Kapileshwar for easy immersion of big idols.

Commonwealth Baton relay: Students disappointed

10:13 AM Posted by ukmad

A large number of schoolchildren, who lined up to greet the “Youth Baton Relay” (YBR) of Common Wealth Games here on Saturday, had to return home disappointed because of the delay in the arrival of the team.

In Belgaum, schoolchildren were lined up all along the route of the relay, particularly from Udyambag to Rani Channamma Circle. They waited from 3 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. in the rain and returned home.

I had seen students lined up along the roadside with their teachers from Gogte circle to Kolhapur Cross. All the students were waiting in the rain for the baton to arrive and cheer it, but to their bad luck the baton arrived very late at about 8 pm in the night, I was told.

It was pity scene all over with the students drenched in rain and waiting and in a few eyes the question "Why is this baton going from our city?"

See The Hindu

Touts create menace at stamp paper counter

4:08 PM Posted by ukmad

The Touts take Rs. 25 more for stamp papers of all denominations. Touts stand in the queue much before the counters open Infact a couple of hours earlier. People who cannot wait buy stamp papers from them.
At the Ravivarpeth branch, they queue up at least two hours before the counter opens at 10.30 a.m. Some of them approach people standing in the queue with an offer to sell them stamp papers of any denomination for a fee of Rs. 25.
A senior official in the bank said that the bank was helpless and all its efforts to prevent sale of stamp papers by the touts had failed.
The only way solution to the problem was to have more counters that sell stamp papers, he said. The official said that despite the heavy rush for stamp papers and very few counters in the city, there was high pressure on the bank staff. It was for the police to check the menace of touts, he said.
Now look at this: The bank official is saying they cannot stop this as the counters are less and the staff has a lot of pressure. Why don’t they start giving stamp papers from more banks? Why aren't the timings for giving forms increased? The government should look into the matter and see that the stamp papers are made available from other banks also so that the touts have no leeway.
See original story: The Hindu

Congress Road in bad shape

4:30 PM Posted by ukmad

The Congress Road from Gogte Circle to Nanawadi Cross is in very bad shape. This part of the road is under the Cantonment for maintainece and nothing has been except for filling the potholes with bolders and mud. There are many such roads in town,I happened to get you this one.

See the small stones and gathered on the side of the road, best way to skid your vehicle

Congress Road Military Mahadev Junction. This particular spot was highlighted on this blog last year also, see here

Congress Road, Near Military Mahadev

Loose stones and mud gathered on the side of the road ( next to Military Mahadev) Best place to skid.

Gogte Circle, This pothole is in the center of the road if you are coming in from Congress road towards Gogte Circle.

Shobhan Bantwal: Stars of Belgaum

10:12 AM Posted by ukmad

Author of The Forbidden Daughter & THE DOWRY BRIDE, Shobhan Bantwal was born and brought up in Belgaum until she married and settled in USA.
She was born on July 2 and raised at BELGAUM along with her four sisters. Her father was a doctor and her mother worked as his office manager. She resided in Camp area and she did her schooling from St. Josephs Convent Camp( LKG to SSLC) and then went to Lingraj College followed by Karnatak University in Dharwar for a master's degree in sociology. She got a second master's degree in Public Administration in the U.S. she rarely visits India, so her visits to Belgaumare very few and far between.

She came to the United States in an arranged marriage in the mid 1970's. Her husband had been working and living in the U.S. for three years before they met. They have been happily married for 34 years and almost all those years they have been living in New Jersey. They have one married daughter and she has girl.

She now works for a government agency in the U.S. She took up freelance journalism and fiction writing as a hobby only a few years ago.

Kensington Publishing, an American publisher, released her first fiction book, THE DOWRY BRIDE, in September 2007 and her second book, THE FORBIDDEN DAUGHTER, was released last week, September 2008. Both novels are based in India and deal with contemporary social issues that have created a great deal of interest amongst American and Canadian readers who are fascinated with the subjects of dowry and gender-selective abortions.Although her books are not published in India, they are available, Barnes&,, and a number of other on-linebooksellers and larger bookstores in Mumbai, Delhi, and most major cities.

She created a fictitious setting in her novels: a small town in southwestern India called Palgaum. She believed it would make an interesting and exotic backdrop for her book. However, it is loosely based on the town she grew up in. Whenever she was writing about the streets and the scenery, she had an image of her own town of Belgaum, except for the river. She felt a picturesque river scene would give the story more texture and romance, so she threw in a river, which my town doesn’t have.
She writes articles and short stories for a number of Indian-American and Indian publications including India Abroad, India Currents,,, Little India, Kanara Saraswat, and New Woman India and Leaves magazines.
Some Praises for her book:
THE DOWRY BRIDE is "Remarkable...imaginative, packed with detail. Adroitly depicting passion, brutality, cultures in conflict. This novel is as engrossing as it is unusual." says Dorothy Garlock, Bestselling author
Bantwal takes a brave look at an old topic and delivers a piece of work that may just make an impact. Wonderful, Vivid, and Worth Reading!
---- BookIdeas
Links to her books

Source: An Email interview with her

D B Naik(CEO ZP, Belgaum) raided by Lokayukta

10:12 AM Posted by ukmad

Lokayukta Police team from Bangalore raided the official residence of D.B. Naik, Chief Executive Officer of Belgaum Zilla Panchayat and in-charge Deputy Commissioner, in Visvesvaraiah Nagar here on Thursday.

Simultaneous raids were conducted at Mr. Naik’s office, official residence, and his house at Vaibhav Nagar. Mr. Naik, a 1983-84 batch KAS officer, has served as Commissioner of Belgaum Urban Development Authority (BUDA) for more than four years.

The assets found were: A bungalow worth Rs.40 lakh in Vaibhav Nagar, 3 bungalows worth 15 lakhs in Gokak taluk, 2 bunglows in his brothers name, 25 acres of land in Gokak taluk worth 10 lakhs, 10 acres in Gunji worth 10 lakhs, guest house worth 25 lakhs in Mamdapur(Goakak) , one house in Malmaruti worth 3 lakhs 50 thousand and one land in Shindoli worth 3 lakhs.

Source :

Commonwealth youth games Baton in Belgaum on 14th

4:59 PM Posted by ukmad

The baton relay of the Commonwealth youth games 2008 will have a city run on 14-09-2008.

Bibiano Fernandez: International Football Player, BRUNO COUTINHO winner of the Arjuna football award, Hakkimuddin S.H Olympian Swimming Player, JESMON J. CARVALHU Jr.International Football Player, LAVINO FERNANDES Jr.International Football Player, Micky Fernandes International Football Player, Ms Salma Fernandes International Football Player, Roberto Fernandes A.Games Football Player, SHILTON EUSEBIO Jr.International Football Player, Talasha Prabhu Winner of the SAF -Gold award, Tarini Singh International Football Player. All these will running with the baton.

New ray of hope for Belgaum Ring road

10:46 PM Posted by ukmad

The KARNATAKA ROAD DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED has invited Consulting Services for preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the following works from reputed Consultants for Construction of Ring Road around Belgaum City.The tender notification was published on 30.08.2008 vide No.KRDCL/IFB/2008/41. The last date for submission of completed documents is 22.09.2008 before 3.00 P.M. Opening of Technical Bid is on 25.09.2008.

At last, there is something happening concerning the Ring road, which has now become a necessity. The heavy vehicles traffic on Khanapur Road and Congress road and in the city would be diverted once this ring road is built. Hope this time tenders come in and some one commences work at the earliest.
Details of the Tender are available at
No doubt this is an invite for only a detailed project report, we should hope it will be done at the earliest.

Belgaum did not miss the Bus

10:46 PM Posted by ukmad

Belgaum did not miss the BusTATA Motors TELCON was planned at Belgaum but was successfully and smartly driven away to Dharwad by so called fight for North Karnataka kind of politicians from Hubli-Dhawad , but Belgaum’s legacy of being birth place of hydraulics and pioneer in Body building activity reaping its fruit in recent past.

Mohan V Kamat and Vijay R Kamat have tremendous experience in the business, who came up with their proposal for establishing the plant in Belgaum (ALMA MOTORS PVT. LTD. Survey No. 274, NH4A, Desur Village, Belgaum-Khanapur Road, Belgaum - 590 014)

The plants total capacity is of 10,000 vehicles per annum.The Group has set up two state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Zaheerabad in Andhra Pradesh and Belgaum in Karnataka involving considerable capital outlay having a combined production capacity in excess of 10,000 buses per annum, amongst the largest in the country.The company is specializes in coach buildings of Military Luxury standard and executive coaches on Leyland chassis. The company also makes interior FRP fabs for coaches.

These are fully integrated plants having comprehensive in-house supporting facilities for fibreglass components production, manufacture of seats and pressed parts.The manufacturing operations are ably complemented by a strong Design and Engineering Centre that provides critical inputs on design engineering/analysis, prototyping, testing and subsequent engineering for mass production. The Design Centre employs state-of-the-art software platforms for effective product development from Concept to Production in the shortest time cycle.Teams of experienced and well-trained professionals having first hand exposure to international bus design and manufacturing practices operate the Design and Engineering facilities as well as the Manufacturing plants.
In years to come Belgaum will regain its glory of being the mother of ancillary units.
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Industrial Corridor near Highways in Belgaum

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The central government has an aspiring industrial corridor plan & under the Delhi- Chennai industrial corridor, land survey is going on for 4000 acres from Nippani to Kittur on the NH 4 and NH4A.

The said industrial Corridor developed by the Central govt. in alliance with Japan & has to be built in 2008-2011. The main aim of this corridor is the overall industrial development and ease in logistics. The State govt. has to acquire lad and develop it and the central govt. will finance the project.

100 acres at Halga on the NH 4 has been reserved for Agri Food processing. 70 acres already allotted for a Textile park in Waghvade on the Belgaum – Khanapur road. 100 acres in Waghvade & 70 acres in Desur is for IT Park. 500 acres is being sought at Bhutramatti on the NH4 for Automobile component industry. 350 acres in Halbhavi will have a Chemical and Body building SEZ. In Vantmuri a SEZ has been planned in 2000 acres. 2500 acres has been identified for a Private Educational institute in Hattargi.

After reading this, I was amazed at the plans of the government. The plans have been planned in a much-planned manner. However, the question is will this be implemented in the time frame with all those farmer revolts against land acquisition. Infact Belgaum has seen a many of these revolts in the recent past. Sambra airport up gradation, then the Bellary Nala farmers protest against their land being taken and now the very recent Halga protest against the Site of Vidhan Soudha.

Tata's have almost said good-bye to Bengal after the land row in its Singur plant. If same kind of things happen here also, the industrialists will hesitate to come in and set shop. Industrial development is required but at what & whose Cost is the big question in front of me.

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Low level of oxygen causes Thousands of Fish to die in Kotekere

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Low level of oxygen causes Thousands of Fish to die in Kotekere

Fish were found dead in large numbers at the Kote Kere (or Fort Lake) here on Thursday. According to an estimate, nearly 10 tonnes of fish died in a period of just 24 hours since Wednesday. However, there were no fresh cases of death reported on Thursday.

The common carp (Cyprinus carpio) is the main variety of fish found in this lake. Yet, the Belgaum City Corporation, which had handed over the management and maintenance of the lake to a private contractor, has not informed the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) of the reasons for the disaster. The KSPCB has been monitoring water quality and other environmental aspects in and around the lake on a monthly basis.

One of the reasons could be due to the drop in dissolved oxygen level. A KSPCB official said that he had come on his own after one of his friends informed him about the incident in the morning. However, there was no information from the corporation. Fish start dying due to suffocation when the dissolved oxygen level in the water drops. In addition, there was no adequate harvesting of fish since more than a month because of Sravanamasa when all Hindus avoid consuming meat. The 10-day Ganeshotsava follows Sravanamasa.

Therefore, there was an apparent growth in the numbers of fish in the lake demanding more oxygen. Apart, the weather had been cloudy since about a week that also adversely affected the oxygen level.

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Ganesh decoration using FLEX in demand

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The Ganesh Festival has begun since yesterday and all air filled with joy and vigor. The decoration for the Sarvajanik Mandals this time (347) has one noticeable factor of the use of FLEX (plastic same as those big hoardings) material for all decoration as background, pillars etc. Until last year FLEX was used to make only the mandals sign board. but this time a vast use of this has been seen all over by the mandals. Still as this is just the first day after the installation of the idols in the pandals, still the decoration is going on.
I will get you the most photos of the sarvajanik mandals in Belgaum, I wont be able to cover all the 347 but I should manage a few good ones for all of you.

Therefore, bookmark this post as the slideshow of the Ganesh darshan will be automatically updated daily. On the main page, also a small-scaled slide show will be published.

Share your Ganpati Bappa on Belgaumblog

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Belgaumites, here is a nice chance to all of you to share your Ganpati Images with other Belgaumites. Now, how to do it?

Simple! Email your pictures to

Nothing is simple as this.

Your photos will automatically show up in the slide show on the blog. See it here. (…on-belgaumblogshare-your-ganpati-bappa-on-belgaumblog/)

So, say Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Note: Keep the image size to a maximum size of 4 by 6 inches and resolution of 72. It might take more than 5-10 minutes for your photos to come up on the slide show.

Do not write anything in the mailbox part. Your Captions are not visible right now. So in this case, I would request you to add your name on the photo itself by using a Photo Editor software like Photoshop or similar.

Ganapati comes home with lots of enthusiasm

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The Lord Ganesha has now come into all homes by now.

In the picture you can see Lord Ganesha being taken home with a lot of joy and sounds of fire crackers & Ganpati Bappa Morya !
The Sarvajanik Mandals will get their idols by the evening. There are 347 registered Mandals this year in Belgaum.

Ganpati Bappa Morya Belgaum

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What Bingo combination Rush for decoration Material

Fruits ready to go for Bappa
All pictures are from Ganpat Galli & Market Belgaum yesterday where there was a huge rush.

Vidhana Soudha: Farmers asking for more compensation

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The delay in taking up work on the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha building in Belgaum city is likely to lead to cost escalation, considering the increase in the prices of construction material in the past two years.
The prices of construction material have gone up by 10 to 15 per cent in the wholesale as well as retail markets during the past two years.
Added to the cost escalation factor is the fact that the farmers, who had given consent to handing over their land to the Government to set up the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha, are now demanding four times the price they quoted last year.
The farmers of Halaga, the new site situated on the Pune-Bangalore Express Highway that was unanimously chosen by the high-level committee headed by Speaker Jagadish Shettar recently, have given written consent to hand over 60 acres of their land to facilitate the establishment of the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha.
The government offer for one acre of land was around Rs. 5 lakh, while the market value was much high. The cost of the land in and around Halaga would shoot up once construction work on the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha commences.

The actual estimates for the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha were not ready even though the Government invited tenders in September last, he said. The farmers, who had agreed for Rs. 5 lakh an acre more than a year ago when Halaga was one of the three venues proposed for setting up the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha, were demanding at least Rs. 20 lakh an acre now.

Building of the Vidhan Soudha does not seem to be an easy task. Where ever the site is chosen there have been protests, against it from the farmers of that area. The government should solve the issue amicably with the farmers, as it is the question of their livelihood.

All the best to the Government.
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